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Tahdy to the pahty

Well, the Angels had to win one at some point.


Yes, yes, and for this heroic feat we salute you in our own special way.


Seriously. Was he auditioning for a new job in the NFL — "If you like the way I blow these calls at first, way 'til you see what I can do with pass interference."


Meanwhile, I don't think I've ever this blasé about a Red Sox playoff loss before.


That's the upside to low expectations.


Yeah, this is the Kim Zolciak of Red Sox seasons.



I open up my browser this am and the headline reads 'Obama wins 2009 Nobel Peace Price' and I immediately think 'who set my homepage to The Onion'?.

This is what happens when things are awarded purely on politics vs. merit. And the ump sucked, too

But, rather than just come out and admit he blew the calls, they circle the wagons. At least the NFL will occasionally admit the refs F up

totally off topic, but does anyone here use Kindle? recommend?

Obama - Nobel.. basically just reiterates that there is a percentage ofthe population that likes his style. No surprise there - the election and the polls say the same thing.

The umps always suck, well mostly always. MLB=Big Brother. If you question them, punishment will ensue. In pure Eric Cartman, "Do Not Question Mah Uhthoritie".

And agreed, low expections. I was reminded that I felt this way last year entering the Angels series. We go to the ALCs and I thought, well I'll be damned. More of the same here.

Critics are saying Obama hasn't done anything to deserve the Nobel for Peace, but I say, c'mon, peeps, have you forgotten about the "beer at the Whitehouse" with Gates and the cop?

That was some serious mofo peacenikin shit.

Next up Obama is going to invite Youks and the ump Bucknor to the WH for a beer and more peace out.

Then Carl Everett and a dinosaur.

Give peace a chance.

Love the Kindle!!!!!

BTW not sure if this any sort of gooch, reverse gooch, triple axel gooch, hamel camel gooch, or a screw the pooch gooch but...

I'm definitely going to go into a Soxaholix hiatus as soon as the final out is recorded to the 2009 season. I'm thinking a total shut down at least until the Winter Meetings in December.

Oh and make that the day after the day after the final out is recorded.

I have friends that ADORE the Kindle. Still no news of when it is out over here; do I wait or is the Sony one just as good? Anyone know?

Always good to recharge the batteries, h.b. Final out of the Sox season or the '09 baseball season? Just curious as to the timing (which, unfortunately, is likely to be weeks different) so I can cultivate a new hobby. I am thinking either snooker or decoupage.

you deserve the break h.b.

As for Obama and the NPP, I am as big a honk for Obama as you are likely to find, but still... ok, maybe he has changed the discussion, but he hasn't closed the deal. If you get a prize for aspirations, then fit me and the rest of the derelict commenters for our WS rings right now.

And the Red Sox... I like this team and am happy with its accomplishments. If it doesn't work out, then they are still not going to take away my birfday.

go sawx


Last out of Sox season, Nat.

Baseball ceases to exist in my world if the Sox are not playing.

BTW I heard Obama is going to win the Cy Young next.

Shit, that doesn't give me much time, hb....Sorry for the pessimism, I just ain't feeling it... and wishing I were as sanguine as lc (who'da thunk it?)

I found the game on the radio as I left the concert last night - just in time to hear the Angels score runs 4 and 5. I went back to music for the rest of the ride home. We've won 2 this decade, I'm just not that concerned about what happens. Like Theo keeps saying, once you are in the playoffs winning the WS is mostly a random event. If it's not our year it's not our year. The difference since 2004 is that I now believe we will have our years.

my "sanguinity" is proportional to the how obnoxious my MFY "friends" are. If I have to listen to then give me grief a f---ing offseason about the Sox getting knocked out by the Angels I will not be happy. Anyways Beckett tonight and hope lives on.

// The difference since 2004 is that I now believe we will have our years. //

Carve that in granite. Perfectly said.

You've earned as much time off as you'd like hb.

Sounds to me like everyone's writing this playoff season off...I know we're all tired (or old) but wtf? Give Lackey some props for finally winning one and move on. We'll be fine once the bats wake up and a fire-breathing Beckett takes the mound.

Did Obama have 2 RBIs last night too?

