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The known unknowns

Hey, you know, at least Clay Bucchholz "pitched well enough to win."


Ah, you have to love the distancing language.


But if we keep pitching well enough to win only to lose then the patient is going to get exsanguinated.


Seriously. It's going to be "We had to lose the wildcahd in ordah to win the wildcahd."


If nothing else, at least we've got "Battle of the Yankees Sluts" for amusement.


But Friday Night Lights is forevah dead to me now.



Buchholz gives up two runs over seven innings and ya bang on him? How about the ineffective offense that can't buy a hit against a legit starting pitcher? Or that putrid defense They're running out there every night.

Actually, the tone of the strip was meant to convey an overall dissatisfaction with the entire team including the "ineffective offense" and "putrid defense" as well as poking fun of the use of distancing language.

But obviously I have failed you in that regard. Might I suggest that you visit another Red Sox comic blog for your daily satisfaction as this creepy site is letting you down?

Maybe Michelle can show the two of them how to work a pole? Yikes

Wait, why is FNL dead to Mike? What am I missing? I *heart* that show so much.

//why is FNL dead to Mike//

Because the bitch who plays Lyla Garrity on TV is sucking Derek Jeter's penis in real life.

h.b.-don't let one comment ruin your whole day,I'm just sayin'

H.B. I do find your strip most of the time highly entertaining. Its just this team as currently constructed keeps wasting good to fantastic starts from pitchers either through the ocassional bullpen implosion or complete lack of timely offense. Hell the whole offense seems to be mired in the doldrums. I wish they could find the trade winds for more steady production. I'm sorry I lambasted your strip when my frustration is with this team.

"Wagrankings.com"? who knew? One more site to keep me from working (thank you, hb)

I don't know about things. I wouldn't want to be a Pirates or KC fan, so there's that.

I guess I'll just enjoy the ride and hope that we reach our destination without hitting a tree.


Did you see on wagrankings that Brad Penny used to date Eliza Dushku? Brad Penny? Brad fucking Penny? Wha?!?!?!


I'm frustrated too. And projecting and taking it out on your previous comment.

There is some rather nasty stuff going on behind the scenes at Soxaholix involving lawyers etc that has my proverbial panties in a bunch. And this stuff is really, really sucking my creative juices dry and making it really difficult to do the daily strips.

Yeah, I need some cheese with that whine, but it's true unfortunately.

chin up, hb.

My head hurts. Beer, Jameson, and wine.

And although we lost yesterday, it was still a great time with SDU and even with Abby. Clay actually pitched well, but Verlander was amazing.

Safe trip home, Mr. Western Australia School of Mines.

Remember that we'll always have a tin hut here for you.

BTW, H.B., I have art directors and such (all Sox fans) at my beck and call.

Well, at least my beck.

Ortiz is done. Unless he rides pine for the rest of the year, he will (almost) single-handedly drag the team down with him. Thanks for 04 but get the lights on your way out.

Thanks Bob. It's been a blast.

Sorry to hear of the nasty legal troubles hb. That sucks.

"behind the scenes at Soxaholix"? WTF? The characters aren't real?!?

good luck, hb

"Autumn" is dating Jeter? Well, THAT puts a horrible twist on the end of that movie.

I can't blame our offense when the other guy is a potential Cy Young winner this year and throwing 100 mph heat on pitch #120 in the 8th inning.

I mean, come on, *our* team is only human.

I hear you Kaz.

I'm trying my best not to project my pissy mood onto the players when they have nothing to do with the crap the larger organization is up to.

Easier said than done.

I'm glad Jon Hamm isn't servicing any MFY cause Mad Men starts on Sunday.

In re: Eliza - now she's seeing Rick Fox who is 11 yrs older than her.

hb, I have a wicked smart lawyer sister who comes here occasionally and has fellow BC Law friends still in MA if you need any referrals.

I hear you, h.b. Tough to separate the cogs from the machinery.

One might wonder if this is a situation that requires a more human touch instead of shuffling boilerplate requests back-and-forth. If you were to say, unleash the masses (all 12 of us..hehe) maybe the organization doesn't exactly know what its attack dogs are doing right now to some of its biggest fans.

SDU is the Johnny Cochran of Australia. And Abby's sister is a corporate lawyer. Just saying, H.B.

Strangely, the creepy people who hang out at this creepy site tend to either be creepy smart or creepy well-connected. Usually both, except in my case. And Abby's of course.

Love you sweetie.

Penny has also bedded Alyssa Milano. Any man that has slept with both Milano and Eliza Dushku gets my eternal respect, regardless of how hittable his fastball may be.

c'mon now, gang. 3 out of 4 from a division leading team with 3 starters sitting and we're bitching? Including wins from our #5 and #6 pitchers?

Lyla was uber-annoying anyway, and Tyra has the better bod anyway.

