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Time for each of us to step up to the plate

Yowza, Tozawa!


Guess the tail end of the rotation isn't so stable aftah all. Whoops.


Yeah, what are you gonna do? When life hands you lemons, time to make lemonade and all that.


Or as I prefer to put it — When life bends you ovah and says "It's ream time!" you say, "No. It's not ream time, it's R2-D2 time, bitches!"


That's right. Fight the good fight.


Speaking of the good fight, if you haven't already done so, won't you please make a donation to Jimmy Fund?


Absolutely. Every one of us has a chance to make a difference.



Thanks for the reminder and link, hb. Done from London. Any why can't Shaughnessy write like that more often? When he doesn't mail in something on one of his favorite memes, he's quite good, and reminds me of this guy named Dan Shaughnessy I loved to read in college (mid 90s).

Look out R2,here comes 3PO :D

So true, Nat. In fact, I think a bit part of our frequent vitriol towards the CHB (including, of course, referring to him as the "CHB") stems from knowing how fantastic a writer he can be.

Nick Green throwing scoreless innings?

What in the hell is happening this season?

If I wasnt too lazy to log in I would have left a comment at the bottom CHB's article that went something like this:

"And what happened then...? Well...in Sox-ville they say
That the CHB's small heart grew three sizes that day!
And then the true meaning of life came through,
And the CHB found the strength of ten CHB's… plus two"

Was out most of the evening, and came home to switch on the last innings of the game. "Why do they keep showing head shots of Nick Green? Did he make a bad error or something?? Wait. Is that Green on the mound?? WTF??"

Hitless, scoreless innings with 3 walks. Well, I'll be damned!

agreed on CHB. He's the JD Drew of the Globe. All the talent in the world, but just seems to mail it in most days. Then, every once it a while, he pulls you back in...

As of right now, the telethon has 'only' raised $1.5M toward their goal of $5M... I realize they hold a bunch of contributions back to raise the drama level and prompt creepy types like us to donate, but let's not leave it to chance, eh, folks? We've come through in the past for one of our own, let's do it again for somebody's kid. There but for the grace of God and all that

I'm gonna see Lester v. Halliday in person on Sunday.

Life is good.

Dig deep, folks.

Honor Ted and his head, and give to the JF

@Kaz in re: last night's quiz, I'm glad something good came from my torture inflicted by some training "Guru." And you are, at the most, 3 degrees separated from Kevin Bacon, cause a friend of mine once accidentally (at least that what she claims) grazed his ass with her hand on a dance floor at a CT inn.


BWF, I meant in the sense to touch lightly not chow down on like a cow on grass.

Quit making fun of me or I drive Pedroia out of town. Just to show I can.

No, grazing in the cow on grass sense is what I want to do to Tek's thighs. :)

Whenever I'm on grass, I graze the Doritos. Umm yum yum.

Just want to pass this along so you guys don't have to try it to find out:

Snorting powdered Doritos is not recommended.

Snorting powdered Doritos is not recommended.

Unless they're Cool Ranch Doritos...

Hello? Helloo? Is this thing on?

so, h.b. is a cow, then? The plot thickens....

Bob, you on today? It's Friday- how else am I gonna know when it's time to start drinking?

"There ain't no sunshine when Bob's gone."

Bob found a new source of Cannoli :)

Did Bob hit the beer cart for breakfast?

Now THAT'S something fun to yak about.

I am lost without Bob's weekend sign-off. I just may start drinking at work not knowing it is best to leave at the end of the day.

Slipped disc. Back. Agony. Home.

Green chili burrito? Thanks, Abby.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Bob-have some of that shark fin soup up in Scituate.

sriracha and mustard seed on cheesecloth makes a good back plaster, I bet

Guess Bob got a little carried away with the ol' hide the cannoli routine.

It's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt!

Pray foi Bob, and Pray for me, I have to deal with him..... waaa-waaa - Bob is unable to stop me from posting, beating me with his foot and grotesque toenail.... today is MY day!

abby dead. trying to get toenail out of femoral artery.

tokyo hiroshima sucked last night. i blame him for pain. racist name usage acknowledged and apoligized for, if he apologizes for performance.

meanwhile..... While I'm clinging to life, I'm burping and manpampering Bob, as he can't move. He's actually typing with his toes. I am saldy not kidding. GO SOX!

Manpampering. Now there's a term to work into a future strip, h.b.

Back pain sucks worse than tokyo hiroshima's outing. Best wishes to the invalid. Abby, you're too good for him.

Sounds like Bob is being a pain.

Here's a little help for you Abby.

Well, I'm just about done here at work.

Time to hit the shandy cart.

Have a wet weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to buffalo about on the 31st.

Final Exit Network. Now there's an uplifting email newsletter for you...

A toaster in the bath would work just as well and bring you both some relief. (I kid because I love.)

Abby - just slip him a roofy and roll him into a corner; then maybe get someone for an in home his and hers pedicure.

I like how the second panel is applicable to Bob today.

Final Exit Network - appropriate name for an organization in NJ.

Fucking Jimmy Fund wouldn't allow me to acknowledge Soxaholix in any way during the donation process. If it weren't for this strip (or my brother bugging me, or the numerous e-mails from MLB.com or RedSox.com, or Facebook reminders from friends), I would never have hit a triple in their pledge drive!

The Byrd/Wagner era begins; how many days or weeks 'til it ends?

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