I have no friends, and therefore, have no friends that are Yanx fans. It works out great.

Funnt, Nat that you should use the term Sanguine, since in my own mind in the middle of the night, after learning of the RS loss, I thought of myself as possessing sanguinity and equanimity towards the RS's prospects in the post season.

In sum, I am at peace and these bunch of guys owe me nothing. I think this calm arrived sometime shortly after Victor Martinez joined the club. We have done all we can. It is now in the hands of fate.


and anticipating Jason O, or some other Dark Side adherent, "sanguinity and equanimity" do not equal defeatism.

Great article about/ review of the Kindle in the New Yorker magazine a few weeks back. He didn't like it much, and preferred the Sony or even reading on the iPhone. Lots of interesting info in the article.

Nor are they pole dancers at Platinum Plus

Thanks, Ruby, will check it out!

"surly but lovable" = "sanguine and peaceful"?? Whoudathunkit, indeed?

Nat, Amazon announced that an International Kindle will be available soon. It's what caught my eye. That, and I was intrigued by no longer needing to recycle newsprint

I feel like the moon, because h.b. just dropped a bomb on me. Where am I going to go in the offseason? I will have to think this through. Maybe we need some sort of Soxaholix Anonymous site to collect ourselves for those long lonely weeks without a comic to chat Pats, Bruins, and any other chatter. Just a thought. Have to think about it.

I have always been partial to Tom Lehrer's comment that political satire became obsolete when Kissinger won the Noble peace prize. So there have been worst choices.

C. B. Bucknor was shamed. Damned idjit.

hey, I almost resemble that remark

but seriously, why doesn't MLB use a rating system for postseason officials the way the NFL does?? Is the union that powerful, or can we blame Bud for this also?

First: I love watching baseball, so I watched the game. I don't share this equisanguiniciousness that you all seem to have. I want my boys to win, and I cringe and scream and make faces when they don't. Call me old school!

Second: This site is awesome and I check it every day. It's a nice reminder that Sox fans have a subtler, more intellectually pleasing way of expressing their idiotic devotion to a bunch of overpaid crybabies playing a kid's game. But, a break may good for all of us, especially the maestro himself who is probably running on empty in the creativity department because he has been entertaining a bunch of freeloaders just about every day for many years, with little to show for it. So let's enjoy the hell out of these last few days of the postseason before the darkness sets in.

Wasn't that strike 1 on Youk actually ball 4?! Or was he calling that outside crap either way all night. Coulda been the game right there.

We could use the Facebook group to chat during the long dark teatime of HB's soul.

//Yeah, this is the Kim Zolciak of Red Sox seasons//


And what are those dogs doing?

I'm thoroughly confused today. Damn west coast playoff games.

Okay, Wiseguy. Who the hell are you, and what have you done with the real lc?!? :-)

h.b., I totally understand the need for a hiatus, and join the chorus in thanking you for all your creative efforts for us freeloaders. Um, could I ask a favor though? I've got a birthday coming up in the middle of November. Any chance I could get a column on the 17th for my "special day"? :D

I've been saying Sox in 5 for awhile (though despite all my bravado, I think they lose to the Yanx in 7), so last night isn't so bad after the initial unhappiness (and it won't be so bad after the initial unhappiness if they lose the series).

Just win tonight and I think we're the favorites again.

I'm typically a defender of the umpires, but C.B. Bucknor (first base last night) has rightfully earned his reputation as the worst umpire in MLB.

So yah, maybe I'm concentrating on the wrong thing, but LOVE that picture of the saluting pups. On to the next game, hup hup hup!

I just read a great article on ESPN's website.
BTW, is it the late start time that has gotten everybody ho-hum about the series? I find myself not as psyched to stay up until after midnight for baseball anymore.

The thing I like best about that pic is the one dude saluting, too.

Oh, THOSE saluting pups :-)

I will now put last night's game and the rest of the playoffs in perspective (much as lc has been doing).

I am at home right now collecting an overnight bag for my wife and I to spend the night at the hospital wher my 5 yr old has been admitted with the flu and a cough that has not quit for more than 10 seconds in the last 3 days. He is in an isolation room while they figure out what the fuck is going on. I get to explain to my ohter two kids this situation when they get off the school bus soon.

