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There is no stopping in the red zone.

What's our vectah, Victah?


"In his second game with the team and first as a catcher, Martinez went 5 for 6 with a double and four RBIs, exactly the performance the Sox hoped for when they dropped him in the middle of their lineup."


Oh, Theo, you've done it again!


Well, small sample size and all that but …


Immediate impact? Check.


Dynamic deflection of the news cycle away from the "Roid Sox"? Check.


Wait, you mean we're not going to spend the entiah next few days in a metaphorical Turkish prison ovah the supposed taint?


Nah, let's leave the Turkish prison melodramatics to the CHB.


Ah, a most fitting end.



It'll all come out fine in the end :)

things are set up pretty good, and VMart looks like the real deal. I just hope he replaces his Indians catching gear with some RS stuff. as for the roids, that's a tough one.


A finer kind of weekend, that's for sure. Is it Thursday yet?

Speaking for SDU, Buckner Was Framed, Natalie, NolaSox (and her kids and nephew), oh and some woman named Abby:

We're still drunk.

Except for NolaSox and her kids and nephew. Although the nephew left for a while, so who knows. Great kid though.

As for the game, most combined runs in MLB this year. Clay looked like he needs more molding (sorry). Victor could have had six hits, how the hell did Manny get the win, what time is it, there's a small roach in my shirt, what's this stuff that looks like bar varnish under my fingernails, where are my pants.

Thank God SDU brought boxes of Berocca.

Such a fun time yesterday! I'm so impressed by the sense of community on this site. It was great to meet SDU, Nolasox and Natalie and seeing Buckner again!

It's so awesome how often several of you get together during the year. I really enjoy reading about it in the comments.

One of these days I'm going to break out of my undisclosed location and join you.

I don't think ever enjoyed a Red Sox blowout win less. That was a miserable game to watch.

Only two exclamation points in three sentences today. Progress.

I somewhat agree, COD. But just try watching that game with multiple beers and Jamesons being thrown at you like confetti. Or however the hell it's spelled. Over the 29 hours the game took to play.

I don't know Bob. I'm thinking watching a rerun of watching a tree sloth watching grass grow with paint drying on it would be fun in the company of Natalie, Abby, and Nolasox.

In case you missed it, the start of the game thread at SOSH was quite funny yesterday. A fitting tribute to Thurm the Worm.

http://picasaweb.google.com/soxdownunder/PetesPubEtc# "> My head hurts


yikes, that's a good looking crew.

That's hysterical! I look like Christmas with the green shirt and the more than red face! Yeek!

sdu, trying to email you in re your inquiry

L.C., it's certainly a drunk-looking crew. Those pics were taken in the 4th or 5th inning. In other words, about three hours into the game.

Even Nolasox's kids appear to be throwing down the booze.

Some flattering angles in those photos (see, told you, bwf and Abby! multiplying chins ;) but a PHE-nomenal time. Lotsa laughs, some tasty margaritas, and a very long ballgame. We said we should make it at least an annual thing- getting the Soxaholix together. I'd fly back for that anytime. :)

I don't know why when I see the word 'taint' I think less 'black smudge in the record books' and more 'area residing between the nads and the brown eye'. Anyone else get this? Anyone? Can't wait til I get back on the homefront and take the Brit husband to his first game at Fenway. Which, unfortunately, by the looks of it won't be til next April. Who's gonna be there? :)

"Get" taint? Are you kidding? The Soxaholix 'taint a-holes and we 'taint the c-word.




Oh and Bob, don't forget the Collingwood hats, perfect to hide under today: SDU brought great gifts! Then NolaSox came bearing banana peppers and Cajun sausage, and Bob and Abby brought Regina's. I felt so remiss! Next time I promise to bring some Pimms or tea and biscuits...

I had a real interesting discussion with one of my spawn over the weekend regarding steriods. It was painful, really. The upshot is that they guys that I was holding up to them as role models are all dirty, and what does that say about me?

