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Running out of ways to say the same thing

Have you evah seen a team hit more homeruns with nobody on?


Two days in a row?


And that's 0 fer 10 with 6 strikeout with runnahs in scoring position for those of you scoring this clustah fuck at home.


You know I still think they make the postseason but …


But it's what happens once they get to the postseason that scares the piss out of you?




This is getting desperate.



Don't get me talkin'-I could talk all night.

Have you evah seen a team hit more homeruns with nobody on?

It's like ther are 9 Dave Kingmans on this team

So, how about those Hotspurs? Great victory against Liverpool yesterday.

(Yes, I am moving on from the Sox, preparing and protecting my heart because I am not convinced they are assured of a playoff berth given their recent play. 12-17 since the AS Break? Dismal)

Question for SDU - when a team flushes its season down the toilet, does it spiral the same way in the Southern Hemisphere?

I could speak the language of a heretic, but unless Boston cannot get its act together, it's like I don't want to see them in the playoffs only to suffer a crushing defeat.

What the fuck guys? Why can there be no consistency? Why do we bank our hopes on a select few (Dice-K/Smoltz e.g.)? Why do people either look at meatball pitches or swing at the dumbest shit. People have got to go Theo. Enough of this nonsense. When the Yankees seem to have more chemistry than you, something is amiss.

If not for Friday's comeback, this would have been pretty horrible.

Shite, who am I kidding. It was pretty horrible.

I'll be at the park Saturday for the Skanks game. I think I'll get to Copperfield's Down Under around 8:00 AM.

That's 8:00AM Friday, for those of you scoring at home

I thought that was a given, Buck.

Arrgh, horrible weekend.

But what a pleasant surprise to learn that Webley Webster is back in broadcasting, ably assisting Don O.

Hey, some of us have Clash references, some of us have Bob and Ray.

Holy Usain Bolt!

That's all I've got.

Magadan had better start talking soon. What the hell is up with the offense on this team?

Tito had better explain why all these players need "off-days" when it's pretty clear their hitting is already OFF every day.

The only thing to look forward to is the September call-ups...just so we can see all of the players on the roster at the same time instead of this Pawtucket Carousel we're stuck on right now, looking for pitchers AND hitters to stuff into the holes in the dike.

Bring on the winter meetings.

and could any Oriole fans listening out there please give me some advice on how to be happy with my shitty shitty team? you know, the way O's fans see the blue sky with each win no matter how seldome they occur. I used to be well practiced at this with the Redsox, but have been out of training now since about 03.

The bright side of the Sox missing the playoffs: Not having to listen to Tim McCarver.

"12-17 since the AS Break? Dismal"

Meanwhile the Yanks are 23-7 since the break, an amazing franchise best.

If there's a silver lining right now at all, it's this:

Based on our current performance-to-date, we stand a pretty good chance of taking the Wild Card assuming we stay ahead of the Rays (they are of a bit more concern than Texas).

If we were to play to our PECOTA predicted abilities, we double our chances and have almost a lock on the Wild Card.

That is the most frustrating part about this season so far. We aren't just underperforming...we're Big-Dig, Tunnel-to-China, Journey-to-the-Center-of-the-Earth underperforming. We are underperforming so badly that we should just be ecstatic that our players haven't hurt each other at the post-game handshakes yet.

Thanks for rubbing that in, Billy Marty. If you weren't a fellow Lawrentian I'd call you something really salty. :)

Saw Mark Bellhorn go 3 for 5 on Saturday playing first base for the Sky Sox. Kind of sad to see one of the 2004 roster in the minors - I'm hoping he could hear my cheers and applause in the very quiet Zephyr stadium.

It would probably be a different story if the starting rotation was the same as the first half.

The offense has underperformed, but that shouldn't last. At least Youk will be back with the team now.

anyone else see the presumably testy exchange between Not Quite Worth A Penny and John Farrel on teh mound as Farrel walked off? Farrell looked none too pleased with Penny after he talked to him after the 400th stolen base of the inning.

I'm guessing Penny said something like "Fuck off. It's my soap and my washcloth and I'll wash it as fast as I want to"

Kaz, the only reason they haven't hurt each other during the post-game handshakes yet is the fact that there aren't many opportunities to shake hands when you're 12-17

Dunno about the rest of y'all, but I'm ready for some football.

a sad nation looks to you, LC for a new sunset...I'm in a renting mood.

I rented my sunset for the wrong weekend this year - didn't double check to see when Labor Day actually fell.

http://picasaweb.google.com.au/soxdownunder/Sunset# "> Safe at home!
[Notes - (1) in Lou's absence, I offer a sunset over Yanke stadium; (2) Choc brown baby lab for Nat inspite of her cruel & unnecessary (not to say premature) Hotsupur reference; and (3)six year old sox fan's new uniform; (4) it's flushing the same way on the internet as it did live.

I'll stop now.

No I won't
(5) whatever it is you're on, Kaz, save me some.

Awwwwww, that photo of your son and the puppy is so cute it could melt even the coldest of hearts (mine- hardened against the Sox of late- included). Thanks for brightening up the day. :)

Yes, Natalie, it even melted my heart.

Now I'm going to go yell at some account people.

(Glad you're back home safe and sound, SDU.)

BTW, SDU, I think after seeing those pics, it might be time to get the other statue out of storage at Pete's, and give Graeme a little competition.

Does Adam Kilgore, of the Extra Bases blog at Boston.com, read Soxaholix and the comments?

If we were to play to our PECOTA predicted abilities, we double our chances and have almost a lock on the Wild Card.
Posted by: Kaz at 10:41 AM

Baseball Prospectus's Postseason Odds, compiled by Clay Davenport, tout the Red Sox as having a 38.2 percent shot of winning the wild card and a 3.7 percent glimmer of hope to overtake the New York Yankees in the AL East -- a 41.9 percent total.
Posted by Adam Kilgore at 11:15 AM

I win.

Ya know what Manny did that Bay doesn't or can't do? Foul off all those great pitchers' pitches till the pitcher gets frustrated enough and throws the meat, or makes a mistake and wham base hit or homerun with runners in scoring position, gosh I'd take some surly dreadlocked abysmal defence in left for some timely hitting right now. I know he had to go but gosh I do still miss him especially right now. Anyways, how are the Pats looking? Just Titans updates here in Music City. Btw if I hear about Vince Young and his mental state or his throwing ability or his lack of leadership one more time....

Manny's fielding in left for the Dogers is ranked as BARELY below average (I think -1 or -2 on UZR) which says 2 things to me.

1) Defensive metrics still don't really take the Monster into account very well.

2) Manny is still trying harder for the Dodgers than he was most of the time for the Red Sox (and I'm a Manny defender!).

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