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Waky, waky, eggs and Marty

Marty gets Bill's voicemail…

Unknown Yankees fan:
Oh, are we still sleeping it off, Billy Boy?


I imagine you're pretty tired after yet another late night extra-inning walk off.


Me, I'm fresh as a fucking Daisy. Yeah, Bill, I'm feeling stronger than David Ortiz on juice right now.


So I heard you've been singing little dirges to yourself about the sinking of the good ship Lolli-Sox? Heh.


Well, it's your lucky day Callaghan as I've got a new song for you and it goes something like this


[Sings] "I've been through Fenway in a hearse with no name, it feels great to see all the pain."


"In the Back Bay, Sox fans can't remember their names, cause their owner's too cheap to bring in a big name."


"La, la, la-la-la la. La-la-la, la, la. "


You rest up now, Callaghan, only a few more hours until your next bloodletting.



Is this shit covered by travel insurance?

Apparently pain gets HBs inner writer mojo flowing. I think I'd rather the Sox go on a 12 game winning streak and HB be hurting for material ;)

hb, thanks for that.

I listened to the whole thing, from the 9th inning on, knowing exactly how it would turn out.

I'd rather be watching billiards on ESPN whilst having a chimp eating my pancreas from the inside out, but, we don't choose our own destiny.

go sox


A-Rod, though, of all people ... why????

I watched the entire game. It was a great game - too bad our bats are sleeping these days. Pitching was great, you can't fault Tazawa, and Drew's catch might have been the second best catch of the season. Also loved Michael Kay talking about one of Tazawa's pitches 'nipping' the corner of the plate.

You know that feeling where you get up in a bed that's not your own but in your sleep haze you think it is...except things have "changed" around you....and where's the bathroom from here? ...and why is the phone ringing weird? ...and oh, right, I'm in a hotel room...and the phone is still ringing...and I remember something about listening to baseball for hours into the night because it wasn't on the TV but at least it's free WiFi...and the phone is still ringing...oh my god, I just remembered how the game ended right before I threw the computer on the floor and went to bed...and won't SOMEBODY ANSWER THE DAMN PHONE??

Oh, hey mom. Sure, I'll join you guys for breakfast...see you in 10 minutes...


J.D. Drew

What an effing catch... Holy shiznit. THAT was sweet.

Fuck it, Dude. Let's go bowling.

Remember when we could hit?

Sat in section 379? last night for the entire brutal farce of a game. 4 hits in 15 innings? A most impotent attack... only a win today (and maybe tomorrow as well) will get this bitter taste out my mouth. Wait a sec, a pitch just sailed over ARoid's melon. Foul ball! Beautiful...

wow, hb- channeling 70s classics two days in a row- Can "Desperado" be far behind??

Thanks for the link!

Not that anyone asked, but here are my thoughts on Saturday's game:
- I have the utmost respect for women, I have daughters, but I can't help calling JD Drew "Nancy" when I watch him hit.
- Starting Youk in left might be a worse managerial decision than Grady Little leaving Pedro in the game. The game itself wasn't as critical, but the decision? I say worse.
- If we really want to test Youk's versatility, lets see if he can pitch.

I agree Ray but what is Francona supposed to do? Theo has provided him with 3 quality first baseman (4 if you count the drug cheat*), 2 starting catchers and two outstanding third basemen. Youk looked terrible although it didn't actually influence the outcome - Sabathia decided that. I was right behind home plate and he was truly - the ball was moving all over the place. Even if the Sox could hit at the moment (which, for the most part, they can't) he would have won today.

http://picasaweb.google.com.au/soxdownunder/NotInTheCheapSeats# "> Photos of the game

* I withdraw that.

ugh. watching this series makes it feel like I've been taking it in the no-no hole with this*


How 'bout them Pats?

Marty can choke on a giant bowl of hot shit.

Too soon?

Was at a nice place eating dinner on Saturday when the game ended. Couple old Brooklyn jewish guys start in about the Glorious Yankees. I know it's living in the past, but I still get such satisfaction over dropping a little Greatest Choke Ever on Yankee fans. Then I go home and cry myself to sleep with my 2004 dvds. *grin*

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