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Not just yet

Are you ready for a hiatus, guy?


Are you friggin kidding me? I'm gonna bogaht all the high in hiatus.


But nobody is going anywhere until we find Bob.



Hopefully it's just wedding prep or a vacation...

Glad to hear Wake's surgery went well-hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about in the spring.

Hi Folks,

I just wanted to update you guys. Bob is in the hospital. He's going to be fine, I'm sorry that I didn't say anything sooner, I guess I was just hoping that it wouldn't be this bad. He's going to be ok, though!

He'll laugh that he's part of the strip today!

Oh Abby, I am so sorry to hear Bob is unwell. Is there anything we can do? How can we support you? Thinking of you and Bob...

Glad to hear he's going to be ok. Is he getting an IV of sriracha? He should up in no time.

Thank you! If anyone is handing out free lobotomy's, I'll take one!

I'll suggest the "siracha" IV, that is a great idea!

Abby-send my best to the big guy and tell him to get well soon,he is missed :)

For Bob

Abby, if he's at Mass General maybe you can have Wake, if he hasn't been discharged yet, pay him a visit and they can commiserate about their back problems.

Thank you Lou, and Nola, you made me laugh!

Sorry to hear Bob is under the weather. Hope he is not being run in front of a death panel today. Remember - dropped eggs on toast will cure anything and make you right with god at the same time.

Bob - get well soon.

Abby - when are you posting the procedure on youtube?

I knew something was amiss when Yazbread's bait of pimping the Park for a wedding was left dangling.

Sounds like all is well - the hemorrhoid known as the 2009 Redsox season was removed safely, I presume?

Awesome sunset lc

Thanks for the news Abby. Hugs to the big fellow from my mob. And put the nursing staff on danger money.

(relieved down under)

relief from me as well, Bob and Abby. Hope it's not a terminal case of cold feet

Went to Pho Pasteur in Chinatown tonight for dinner (thanks a pantsload Tom Cruise, you Xenu fucker, for shutting down my first choice at Jacob Wirth for your movie shoot...jackass.).

Added sriracha to the pho until the broth turned a happy shade of red. I think that's the best way to get as much of the stuff as possible, short of a sriracha enema.

So good, so good, so good...

Late to the party. Abby, so pleased to hear Bob is amongst the living. Sincerest best wishes for a rapid return to his taciturn self. Please send the big lug a 'Get Well Soon' from all of us.

rict (relived in CT, too)

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