Hang in there HB, hopefully the lawyers will do what they need to do and scuttle away.

I'd like to thank everyone for recycling my comments about Penny earlier in the week. At least somebody gets to see them today.

bon voyage sdu.

My particular frustration with the Redsox right now is that the entire team is taking on the professional identity of one Mr. J.D. Drew - they are not playing as good as they should be playing. "Son, I'm yelling at you becuase I love you and I want you to live up to your potential!"

Oh, and being in 2nd placce would be fine if we used to be in 3rd, but since that is not quite the case, 2nd place sucks.

I can't work out how my stuff doesn't fit in the bag when I've offloaded about 30 tubes of berocca (R) and 10 Colingwood caps. I blame the 6 year old 'Sox fan. So I ended at 3 and 3 on the trip; dropped 3 games in the standings during my visit and now have a lifetime record of 10 and 11. Kaz, what are the odds of that if one started attending games in July of 2002? How would those odds shift if seven of the 21 games were against the Yanks? Thanks to all; see you all on the flip side.

"> When too much sriracha is http://picasaweb.google.com/soxdownunder/VTG#5369654889283900658 "> barely enough


I can't believe that I've missed all of this!

I have had such a great time with SDU!

h.b. I went to high school with Eliza Dushku - she was filming a movie with "ARNOLD" and her famous line was "if you push me I'll drop the key!" - my friend stole her math homework and said that it would be worth something someday - she still has it!

//with the crap the larger organization is up to//

I like to think I'm somewhat smart (an attorney as well, HB - sounds like we could start our own multi-national firm) - but I can't figure out exactly what the larger org is up to recently. Going old, trading young, taking away personality for OBP. And, yeah, 3 of 4 but the team still only seems to have glimmers of a heart beat - even after the "fight"

Hey - at least Brady looked good.

I can't believe M. Damon is handing out stamps of approval. WTF!!!

ss: I think they are tramp stamps of approval

My parents are in the middle of a raging fire in California. And of course, refuse to leave the house.

Leave, you idiots! (They read this creepy inflamable site.)

Bob - if your parents are down in the Santa Cruz mtns area, things are improving. At least that's what CDF said this am.

HB - first tht you were going w/ all the death panel lunacy. The RS may need some end of season counseling if the heartbeat doesn't pick up.

Redsox traded for Alex Gonzalez!


Lookit the big brain on...me!


(First comment)

h.b...Your "creative au jus" are always tres excellent!

Da kine, you're a smart motherfucker. That's right. The metric system. What's in this?

Sprite, good. You mind if I have some of your tasty beverage to wash this burger down?

Ah, hit the spot.

But who did we give up?

I guess "who" was the operative word - WEEI says Kris Negron

Razzle dazzle drazzle drone, time for this one to come home.

Or hit beer cart.

In any case, have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Francona heart Ortiz. OK, I get it. Ortiz was heavily responsible for the two World Series titles. Francona is loyal to his players. But Ortiz already cost us winning the World Series last year. He doesn't hit. He doesn't play the field. He is a major distraction. He is older than what he claims. He can't run. What could possibly be the reason for hitting him 3rd, 4th or 5th? The only answer I can come up with is this: Francona heart Ortiz. More than Romeo and Juliet loved one another. It has gone way beyond the point of lunacy. This player brings nothing to the table. His being on the roster is bad enough. His hitting 5th leads me to believe that Francona no longer wants this job. Francona needs to go stand in the corner with his dunce cap on. I've never seen a manager make so many bad decisions. I'm beginning to believe the Red Sox won titles because of superior players, in spite of this dunce Francona. Remember, even then they didn't win all that many games in the regular season.

paddy, buddy- where ya been?

you're not a lawyer, are you?

I woulda been more excited about the Sox winning this Detroit series if the team split in Tampa and the new Toilet Bowl, but sheesh, after those debacles its like kissing your sister. Picking up Alex Gonzalez will at least help with the defense, but who bats ninth now? Ortiz, Gonzalez, Tek, Ellsbury? 3 guys for one spot in the batting order.

"Like the big Papi of old" - these Rangers announcers have been annoying all evening long. Maybe a tie ball game will quiet some of the chortling.

Ellsbury 9th? For serious?

Man, that game tonight ruled, though it was a real bitch watching most of it.

put a pitcher in to run - u knew it wouldnt work. he looked helpless on the replay, athlete or not. thank god victor picked him up(and j.d.) forget the problems, lets move on!!

OH.. that's what happened? My buddy said it was Buchholz and I couldn't wrap my head around it.

The look on the Sox players' faces with 2 outs in the 9th spoke volumes. They had the miserable look of a team that knows it's going to lose.

My guess is that this 9th inning comeback is going to turn around the whole season.

Jinx attempt, eh, Billy?

hehe, yeah, not even thinly veiled.

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