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Recipe for success

Well will you lookee there — The Red Sox are capable of winning a game still.


They just needed some home cooking is all.


Yeah, Blueberries for Sal and for Sox.


And we're about to get our cod chowdah back — Wake says he’ll be ready to pitch on the next road trip.


I mean dude really is the protein and starch that feeds the rotation.


Seriously. If Wakefield had been in the rotation the bullpen remains rested. If the bullpen is rested then it's not a stretch to imagine the Sox win both games at Tampa and get 2 of 4 in New York.


One Nation, undah Cod …




...and the Cape,don't forget the Cape :)

Indivisible, with french fries and tahtah sauce for all.

Maybe that turbulent flight from Newark knocked some fight into 'em. May this be the start of a significant streak...

Finally, all these years of hanging out here and HB finally works me into a strip ;)

Are you salted, COD, or fresh?

(May be a new nickname for you. "Salty, but fresh." With apologies to L.C.)

that's what I'm talking about.


btw, lobsters get no love, the lobster fishermen are getting screwed, blewed and tatooed by prices this year, so everyone please buy multiple lobsters.

thank you and good night.

I have to say after the intensity of the bleachers in the Bronx, last night seemed very subdued. The crowd was lacklustre until the very end - seemed to be more interested in talking about work or making a stupid wave. But it was nice to be back and to win one.

"one nation, under cod"

BTW - we're back. And if I have to listen to any more of my damn Yankee-loving friends talk about "dominance", I'm going to puke.
Yeah, right. 4 out of 8 now. That's dominance for ya.
Cod over lobster type dominance. In other words - NOT.

The Tigers must really stink.

Still worried about the bear on the other side of blueberry mountain.

6-5? the Tigers? I know it's a win, but jeez.. blow the 4-0 lead? just sayin'. It feels a little like the beat up on the O's just to find out with the next series we still suck.

wishing and hoping, but not happy yet here in NC.

and re: Cod, y'all seen the Bizarre Foods episode on Maine and the Cod chowder he eats where the chowder gets its creamy consistency from the cod's creamy sauce? Dude will eat anything.

for the record, it's "kuplink, kuplank, kuplunk"

//"kuplink, kuplank, kuplunk"//

Thanks. Noted and changed and using the "!"s per the original.

Home of the Cod...and the Bruins!

Jeff, yeah I saw that one. He was eating lunch with his dad, and asked, "have you ever had fish sperm chowder?"

To his benefit, the dad sucked it down and swallowed. Then didn't spit.

I wish all the girls were like So-and-So from Connecticut.

She doesn't mind swallowing, she knows it's good etiquette.

Wow, did we really go all Caldecott up in this joint today or what?

love the Caldecott reference, Kaz.

hb, mail in re uknowwhat

I forgot to mention upon my return to work how much I love Nantucket.

lc, my inbox awaits.


Deos the 'works' in Boston Beer Works operate as a noun or a verb? (Could be the latter based on recent experience.)

Ah, Timmah love, untainted with condescension toward the knuckler or his consistency. He's a pitcher. He pitches. He helps the team. AND he's often hottest when the weather is. 11-3 so far. A few more wins this season, and he'll have what's-his-fat off the top of the all-time Sox wins list by next year's break.

re: buy lobster - good pitch, LC. Got a buddy fishes off Deer Isle saying it's cheaper to feed the family lobster than hot dogs. Go buy lobsters people!

re: blowing a 4-0 lead...Penny was on the mound. He's good once through the order, that's it.

A dear friend called me Sunday and gave me his tix to last night's game because he had an unavoidable family obligation. Took my charmed 8yr old son to his 7th Fenway outing. His record stands at 7-0. I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.

Varitek's throws and Lowell's running remind me of the ducklings walking across the commons--everyone watches but nothing much happens. And, as a long time reader, I wonder if a reference to lentils might have worked here too! Not to mention Mr. Price.

Varitek's throws and Lowell's running remind me of the ducklings walking across the commons--everyone watches but nothing much happens. And, as a long time reader, I wonder if a reference to lentils might have worked here too! Not to mention Mr. Price.

The Sox have a 68% win record at Fenway this season. That means Lazlo's kid had a 1-in-20 chance to see 7 wins and no losses so far. There were about 37,000 people at Fenway last night. If they've all been to 7 games at Fenway this season, about 1800 of them could probably say the same thing. Let me know when he's "one-in-a million" (he'd have to see the Sox go about 35-0 if they keep the same win%). ;)

Math. Gotta love it. :)

Heh heh, "what's-his-fat".


Youks taking the pitcher out of the game

Bay with a 3 banger

Getting happy here in NC. I likes me some pissed off players some times.

Now Tito is kicked by the 12 yr old umpire at 2nd.

I'm calling a turning point to the post All Star funk.

Finally, some fuckin' heart!! Atta boy Youk!

Just for the record, lobster is still expensive here in KC. Just sayin....Ok I miss the food back home more than anything!!!


Duh Nile

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