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Tidy Times?

Remy's coming back paht time.


The Buch and V-Maht seem to be turning into a coppah top battery.



Youks is back, Timmah will be soon …


2 straight ovah the Jays …


So is the glass half full?


Are the times tidy? Do the cows milk cream an inch thick?


Or is this a comeback of the Britney Spears on Lettahman in a bikini sort of "comeback"?



They're hanging in. The most exciting advancement on that list could be Remy's return. I can't wait.

They're hanging in. The most exciting advancement on that list could be Remy's return. I can't wait.

I could do more, but could care less.

Single click, Taylor. But welcome.

When you think about it, Clay has been outstanding lately. yes, he's lost 2 out of the last 3 games he's pitched , but he's been more than good enough to win against the aces of a couple teams.

Don't call it a comeback...Papi said knock you out.

So who do we root for next week when they meet head to head? Texas or the MFYankees??

Can we conclude the kid's head is back on straight? He still had a few moments where he looked a bit lost, but his offspeed stuff was working, which certainly helps. I'm thinking he'll be decent down the stretch.

It would take either waterboarding or a large cash payment for me to root for the Yankees.

Natalie, normally I could not agree with you more ref rooting for the Yankees, but being 7 back I think I would rather see Texas lose to help us out with the wildcard.

I'm not rooting for anyone but the RS. If the RS win games, they will be playing in October. It's not complicated.

It's nice that Remy's health is improving, but Eckersley is a better analyst, hands-down.

Surly but logical.

Long time no talk. You have to root against the Skanks. Texas is going to fade the young pitching can't hold on. By the way I made it to Fenway (Bos v Oak) for the first time in 20 years. Right field bleachers it was awesome. Papi hits a 3 run bomb and then the PED news came out. Sort of a happy/sad moment there. A ton of people left after the 7th inning, is that how it is now?

Last note, it is scary that Bob looks exactly how I expected hime to look in SDU's photos.

Whew, thats all.

Maybe, and more candid, but also needs a bigger repertoire, "cheese and paint" are getting old.

you forgot "iron"

at least he's not frank "mumbles" viola

I follow LC - root for a RS win. Other than that, I root for every other team to go 15+ innings and blow out every arm they have. It really is simple.

Haven't minded Viola except for that accent.

I've always said the time I would ever root for the skanks was if a skankee win would clinch a playoff spot for the Sox. We aren't close to that point yet.

Like Vi, too. Agree with you guys, accent sounds queer.

Eck OK, but cheese louise...

Welcome back, RemDog.

Something about that third panel is hot...maybe the way she speaks the gerund?

Viola's accent has been rough, but I've gotten used to him a little. I'll be sad to see Eck go - he has really learned a lot in a little time and turned into a pretty good analyst. But I do welcome Remy back. His analysis is always good, but more than that, the RemyOrsillo team is tough to beat for light hearted game calling and outright piss in the pants laughter at times. Thes rest of the league should be jealous of our everyday TV guys.

What get's lost in it all is that Orsillo is the perfect foil for guys like Remy and Eck. I have yet to listen to any other broadcast with as many in the booth laughs. Either guy is not as entertaining without the straight man serving up the meatballs.

Here is the answer... Don, Remy, AND Eck in the booth.

Beckett, Clay, and Lester, and pray for A-Rod's syphillis to fester.

(It's just a rumour, but given that he's A-Fraud, one that needs to be passed on. Public fiugure and all, so no libel.)

Oh, and Jar, that not me in SDU's pics. Or is it? Or is it H.B.? Or L.C. Or Kaz? Or Buckner?

And the game goes on.

I am SpartiKaz.

at least you didn't say "or Abby?"

Plaxico Burress plea-bargained and got two years in the slammer. Better than the mandatory 3.5 I guess.

His stupid ass goes in as a wide receiver, it'll come out as an even wider one.

Tonight's Lineup:

1. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
2. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
3. Victor Martinez, C
4. Kevin Youkilis, 1B
5. Jason Bay, LF
6. David Ortiz, DH
7. Mike Lowell, 3B
8. J.D. Drew, RF
9. Alex Gonzalez, SS
-- Jon Lester, SP

now we're cookin'


So just to followup on this topic, for those saying that Pedroia is soft for having gone home to his wife during his first kid's birth...he didn't even take the extra day off. He could have waited one more day and rejoined the team against the Yankees in Boston but he traveled and joined them in Toronto for tonight's game instead.

So there. :P

If you're not snook fishing in the Everglades during your child's birth then you are dead to me.

Nobody disses Teddy Ballgame. Nobody!

Greatest hitter that ever lived(TM).

Buck, if Abby looked like that, you'd be reading about a murder/suicide.

I wish fishing were an option for me rather than endure 17 hours of back labor.

That's why you're not the Greatest Hitter That Ever Lived!

So, what the hell is SNOOK anyway? I could google, but I figure I might get a better (more entertaining) response here...

I have no friggin idea what a snook is. But damn if it doesn't sound cool and manly and very Teddy Baseballish.

Show me the snook!!!!!!

Well, here it is...

OK, I'll bite. I always liked Remy with Sean McDonough, especially when they got to talking about moss. For a long time it seemed that Remy could barely tolerate Orsillo, but they've ended up being a really good team. I like Viola's insights about pitching. Dave Roberts is cute but doesn't add much.

"My head is freezing!"-Teddy Ballgame

In re: analysts...McCarver is a "good analyst", too. Lots of folks can analyze a game, but Remy has a certain something with Donny O that sets him apart.

Well lookie there, they can sweep the 4th place team in the division, granted it looks like the bats are coming around, but we need to sweep those jokers from NY. Anybody at all have any faith whatsoever in Penny?

On the Teddy Ballgame note, I just watched the HBO documentary on him, coulda done with out Shaughnessy's bloated, pasty, fat face on the screen, atleast they kept that to a minimum, seemed like they just gleaned alot of stuff from Montville's wonderful biography.

Interesting note, I'm sure y'all realize this though the same year Dimaggio hits for 56 Teddy hits .406, it kinda shows how hard each feat is, Teddy hit .406 with his longest streak at 23 games, and Dimaggio hit safely in 56 games but his average was "only" .357. I don't think anybody will ever hit for close to 56 games in one season nor will somebody be able to carry a .400 batting average for a season.

And now the we go to the births of our children so they don't stick us in a freezer when we'd rather be scattered over and around the wonderful Keys.

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