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Marty looks ahead

You know, Bill, I'm actually rooting for the Red Sox over the Halos.


Of course, you are, Mahty, because there is nothing you want more in this world than redemption.


No, there's nothing I want more than to see the Sux fans get their hopes up by winning the ALDS only to have those hopes crushed, snuffed out, and ground to pulp under the boot heel of the Yankee Conquerors of Sux Nation.


I know, guy, and I feel for you.


I, too, have been in that dahk place where a mere sports rivalry becomes a non-stop, nightmare of an obsession.


You know because you're still there. You hate the Yankees as much as you ever did.


Yes, Mahty, I do indeed hate the Yankees. But now it's a hatred rooted in the tradition and history of the Boston/New York rivalry rathah than psychosis.


Unlike you, Mahts, I hate because I choose to, not because I have to. Big difference.


You're one smug, bitch, you know that, Callaghan?


You act like one, solitary ALCS victory over the Yankees can erase 26 Championships and 80 odd years of Yankees dominance over the BoSux.


Jeez, Mahty, if you projected any widah you could staht your own drive-in theatre.


If I'm projecting, Bill, you know what's showing on the big screen? A documentary of 100 years of Yankee greatness.


Wait, wait... hold on... I think I can almost visualize it... yep, there it is!


It's a slappah film!


Callaghan you're so stupid. You mean "slasher" film.


No, Mahts, trust me. I mean slappah.



"Slappah" was ok... but the sequel was bettah: http://tinyurl.com/yebp2vs

I always enjoy me some yankee fan anger. True superiority means, among other things, that the wannabes are trivial and meaningless to you. And since Yankee fan anger says that is not the case, then their self stated superiority is no more valid than their claim that they are not all just aspects of Big Bri.

Now to comment on 26.

No one likes to read the history of their own success as it often sheds dim light. Anyone who really looks at the history of the game will discover that a good amount of the 26 was in fact bought with cold cash and what we would call cheating by today's standards.

The business/league landscape of baseball over the years from the 20's to the 60's involved a great deal of arm twisting shenanigans by teams, commissioners, and various inter-team factions. Given the financial superiority of New York City and the Yankee org over those years, the yanks had a very strong arm politically and financially to force trades, block trades, and buy players, including forcing certain organizations like Baltimore and others to feed their best talent to the yankees in return for peanuts and popcorn. The genesis of unbeatable teams.

This does not mean that the great yankee teams of old were not great, just that they only existed as often and for as long as they did becuase the yankee organizations tilted the playing field without impunity.

And the real point is this - brag all you want stank fans about 26, but don't look into how it happened. And understand that short of an apocolyptic societal change where games like Running Man become real, that type of sports dominance can't actually ever happen again. It ended when we got rid of all the other robber barons of the ages.

That strip was delightful. Thank you. Almost makes up for the fact that f'ing VirginMedia screwed up and installed the wrong box (without DVR) so I either get up at 3am or miss the game entirely. Boo.

Signs of the new era - instead of sitting at home chewing on my spleen waiting for the game to start, I'll be at the Caps/Rangers tilt.

After that, I'll come home, watch a little baseball, probably kick something at some point, and call it a night. Much more relaxing.

Agreed Soulie.

I'm not planning my day around the Sox like I used to. Instead looking forward to Pats/Donks this weekend here in Denver. Sox-Angels will be on in the background tonight.

Any of you kind folks here gonna be in Denver for the game Sunday? Let me know.

Look out Anaheim!

Looch-Getzlaf at 9:36pm
Lester-Lackey at 9:37pm

I love conspiracy theories and particularly those involving historical events: They fulfill an essential human arrogance, i.e., the attempt to cheat fortune's blindness: To elevate humanity's actions above the inconsequential random noise that they actually are.

(There are a tiny # of exceptions: Like Beethoven)

Right: the Yankees won because of a vast systemic conspiracy, not because their scouts had the talent and luck to find Joe DiMaggio in San Francisco, Lou Gehrig at Columbia, Mickey Mantle in a cornfield, et al.

As far as the payroll fallacy component of the "Evil Empire" myth: Mr. Steinbrenner was the embodiment of profligacy for 15 years and the Yankees never sniffed the playoffs...how could such a "tilted playing field" keep the Yankees out of the postseason for so long?

SAC: Methinks George Parros will be looking up Lucic tonight.

natalie -- you can borrow my mlb subscription if times get really tough. so far they've been putting the post season games up fairly soon after they end.

Championships by teams based in Massachusetts since 2001: Pats 3, Red Sox 2, Celtics 1.

Championships by teams based in New York since 2001: Yanks 0, Mets 0, Rangers 0, Knicks 0, Islanders 0, Sabers 0, Bills 0. (Jets [0] and Giants [1] are New Jersey teams, not New York teams).

No wonder Marty is projecting...

I think we can all agree Harry Frazee, from a fan's point of view was a moron when it came to baseball. However, reading the wikipedia entry on the dude you realize that Ban Johnson kinda forced Harry to deal with only two teams in the AL, the Yankees and the White Sox, and after the 1919 series he really had only one team with which to work out trades. So atleast the first 5 of the "26 championships" were directly brought about by the president of the American League. Not because of the superior front office staff of the yankees. Their whole image is based off everything that is un-American.


Looking forward to being in the house tonight for the first half of the Boston/Anaheim double header. Once Looch et al take care of Daffy and Co I should make it home by the 3rd inning- or at least to Pete's

I have no problem with the Yankees being the team of the 20th century. They can have it. Whether it was hard work and good scouting, or good old fashioned mob-style strong-arming, they were the champs 26 times.

