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Return of Sox swagger?

This is the kind of headline you want to see as the days grow shortah and the fruit ripens —

"Tim Wakefield Deals, Papi Delivers"


Seriously, Timmmah and Walkoffs and then add in the emergence of Junichi Tazawa and may God smite me for saying it, Billy Wagner, and well, the glacier knocks in the cupboard, the desert sighs in the bed.


And how about a little love for Brad Penny?


I'm sorry, I thought you said Brad Ain't-worth-the Moneypenny.


C'mon. Dude was nevah expected to be the second coming of Pedro Martinez.


But he came in, filled a need, kept his mouth shut and now is going out with totaly class. How often do you see that around these pahts?


OK. He gets ring.


Can I get a reverse gooch ovah heah?



Note: The "glacier knocks..." line is from Auden's "As I Walked Out One Evening."

That was a pretty sweet display last night all the way around.

VMart catching with a First baseman's mitt
AGon going deep
Bard unfuckinghittable.

Not to be grumpy, but would somebody tell HWatney to go home?

Here's her post-game interview with Ortiz:

HW You hit a walkoff home run. What did that feel like?

DO: [muffled]

HW: Your teammates mobbed you at home. What was that like?

DO: Good

HW: Tim Wakefield pitched a good game. What was it like to see him out there?

DO: Thanks to God.

And finally, can each of us on this creepy site go to the
Jimmy Fund page and donate 10 or 20 dollars? The radiothon is unlistenable, for many good and bad reasons, but we should do our part.

Tell 'em Ted sent you.

L.C., I already donated my money. And I encourage all Soxaholix to do so as well.

As for last night's game,that was, for once, a RED SOX game.

It's always fun, when you live in the North End, to be sitting on the couch with your Sweetie, kissing with one eye on your girl, watching the Sox with the other, and hear the crowd in the neighborhood roar.

Anyone have a link on teh intartubes for the walkoff? I can't seem to locate it.

Bob, add a cannoli from Cafe Vittoria to that scene and you've reached nirvana.

Thanks for Jimmy Fund mention/link, LC.

I'd been meaning to be more emphatic by adding a link or bringing it into the a strip directed, but kept forgetting.

Modern Pastry, H.B. That cannoli was involved later on, but I can't go into that here.

I don't get the Brad-Penny-to-a-contender logic - the guy with the 5+ ERA is going to go to a contender and improve their rotation? I guess we signed Paul Byrd, but come on. . .

Maybe some team can convince him he was tipping his pitches.

da kine, go to:


And search for Ortiz Walkoff White Sox.

For some reason, it's not posting on H.B.'s creepy site.

does this work?

It works for Bard strikeouts, but not pai's homer.

Why can't I post my link? What's going on, mommy?

"Shut up and get me my bourbon, you little shit."

(Did I say that out loud?)

Sorry. I had the "fuck_with_bob" attribute set to "true."

Heh. Thanks, H.B. It truly worked.

Aahhhh...just like the old days. Helmet tossed, team engulfing the plate like little-leaguers, and Big Papi hopping onto home plate. Precious.

Heidi Watney = Eye Candy, plain and simple.

Compare to Amber Theo-somethingthefuck in Baltimore. Same ridiculous questions, not so much the same on the eyes.

So we are slowly getting rid of all the hospice projects, eh? getting back to the core group to get the job done (+ some Victor thrown in for a little extra BAM)

man, it was good to see that smile and the team having fun. Perfect game.

Penny will go to back to LA and pitch lights out to close the season...of course so could I against those teams.

And, Bob - I thought that cannoli didn't come out until AFTER the nuptials.

Had the pleasure of being at the game last night. Timmah's first 17 pitches were strikes as were 73 out of his 94. Completely sick for a guy who hadn't faced ML batters in 7 weeks. Because of him (and Papi's timely walk-off), the game came in at a speedy 2:29.

As far as Heidi is concerned, the eye candy aspect is well worth it, in my opinion. I don't think the players mind being interviewed by her, even if her questions aren't very deep. Neither were Tina Cervassio's, if I remember correctly.

It's okay before the wedding, sonomasox, so long as the cannoli goes through a hole in the sheet.

