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Another season comes to an end

Well, that game yestahaday pretty much symbolized the whole season — things are humming along pretty good and then, bam, a playah you've come to count on just implodes.


We saw it with Ortiz, with Beckett, with Youks, with everyone it seems, so one of the biggest blown saves in history? Why not you, Jon Papelbon, why not you?


Yeah, the biggest flaw this season was with the 25-man rostah itself.


Well, Theo's got an entiah offseason to staht fixing it up.


Maybe this year we could have a few fewah reclamation project FAs and maybe a couple honest to goodness real deal FAs?


Meanwhile, it's Go Angels, I guess.


Yeah. I guess. More like go Wintah. The thought of next Spring does a whole lot more for me than Angels ovah Yanks


Seriously. Eventhough I want the Yankees to go out with a whimpah, the Angels don't put a whole lot of thundah in my stick, so to speak.


So do I buy the sunset now, or just continue to rent?




The aforementioned hiatus won't begin just yet. Still have something in mind for tomorrow, so we'll go day to day for now.

Six months is a long time between games, huh?


I got dragged to the mall yesterday by Mrs. COD yesterday so I missed out on watching the debacle. I was getting updates via text message from Google, but all I get is the score, no details. So when it went from 6-3 Red Sox to 7-6 Angels - I just knew Paps had finally had the souls crushing blow up that he has been dancing around all year. Purdue, Red Sox, and Patriots all lost this weekend. Pretty much a washout for sports for me.

I cam to the conclusion yesterday that even with 2 WS titles that losing still sucks. As I watched Paps implode I wasn't surprised at all I expected this to happen sooner. He has given up on all his pitches except the 4 seam fastball. Didn't he have + stuff on other pitches? Maybe this will make him find another out pitch like a cutter. I hope everyone has a good off season. Thanks HB for making this another great season to read. I'll keep checking daily and I will consider it a bonus to my day if you post a strip.

Ahh, fall in New England

at least we didn't have to deal with Marty. Yet.

I'm with jar. Thanks, h.b. No thanks to you, Pap.

Late notice, but I just had a change in work plans for today and can't use my 2 Bruins tickets. One o'clock game v Avalanche. Any of you regular creeps that are off today are welcome to them in exchange for future considerations. Email me: side1@comcast.net

Bye-bye Ortiz, Lowell, Tek. This season was lost in the off-season with the piss-poor signings.

Both lowell and ortiz are under contract for next year. Do you think they can get anything on the market for them? How do you think they will go away?

I don't know about you guys but I felt a sudden relief and had the sigh to match once it was all over. I suppose if we had won I would have had that same feeling. But would it have sorta been like giving birth to an ugly baby, though? You go through all the stuggle to get the damn thing out, but who the hell are you going to want to show it to? No one wants to see your kids lopsided head.

Jeff, I'm glad to hear your son and father-in-law are doing better.

COD, my sports highlight this weekend was seeing Purdue alum Drew Brees and family at an estate sale on Saturday.

He's a decent guy: "Part of the Breeses' initiative will finance a $670,000 multi-use football-baseball-soccer field on the divot-filled Lusher grounds that will benefit four schools and recreational leagues. Brees suggested a distinctive Fenway Park-style Green Monster for the new facility."

They shoot horses, don't they?

I think lowell could retire but ortiz... not so much.

Wow, that series was like my first marriage: short, ugly, and not much fun for the good guy(s). Well, except nothing got blown at the end.

one more in ya, HB?
Fantastic, and thanks again for pulling me/us through.

But I thought the "should I rent or buy" was your send off - sort good night and good luck bitches.

Now you got me all excited about tomorrow.

Didn't watch the B9th. Too exacerbated. JB looked washed out before the T9th. His expression looked defeated after the 8th. Oh, well. I hope Garnett stays healthy.

I am more depressed about yet another loss at Mile High for the Pats. Why do they continue to lose there no matter what rube is playing QB?

As far as the Sox are concerned the tailgating crew made me put the game on the radio so I could listen to them blow it. I guess they should have signed Texeria? When is he available again?

So late last night at the hospital, one of my son's doctors - a yankee fan - and I were conversating about the game. He gave me his condolences. I replied that at least now the Redsox could start firing people for their shortcomings. His response was perfect - "Just don't send us Papelbon, because the Yankees will surely sign him". He was thrilled to finally, after the last few years, be able to cheer for the Yankees and actually like the players on the team. I told him they sucked. He laughed and said so did the Redsox.

My son came home today. All is well.

Prem Lahiri: "Hey Yankees, you can take your crappy trophy's and shove them right up your asses!"

Tanner Boyle: "Nice. See you next year bitches!"

hell no, I couldnt never root for the Angels... the American league its over for me this postseason!! I am gonna put all my rooting for the Dodgers; even though I dont like Manny anymore; of all the teams left, I think the former Brooklyn Dodgers deserve to get a ring!!!! And I cant wait for TRUCK DAY!!!!!!!!

We woke up to the last two innings yesterday and it was all very pre-2004: miserable, horrible, predictable. Still, ending like that show why baseball is such a great game.

Go the Freeway series.

Pre-2004? Now that is a scary thought.

Already in off-season mode.
Red Sox roster$$
2010- 108 M
2011 - 49 M (Drew.Youk & Dice K = 36.5M)

Does anyone see us picking up 100 million in FA in 2010-2011?

We were at 143M in 2007.

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