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Clap. Clap. ClapClapClap.

So looks like this kid will feel right at home among Yankees fans, you know, being a big baby and all.


Oh, but there's no bawling in Yankeeland these days. Oh, no, as I'm sure you've heard, they're in the HOV lane cruising toward numbah 27.


Seriously. In basements all across this great land, pinstriped-pajama clad homahs are furiously one-handedly typing their anticipatory message board paeans to World Series MVP Joba Chamberlain.


And neithah are the NY media immune to the celebration of the coming celebration, as Suzyn Waldman discovahs there's no such thing as "too much" when it comes to grease and a no-no hole.


This premonitory victory story has such a happy ending that I heard Hollywood has already decided to make a movie about the Yankees miracle 2009 Word Series run.


True dat. And even I, a diehahd Red Sox fan and avowed Yankees-hatah, have to acknowledge the uttah brilliance in casting Jetah as as "Ken" opposite A-Rod.



Yeah Suzy,How's that Clemens thing workin' out for you?? I'm just sayin' ;D

What are those pinstriped-pajama clad homahs doing with their othah hand?

Oh - and good casting call, too, h.b. After all, Jete's and A-Fraud both are anatomically correct, vis-a-vis Ken adn Barbie...

Nobody gets to be MVP by pitching only 3 innings in a game. Not nobody, not no how.

"Nobody gets to be MVP by pitching only 3 innings in a game. Not nobody, not no how."

And there resides the snicker to Mike's line, of course.

I wonder just how confident the MFY faithful are in plowing through the AL Central and if it happens, Boston.

The sight of Han-Jobba trying to swat away those Lake Erie gnats is forever etched in my mind :-D

Ah, yes, Suzy Waldman. Runner on 2nd base, She's doing play-by-play. The batter is hit by the pitch, and the ball continues to the backstop. She scolds the runner on second for not advancing to third base on the play.
Every third grader in NY knows it's a dead ball, but this "professional" sportscaster doesn't? Oy vey.

Barbie's 50? Maybe in the movie she will dump Ken and become a cougar. Then daddies won't mind watching it with their daughters. ;)

Even better, there is a reasonable chance Jobber doesn't make the playoff rotation and is a bullpeener. That's some Yankee Pride there.

While I have actually not been following the latest Yankee news for awhile - too worried about the state of the Redsox to much care about others - their current self congratulating, destiny meeting confidence in their upcoming WS champeenship has the feel of wings of beeswax.

I hear that,Daedalus.

If Timmah has issues in his next start, might he end up being left off the post-season roster?

Timmeh and Varitek both, RonF (although Tek will likely end up chewing up one of our bench positions...sigh).

I sigh also but I think it would be worse for the team to not bring their captain to the post season, eh? Do you think there would be a impact on moral?

Swollen lymphs plus cracked ribs equals Bob at home.

Have a great weekend all.

Hopefully we'll have somthing fun to yak about on Monday.

@Yossarian, my wife and daughter once bought me "soldier Barbie" as a joke. I immediately declared her "prisoner of war Barbie" but when I looked around for her after opening other presents, she had disappeared. I haven't seen her since... Escape and evasion Barbie?

Abby, sorry to hear about Bob. Hope he is well on Monday so we can yak about beating the crap out of the mfy (double revese gooch).

The last time I tangled with swollen nymphs I cracked a rib too.

Swollen nymph?

ew. cracked ribs would be the least of the problems.

swollen nymph or the Ms. Joba Chamberlain?

Joba looks fabulous - should be a perfect game.


leave tim, delcarmen, byrd off the roster. lester will be ok by then. lots of laughing in the ny dugout- long way 2 go boys

Heh. And yet a few minutes after the thing is over, I feel pretty apathetic. The division race was over on the 2nd loss to KC last week (if you're being generous) and the wild card magic # is 3. Losing to the Yankees isn't fun, but who cares really?

"Losing to the Yankees isn't fun, but who cares really?"

I mean, look at Francona for instance. Varitek in two games this weekend and the B lineup against Sabathia. Wow.

All true Devine but from 8-0 to 9-9 (0-7 in the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunny "> dunny is not a propitious omen for the possible ALCS.

It's a bit troublesome, but honestly, I'll take our pitching over theirs (if Lester is all right). No one but CC is an easy bet for them, and he hasn't done so hot in the post.

Also, Tampa Bay rallied to beat Texas and the magic # is 2. Like I said, this weekend is kind of a footnote, especially since Matsuzaka took another good step toward being a decent #4 in the playoffs.

ALSO, the Angels were 8-1 against the Sox last year in the regular season and got soundly trounced in the ALDS. Cleveland was 0-6 regular season against the Yankees two years when they beat them in the ALDS. Past performance is absolutely not indicative of future. That said, I'm still nervous about the Angels and, if they get that far, the Yanks.

Actually I was swollen, and Abby was the nymph. A beautiful, lovely nymph.

But that damn coffee table she broke. It's still in the middle of the living room. It's like NASCAR trying to get to the window;.

BTW, what the f? This weekend was a joke. I hate, hate, hate, seeing the Skanks open champagne on our behalf.

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