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So let me get this straight — Longball-oria had hit, get this, 6 of his previous 22 homahs in 2009 off the Red Sox *but* walking him "was not the the preferred option."


So the preferred option is not only to wash Longoria's balls but also to give him a crotch squirt of cologne as he walks off?




Yeah, well, I'm trying to take the philosophical highroad.


What's that, Wittgenstein, that the bullpen would be just as depleted aftah using all 6 relievahs last night whethah they won or lost?


Well there is that …


C'mon, guy, last night was one of the those ball bustahs that we may look back on at the end as where the wheels came off the clunkah before we got the cash.


Yeah, but, even in the still very unlikely case that these guys are playing out the string of irrelevancy as the season winds down …


Don't forget our othah option — Watching a healthy Tom Brady go absolutely Visogoth on the rest of the NFL.





Thanks for the link!

guess Bard is human afterall....

After watching the game with SDU at Pete's last night (and on Sunday), I've come to one conclusion.

He brings a lot of stuff from Australia: Berocca, Vegemite, and four-hour games.

The Berocca came in handy this morning, The Vegemite? Not so much.

Not an encouraging performance.

I prefer to look back on yesterday, pissed but with a wiser eye...

I'm just glad Tito had his Grady Little moment in August and not October.

I hate to be the voice of reason on a website chock full of batshit-crazy internet trollz, but the Sox had quite a few opportunities to not lose that game. Longoria in the 13th shouldn't even have happened.

So what if we get out of the 13th? Does anyone in their right mind think we wouldn't just cough it up in the 15th? Have you not been watching these poor saps all year?

On a lighter note, how about Lugo coming up with a big hit off of K-Rod!!!

No need to worry about the plethora of bullpen arms used last night. Brad Penny can go 8 tonight. Right?

8 courses at Wendy's. Sure.

You know the thing I love about this site is the obsessive nature of the it. But I just can't handle it anymore. The Sox are like that crazy bitch ( or guy for the women in the crowd) that you love but just fucks you up emotionally. You swear off her, and your good for a while. Then she calls and says she's changed (really changed, like in Baltimore) But then as soon as you say Yes I want you back she goes all batshit on you (Tropicana) and you say No...!!! No...!! How could I let this happen AGAIN!! So I am done.

Of course the tying home run should have been caught by Jacoby - what was Daniel Bard thinking, pointing up like that. Major oops type situation.

Most of our hitters need major doses of Berocca to give them back their b-b-boounce.

8 courses from Wendy's off the dollar menu or the "penney" menu??

Yeah right, I'll see ya next week.
True addict.

Well I'll lay the blame at Pedroia for jumping on the first pitch in the 10th. Bases loaded, one out, how about a deep fly ball - since that's what the team was hitting all night.

in re "options"

I'm out of them.

I hear you l.c.

It's sad that I'm already thinking about offseason possibilities.

August kills me.

i always thought of him as more of an ostrogoth...

You know, Lester DID pitch really well last night. We have that, anyway.

We could really use Timmy the inning eater tonight.

for f***'s sake, now we're down to billy traber?

Let's stay chilly, people.

4th best record in MLB and 1.5 games out of the Division lead.

We've seen worse Augusts.

This team is toast. I DREAD the next eight days. I'll be at six of 'em and I want my money back. No I don't.

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