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Introspection 2

Well, so that is that. Now we must dismantle our Red Sox shrines, putting the miniature bats, signed balls and bobbleheads away.


As in previous years we have seen the actual vision and failed to do more than entertain it as an agreeable possibility.


And here we all are. Back in the moderate Aristotelian city of chowdah and the brutalist inspired City Hall, where Euclid's geometry and Newton's mechanics would account for our experience, smashing the spirit of onlookers into a thin pulp.


And beer exists because I drink it.


The streets are much narrowah than we remembered; we had forgotten the office was as depressing as this.


We look round for something, no mattah what, to inhibit our self-reflection, and the obvious thing for that purpose would be some great suffering.


In the meantime there are bills to be paid, rostahs to fix and repair, irregular verbs to learn, and the time being to redeem from insignificance.


The happy season is ovah, the nights of antipathy still to come; the time is noon.


The time when the Spirit must practice his scales of rejoicing without even a hostile audience.


The dusk waits for no one.



With the exception of the final panel, today's dialog is inspired from Auden's "For the Time Being." In some cases the text is taken word-for-word, while in other cases the original has been "Soxed" up to fit the Soxaholix theme.

I like this Auden piece because of how it shares so much tone/mood with Giamatti's "The Green Fields of the Mind" that was linked from yesterday's strip. Auden is speaking to Christmas while Giamatti is referring to baseball, but the spirit is very much the same.

a masterpeice, sir. I'd prefer to awaken on Truck Day, but I fear a restlessness of many months duration.

Here's One On Me


That Rhino pic totally made my day.

Christ, Auden could articulate grief. I cannot read Funeral Blues without tearing up. Thanks, hb, as always for enticing me to pick up my poetry books...

lc- I especially enjoyed the sunset over the dump [my team sucks]. I'll take two. :)

Theo has set the organizational goal of making the playoffs every year and winning the WS once every 8 years. That sounded good in 2003. No so much now. But I'm not sure how we get much better in 2010. And a big risk of getting worse - JBay is a free agent, and mfy will go after him hard.

Tek has a player option, and won't get a better offer anywhere else.

I don't see us getting better with trades of Papi or Lowell and all the other starting position players are under contract next year as well.

Wake and Byrd are likely gone, but the free agent picthers market isn't any great shakes this year as far as I can tell.

Our best shot at improvement would be inducing trades for Mauer and Halladay prior to thier free agent years, but that will be very expensive in terms of prospects - probably higher than Theo would be willing to go. (Look what we almost gave up for Halladay earlier this year and Toronto still said no).

The best thing that will happen next year is no WBC, so Dice K should be healthy.

Ah, Auden.

About suffering they were never wrong,
the Old Masters.

Mauer is Minnesota-born. He will be the first player that the Twins break the bank to retain.


HB, I love you strips that include poetry or prose that I have never taken the time to read. Thanks for opening my mind to these things.

Uhhh...that was meant to be your. I have no idea if you strip.

I've always preferred the term "navel gazing" instead of introspection. I think it goes back to when I was younger and heard the Cosby joke about playing with your navel until you undo the knot and let all your air out as you go flying backwards through the room, landing like a deflated balloon.

"Oh navel, navel, navel..."

Besides, the clipart makes it seem like they're all contemplating Mike's belly button anyways.

If anyone is still out there tonight, go check out failblog.org. Our old friend Bartolo Colon is featured. heh heh heh.

RIP Capt.Lou Albano :((

Cheers h.b. for another season of great and always amusing strips.

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