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Circle disses Lisa? Oh no she di'int. (Oh, yes, she did.)

Heh. Lisa the Temp has another bowl of interesting goodies on her desk today.


What the frig is a "Lisa the Temp"?


Aw, c'mon, Circ, you pass right by her all the time, end of the hall, near the elevatah?


Do you mean the always smiling bitch with the silicon jobbies and the freakish, cartoon hands?


Uh, I guess...


Nah, nevah heard of her.


Rrrrr-rrrrrr-rrrrr-owwwwwhhhh catfight!


Wouldn't be much of a fight. I'd knock Jackety Jane back to whatevah Blandchestah she came from.


See, this is what happens when we don't have enough Red Sox talk to occupy our minds — we turn on each othah.


Each othah? Dude, she's a friggin temp.



Lee was more beastly than I had imagined that game. Well done Phillies.

I foresee a Clash of the Titans in our future - and I don't mean Yanks-Phils. "Release the Kracken!!"

Holy Bejeezuz, was Cliff Lee on last night or what? CG with nary a single walk and 10 SO's. I enjoyed the whole game, and wasn't even intending to watch.

And Cleveland fans just sat motionless with a single tear moving down thier face.

*** Lisa's Chair Fund Update ***

Donations for Lisa were fast and furious yesterday and the fund is now up to $300. Easily within striking distance for a used Herman Miller chair.

Lisa is going to be very happy, very, very happy.

So when do we get to see Lisa's ass in the chair?

oh, ok 'circle' - i'm sure lisa will have a tough time handling the choate princess. what are you going to do, read poetry at her?

Lisa avoids all conflict - both physical and emotional due to lack of health benefits.

hilarious - and she's a friggin temp who doesn't watch sports. I can see her talking about her LOL cats while she nukes her lean cuisine in the breakroom rather than discussing anything Sox related.

Cliff F'ing Lee, Baby.

I hate the Yankees.

BTY, h.b.-"Jackety Jane" and "Blandchestah" are priceless!

Oops...BT"W", of course.

Anytime you start a phrase with "Dude,..." it will be something well worth saying. I see Lisa wrapping a stripper pole around Circle's head and then Circle stomping the 3" heel on Lisa's left foot pinning it to the floor, while she stuffs condoms up Lisa's nose. And after it's all done, they put there clothes back on. or not.

Dude, it's MY little daydream, never you mind about any PC or objectifying or any other such BS.

Go Phils.

"...and now the feats of strength"

Anyone else look at the dopes sitting in $2500+ seats watching their team get crushed and just start to laugh and laugh?

Mistake and horror,Ponch ;D

Better yet, Ponch, in the rain.

Glad many of you are getting into the spirit of what has morphed into a very much unplanned Lisa v Circle story arc.

I'm technically on hiatus, but this crap keeps popping into my head, so I just write it down and go with it.

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