Surly but gullible?

Welcome to the club, L.C.

The first thought that came to mind as I heard the game was still going on at 4 PM Sunday and it was only the 6th inning is...man, those guys are going to be HAMMERED at Durty Nelly's.

Glad to see I was not disappointed. Sorry again that I couldn't make it but I was dragged away to Buffalo and a great weekend with friends and their families (first time I was able to get out of town in months). I'll have to jump on the merry-go-round on the next pass.

Bob, don't be mean to yourself!

Natalie, it was so awesome that you were able to come, however, who can pass up a Pim!

BTW, I don't see the "chins" that you speak of, you're beautiful!

Thanks Lou - will try to log on presently.

In re drugs - I kinda liked Bob Ryan's article this morning but doubt we would be so bored if the list included Jeter, D or Posada, J! But what of these cowardly lawyers who breach non-disclosure provisions under cover of anonymity? I'm off to Federal Court - the charmingly fascist architecture of which I can see from my hotel room - to see if I can instigate some kind of inquiry.

And your doppleganger looks sweet Bob.

Heh. Was the Berocca a gift from Natalie, Bob? Full of vitamin-y goodness that is!

I should learn read. Didn't realize they carried it in OZ though.

Did you hear? Jerry Remy got busted for steroids! And we all thought his sudden spike of color commentary was natural...

It was his son Jared, not Jerry Remy. Unless this is something new...

and if you look at Jared Remy's picture, he appears to be the poster child for steroid abuse, given that he is about 5X the size of Jerry.

All this talk about the championships being tainted is just a tad premature without the whole list of 104 players being released. Once we have the whole list, distribute them among all the teams and we'll know something -- probably that World Series should have been between the Nationals and the Royals!

But who the f*ck is the 3rd starter if they make it to October? Certainly Smoltz's and Clay's auditions this weekend weren't encouraging.

At least teh V-Mart had a good weekend.

Those pictures are hysterical!

great pix all - definitely looked and sounds like a great time. Like the idea of an annual event - could re-work the yearly trip back.

So the wife asks Saturday morning if CHB is really a Sox fan and what is doing writing for the Globe. She finishes the queries with he's such a douche. Reason #93 why I love her.

any sentence describing someone as a "douche" is a winner in my book.....

Yes, but the book is titled, "Vinegar and Water! Putting an exclamation point on cleanliness!"

(The veal's overcooked, don't try it, but I'll be here all week. Give the gnocchi a try for once.)

that may be Abby's first post sans !!! - I think Bob made up for it w/ the book title: A can't miss mother's day gift.

Bob, I know that you're "beloved" on this site and in your mind, but ENOUGH with the "veal" jokes, already! We all get it!


ok, now I feel mean..... Bob, I'll try the stinking veal.........

I suggest serving veal at the rehearsal dinner.

And now, for the big re-veal....

I love those pejorative words that are now such a part of the vernacular we can sometimes forget what they actually refer to, like douchebag or scumbag...

Personally, my new insult du jour is twat. It's been rolling off the tongue recently...

I tried the veal in one of the few italian restaurants in the North End last night, after escaping the clutches of Petes. I think it made me sick.

In re pejoratives useful in London town: I like 'prat' or 'git'.

Wanker is always good, too. I do like British slang.

I feel you Natalie & SDU. My husband made fun of me relentlessly when we first met because I said twat with an 'O' sound rather than the short 'A' that's common here. My favorite has to be bollox/bollucks or tosspot though. Especially the latter, it just gets me giggling.

And 'plonker'

"Personally, my new insult du jour is twat. It's been rolling off the tongue recently..."

That's hot.

Oh! Minger! Yeah.

yeah, and how come 'wanker' hasn't been rolling off your tongue lately?

Kaz, we missed you. Strangely unproductive day for me today. Can't quite reason why, but I do have a busted open vial of Berrocca on my kitchen table

twat is tremendous

Yes..it..is... :)

nothing like some good twat talk

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