My wife's horse for the last 20 years is collicking right now and the vet told me 10 minutes ago that he wil likely need to be put down tonight. and she can't be there becuase she is in the hospital.

And aparently my father in law (one of the greatest men on the planet) is on his way to a hospital right now with chest pain and numb arms.

I write this to y'all because I need to get it out and each time I have to describe my day to people in person, I cry.

Sorry - but the beloved Redsox are just a sports team. And the yankees still suck. And all of that just pales. Beating the Angels would feel a little good though. Sorry for the downer, thanks for reading.

hb - this is a good gathering place with great reading, a good bunch of people and it is a place to talk. What else is better really?

JNC, Good luck with everything and I hope it all works out for you. I'll say a prayer for your family.

Oh man, Jeff. Good wishes and good health to your whole family. Sh*t like that certainly puts sports in perspective. My very best to all. Please keep us posted.

Amen to all that, Jeff. Best wishes


So sorry to hear. You and yours are in my thoughts and prayers.

Glad this is a good place for you to find some solace from all that life dishes.

I still remember how you all had my back when my wife was not doing so well in the hospital and I'm still grateful for it.

Jeff - sending good vibes/prayers/incantations your way, buddy. Obviously, since you frequent this site, you are a good guy and therefore fate will smile kindly on you. Just know that creepy strangers are thinking of you and wishing you and your family well.

Jeff: thoughts and prayers from this end too. Although the result of the RS game is of little or no import, here's hoping that it will bring a ray of light into North Carolina.

Crap, Jeff, that sucks.

I am certain of one thing though. You will bounce back.

Jeff - thoughts and prays going your way.

So sorry, Jeff. Hoping for better things for you and yours.

Been under the weather past few days (much like the Red Sox last night).

Have a great weekend all.

Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

JNC, yuck. We'll send positive thoughts from Australia. Hope it's all okay.

Cape's got your back!!

JNC - good luck on all fronts. Sending positive thoughts and vibes of health and sanity from northern California. Take care.

JNC, Best wishes.

This may the post season I feared. A-Roid wakes up because Tex took the spotlight (read: pressure) off him.

All the best JNC from a creepy Canadian stranger. I hope everything works out for you and your family.

All the best JNC from a creepy Canadian stranger. I hope everything works out well for your family.

Take care Jeff.

And the Yankees don't suck.

- Billy

Wishing you all the best, Jeff. Take care...

maybe it's not our year

went to the sox game thursday night- hope we can get back here for game 5. angel fans are more than excited- they are mean and vengeful. we are a big monkey on their back. i hate the thunder sticks, and im sick of being told boston sucks. love to see game 5 , just saying!

I need a bar that starts serving at 8 AM so that I can properly attend the 12:07 game on Sunday.

Billy - you are right, the yankees are a good team this year. But they could win 35 straight WS and they would still suck to me :).

To all - thank you for your thoughts, comments and well wishes. Sincerely, Thank you.

Update: My son is on the road to recovery from H1N1 coupled with a nastyass case of pneumonia. Still in the hospital, still not out of the woods, but we have a map and a guide now. We are less one horse in the pasture - he did not make it through the night last night. Apparently staying up with him until 2am last night feeding IV fluids and flushing his stomach out was not enough. A good freind was lost. You could cut the sadness here with a knife. Father in law is OK for now and cancelled his next doctor's appointment because he has a hunting trip to Montana to get ready for - like I said, one of the greatest people on the planet.

Summed up, son is rounding 2nd and running hard, horse grounded out, and father in law walked.

Go Red Sox.

JNC - great to hear about your son and dad-in-law. Aweful about the horse. Hitting 2/3. If some of our boys could do that, we'd be better off heading home. Go 'Sox. (Assuming the worst, I'm rooting for a freeway series.)



Deserved to lose. But still sad.

6 y/o 'Sox Fan last seen composing/singing what he calls 'evil songs' on the piano. What have I done to him?

er, raised him up right, I'd say

Well hopefully we'll all have something fun to yak about in December :((

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