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Lisa is settling in

Lisa the Temp:
OK, here's another Lisaism for you, peeps.


Lisa the Temp:
When I was in temp training...


Lisa the Temp:
Yes, temp training, peeps. They have schools for strippers so why wouldn't they have training for temps?


Lisa the Temp:
Now as I was saying, when I was in temp training they told us that a good way to ingratiate ourselves as a temp in an office of strangers is to bring a bowl of candy and set it out on our desk.


Lisa the Temp:
However, I've found that is far more interesting to bring a bowl of condoms and assorted lubes and set that on the corner of my desk.


Lisa the Temp:
Wouldn't you agree?



Okay, if more peeps don't donate to the chair fund after that post from Lisa, then I think the next step may be revising the clip art and finally seeing her shed the purple suit jacket. That happens, Soxaholix takes on a whooooooole new dimension... :)

If she was collecting to install a stripper pole in the office...

COD maybe you need to refresh yourself with the chair scene in Flashdance?

Pony up for Lisa!

Festivus is just around the corner :)

Game 2 starter for the Phillies is Pedro Martinez.

What?! Pedro?!...Martinez?!

Lisa reminds me of the girl that you get excited about, wine and dine, and then nothing. Just a buttoned up purple jacket and a peck on the cheek.

Hey everyone. Just a drug-addled call-out to all the creepy peeps here.

I'm doing fine. According to the docs at Mass General, it wasn't the sausages, it was the Sriracha, peppers and onions.

Time to get it on tonight in The Fauxnx (pronounced "foe-onx").

BTW, one of the docs said that I may have had a sympathy heart arythmia when I heard Big Bri's mother was moving him from the basemnet into the garage using a back hoe and a wench and pulley system.

Great to hear from you, Bob!!

Big Bri's mom and "wench and pulley system" Bob, sit down, big fella- you're being redundant

but welcome back :-)

and I could swear the first panel read "Here's another priapism for you, Peeps"

time to get the eyes checked

Good to see you back Bob. BTW, you missed a visit by Big Bri's younger cousin Rob. Another basement dweller that kind of reminded me of Scrappy Doo - nonstoptalkingpainintheasspissonyourlegannoyinglittlefucker.

Hey! Welcome back, Bob. You had us all worried here. Let's lay off the onions, peppers and Sriracha for just a litle while, huh? Abby would like to at least take advantage of your life insurance, m'kay?

Get to feeling better, Big Guy.

Hugs and love,

The REAL Rob (in CT)

Yay...Bob is back!

I'd like to buy Lisa something chrome and 27 inches big.

iMac. A new 27" chrome iMac.

Lisa is going to be happy. Current chair fund now at $247.46.

yes, but will she have enough for the enhancement spoken of yesterday? Girl has to have standards!

Tony Massarotti is a douchebag. That is all.

that is all, indeed. I do not need to eat shit to know that a steak tastes good.

a little late to the party, Bob, but glad to hear you're on the mend.


making sure the left coast is covered in the well wishes.

Glad to have you back Bob. I'll send you one of those yoga, tofu eating books they sell so much of out here.

Bob- so good to "hear" your voice and glad you are on the road to recovery. This place isn't quite the same without you. :)

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