A real amazing stat...Ortiz is 2nd in the AL in homers (22) and fourth in AL in RBI (62) since May 20th (Boston.com). As Johnny Carson used to say, "I did not know that"

"Leave the gun, take the cannoli..."

Just one more reason The Godfather (Pts I and II) are the best movies of all time.

Papi also seems to have been on fire since gaining a new buddy in VMart.

That's a great observation re Papi and VMart.

Thanks h.b., I couldn't help but notice the similarities to the days of Manny & Papi having a blast (and hitting blasts) together.


As a fan, I've missed seeing that sort of camaraderie on the team this year. Good to see it starting to manifest now.

I've felt the same way, h.b. Chemistry is huge.

So, if I meet Bob for dinner, and he says "try the cannoli", um, what do I say?


Tell Bob you'll need a few shots of grappa before you try the cannoli.

at any rate.

go sox

Managed to stay up and watch the game last night. How glad I was. Beautiful game, gorgeous walk off. I feel somehow reinvigorated.

http://picasaweb.google.com/soxdownunder/BackAtFenway#5368938247193589378http://www.bostonredsox.com "> What was that like?

Broken link? Well, not broken, just no pictures.

sweet jesus - i'm on a webinar with Stuart Smalley. kill me now - I would rather be in an anger management class with BatShit Tavarez

http://picasaweb.google.com/soxdownunder/BackAtFenway#5368938247193589378 "> It was meant to display eye candy but it's too early

ugh, gave up - i could feel my IQ approaching Giambi level.

Sounds truly appalling, Nola, even though I don't know what a Stuart Smalley is.

sdu - it was a Sat. Night Live skit by now Senator Al Franken called "Daily Affirmation." The classic line is "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me."

SDU, it was an SNL character from Al Franken (now Senator Al Franken from the great state of Minnesota!) where he played a self-help guru who needed a lot of self-help.

Here's a trailer from the movie version instead of the sketch comedy show.

I like it!! 'You'll laugh because it's not your family...We're dysfunctional, but who isn't?'

Geez, Minnesota sure knows how to pick its representatives - is this a step forward or backward from Jess The Body V?

Greetings from Paris.

The Red Sox have a tendency to overachieve the moment I leave the East Coast. When I moved in 2004, they won the World Series. When I moved back in 2007, I ended up in NYC (living in Times Square), the city the East Coast wishes was located somewhere in the midwest. Now, I am in Paris, and the walk off home runs have just begun.

If anyone is interested in paying a stimpend to keep me overseas, I will be happy to stay and we can all enjoy the success of the team. Otherwise, I will be returning on the 7th of September, and we can all see what happens.

Au reviour!


A huge step forward. After he left SNL and Stuart Smalley behind, Franken began writing scathing "it's only funny because it's really true" comedy on Republicans with titles like:

"Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot" and "Lying liars and the lies they tell"

Good stuff. If you ever want to see someone completely take apart the Republican talking heads from the 90's and 00's, they're a great guide. He was friends with Paul Wellstone (Senator from MN) who died in a plane crash and the guy who replaced him was a total douchebag so Franken decided to honor his friend's Senate seat by running against the incumbent and won (after a protracted legal fight over the close ballot results).

So, while his time on SNL launched some mostly funny characters, he's actually quite a learned fellow and willing to take on the chuckleheads of the Republican party and call them like it is.

Sox swagger or Sox stagger??

greatest comeback ever starts now...

heading back east - SeaDogs game on Tuesday! Smuttynose early and often.

Thanks for the lines from Auden. No one mentioned them. Appropriate for the Sox and Ted Kennedy.

Small world note:

I went to trivia tonight. One of the questions: "What senator died in a plane accident in 2002?"

Weird that I just mentioned Wellstone today in this very discussion because of Franken, because of Stuart Smalley, because of SDU, because of Nolasox...

Because of Kevin Bacon?

And Air America was a huge success. Indeed, Franken's ratings just blew Limbaugh, and Hannity, and Beck off the airwaves. They could not compete with a Al's mixture of humor and erudition!!!

Hah. Fail.

Heh. Six Degrees of Stuart Smalley, Kaz?

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