Well la-di-fucking-la. It's 2009, the Sox have won 2 WS and should win another in the next few years. I'll go ahead and take pride in my team THIS century. Let the MFY fans talk about the good old days.

"the unconscious act of denial of a person's [or fan-base's?] own attributes, thoughts, and emotions, which are ascribed to the outside world, like the weather, the government, a tool or another person or people [or toon?]."


OK Jason O, I'll retort. The comment on 26 is neither arrogant nor conspiracy minded. As a side note, conspiracies are almost an impossibillity to maintain - people lose focus to fast. The history of the game and the Yankees extend much further back than George S.'s first day on the job. The entire point is that what occurred to make for 26 titles can't occur again. I am talking about 26 - not just the last 6 or so. They have 26 and EVERYONE ELSE in every major sport has less. Are we to believe that this is because the Yankees are ordained by God to be the best? No. They are and were a product of good organization, financial power, political power (within baseball circles), good players coming together at the right times, ruthless strongarm moves within the leagues (historically), etc. They did all of this better than the rest. Not as part of a vast conspiracy, but as part of a single handed very strong "bullying" if you will of the competition. The tilting of the playing field was real and anyone else with the same power could have tilted it as well - but they did not have the same power and were not able to.

In counter to the argument you make about George's $ didn't buy everything - correct and hence the difference between today's league and the past. In the past, the moves to block, hold back, interfere with other teams attempts at success were Part B of the plan to dominate. These tactics are not available any longer to the Yankees ownership or any other for that matter.

@Madraider is adding to my point. The histories of the game of baseball are not a conspiracy - they are just an account of the way it was.

This does not mean that the Yankees will not win again. It does point to the fact that they will not be so overpowering again as they were for the decades pre-1970.

Enjoy the 26 bragging - no one else can make the claim. But the world has changed, the tilting of the field is not really achievable any longer, and another 26 will be much, much longer in the making. Call it sour grapes or conspracy theory shit or arrogance if it makes you feel better, but my comment on the 26 has a lot of historical validity to back it up.

yes, because at knicks, rangers, jets and giants games you hear "red sox suck." everyone knows that boston will always have an inferior complex when it comes to new york.

great website though.

Lucic vs. Ditka...who wins?

I hate the Yankees.


Nice try at the jinx, but I'm on to you. I have put in place the double reverse secret probation jinx. Why are Sox fans not glued to the set tonight? The playoff game takes a backseat and to hockey no less? This is a good thing?

The Sox shall rise again! The Sox shall rise again!

Damn Yankees.

Damn me and my forgetting to reset my name from 2 days ago again. Heh.

@snowballa, uh-huh, and that's why you hear Yanks Suck not only at Celtics, Bruins and Patriots games, but at Orioles home games, Blue Jays home games, Rays home games, Angels home games, etc. Everyone, everywhere recognizes that the mfy front office panicked after two straight ALDS defeats and a playoff no show. They spent three quarters of a billion dollars on free agent contracts in a 23 month period in a bad economy, bilking the NY taxpayers out of another billion for the Stankium in the process.

My response to '26 championships' is just, "Awesome! tell me how cool it was when you celebrated that win in 1927! (or any other year)"
If they fail this year, it will be epic. Their lineup has been astoundingly healthy, they bought the three best players on the market, and they couldn't have asked for a better first round matchup against a team forced to play Game 1 hours after getting in. The latter is not the yankees fault, but it's a nice break, albeit one earned by having the best record.
great strip, BTW. I can't tell you how many of my MFY friends have that nervous thing going on.

not ragging on any particular comment, or the concept of this particular strip, but I for one have gotten over all of this.

In summary:

1. I hope the Red Sox win the WS.

2. I imagine that the Yankees will win the WS.

3. The sun will set tonight and rise tomorrow, as it will on November 4 and 5, or whenever the last WS game is played.

I cannot and will not stay up to see a game that will likely end at 1:30-2 am, since I am an older gentleman with a full time job.

Love always,


I hear you LC.

And that was sort of the general sentiment Bill was trying to get across. Yes, want to win, want the Yanks to lose, always fun to rib Yanks fans about '04 but whatev. It's all good in the end.

and we'll have lunch

I'll be at a concert tonight, won't see any of the game. The Red Sox play the Angels in the WCS just about every year, or so it seems. Drivin N Cryin hasn't toured since the mid 90s. Rock on.

jealous COD, even with the nice 6:30 start time out here, I'd rather be at a Drivin N Cryin show. Saw them a bunch back in my UVa days.

Although he is not real, Marty is a cunt.

It took all 25 men in 2004 for the Sox to win the World Series. The Sox have so many outstanding players that I'm not counting them out, but they have no fewer than six players on this roster that are totally useless. Gathright, Anderson, Varitek, Lowrie, Byrd and Kotchman. OK, at least Kotchman can field pretty well. I don't see them getting any meaningful contributions from this ragtag group of bench players, so I think the core players will have overwhelming pressure on them to perform at a high level without getting hurt. This was just a dreadful job by Theo of assembling a bench. It would be nearly impossible to do any worse.

There's our edge. Scioscia is living in the past and has Vlad hitting cleanup. For once, the idiot manager is sitting in the other dugout.

I love Marty. Thanks h.b.

I can't deal any more with two of the top five worst hitters on the team hitting in the top five positions.
1 - Pedroia
2 - Drew
3 - Youkilis
4 - Martinez
5 - Bay
6 - Lowell
7 - Ortiz
8 - Gonzalez
9 - Ellsbury

2 -

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