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Now what?

I can't seem to summon any emotion —


I mean we just lose 2 of 3 from the Yankees and are pronounced dead, our hitherto constant bright spot, not need to worry about this guy at least, Josh Beckett gave up 5 dingahs and has now given up 9 in his last 12 innings pitched.


Yet while I'm not apoplectic with "it's ovah!" rage neithah am feeling any sense of optimism.


I'm emotionally flat-lined.


Well, what do you expect, guy?. Aftah the back-back cognitive assaults of Tim McCarvah and Joe Morgan in the broadcast booth, you've easily lost 25% of your brain powah, probably more.


Seriously. I'm just happy to sharpen my Crayolas and have somebody wipe the drool from my chin.


Get you in a gold chain and too much Axe cologne and "Voila!" instant Yankees fan.



The WC is still ours for now. We won in 2004 with the WC so we could do it again right?

However this also might test my 3-year theory I've got working on Red Sox playoffs chances since 2004. 2005 we lost in the playoffs, 2006 we suffered horribly and to the Yanks mind you, and then in 2007 the title was ours. Here we are where in 2008 we were close yet lost in the ALCS, now it's 2009 so if we're destined to not make it, 2010 here we come. However I'd like to see 2009 a good playoff year.

I had a good weekend. I think I watched a cumulative 4 innings during the 3 games- culminating with JM saying AGone is a good pickup because he "knows how to play the game. He's a shortstop who knows how to play. He may not have the range, but he knows how to play the game. Plus he gives you a little pop now and again". That was enough for me.

being a true RS fan, however, I will confess to being scared as hell about Beckett. Can we end his Cy Young talk now?

Well,Smoltz certainly seems to like the National League.

Well, the game I went to Saturday was fun.

That's something, right?


I'd like to say a personal "fuck you" to Josh Beckett for that shitastic performance last night. When all you have is a middle-to-high fastball, you better figure out what the hell you're doing wrong and fix it. Instead, he just kept going back to it.

If not using your fastball means you walk 3 guys and have to be taken out of the game, then DO IT. But to keep throwing BP like it's an off-day workout. Fuck you.

"Kaz Dice Clay" still, huh? Well, that's about the speed of this morning so far...

@Kaz: Fully agree. Sometimes I feel Becks has too much pride so instead he'd just keep punching a brick wall. When you give up 3 homers just like that, something is horribly amiss. No excuse for losing that game.

yeah Kaz. That was a vintage 2006 Beckett last night. If I had watched it, that is ;-)

"yeah Kaz. That was a vintage 2006 Beckett last night. If I had watched it, that is ;-)"

Then maybe this year is 2006 all over again? If so, then 2010 is 2007. :D

It wasn't just the fastball. I could have peppered the wall with those floater curve balls he was throwing.
We turned it off after the 4th HR and watched Heavy Metal in Baghdad via Netflix On Demand. It's a very interesting documentary that looks at the impact of the war and its aftermath on Baghdad's working class, as represented by the only metal band in the city.

It is a sad day for baseball

There's a game tonight, let's move on, nothing to see here.


Beckett with out a good curve ball is worth about a Penny. No difference.

I was at the debacle on Friday -- at least the five innings I coiuld take of Brad Not-worth-a-Penny and Michael Bowden throwing batting practice. Their combined pitch count was I believe something on the order of 140 pitches through 5 innings. Unbelievable. I'm going to the game on Wednesday to see Wakefield's return to the rotation, which should be interesting. At least he works quickly, which certainly is not the case with Penny.

Doesn't it just irritate the hell out of you that Smoltz just had his best game of the season for the Cards, although admittedly against one of the weakest teams in baseball.

(Overheard Joe Morgan) "You know, what you'll find about players like Jeter and A-Rod is that they tend to tie the laces on their cleats. A lot of guys over the years have forgotten to tie their cleats so well, but these two really know the game. They also tuck in their shirts and hold the skinny end of the bat when they hit. That's what makes them so good!"

Re: Smoltz and the Cards

We'll see him in the World Series. Let's see how great he is then.

"Re: Smoltz and the Cards

We'll see him in the World Series. Let's see how great he is then."

Jeez...IF we make it to the World Series. Sorry for the Doubting Thomas routine but unless we fully exploit the chinks in the AL's armor, we're fooked.

If I could draw cartoons, I'd draw a picture of McCarver, Morgan,Miller, Buck, Phillips, and Rosenthal in a line waiting to fellate Jeter (i know, there is a theme to my posts here, but so fucking what). "Nobody goes into the hole and jumps, turns and throws to first like Jeter!" That's becuase, you stupid man, all the other shortstops aren't trying out for a role on Broadway. They get the ball, turn, plant there feet and fire a laser like a good SS is supposed to.

Joe Morgan started babbling about how Sabathia was 'pitching Pedroia away the whole at bat.' Then they showed the pitch location (including strike three a good 6 inches outside) and 3 out of 7 pitches were on the inside of the plate. How does Morgan keep his job, anyway?
6 Yankee wins against us this year, 3 of them against Penny and Smoltz. Not gonna happen in a playoff series.

Vermonter, that was classic. LOL

Re: Smoltz and the Cards

Christ, my kid sister could pitch in the NL. To see him look so good yesterday was irritating, but doen't mean he can make it in the Big League. Then again, Becks... Oh hell, it's all been said in this space already anyway. As lc says, new day, next game.

This team is nothing to me now.

I noticed that comment too Ponch...not to mention McCarver making a comment about the catcher's glove and a fielder's gloves are different sizes.....WTF!?

as ms. lc said to me last night, "what are these announcers talking about? They explain everything so basic as if nobody had ever seen a baseball game before."

Exactly. Nobody new to baseball is going to watch a sunday night game in august.

On the other hand, there's a slight possibility that we as fans, and particularly those students of solopsism and savants who surf this silly site seeking solace are a teeny weeny too into the whole thing.


"You see, the thing that makes louclinton so good at commenting is his range. Sometimes he'll rant and rave about an issue that he sees as stupid and just when you think you have him figured out he'll change his approach and say simply, 'Fuck You' or, 'I have nothing today'. Most commenter these days don't have that kind of range...he makes it look easy."

"He knows how to play the game"

"Everyday he just doesn't show up but he shows up ready to comment. And comment he does. Boy, does he ever. You know, they just don't make 'em like that anymore."

lc, despite 8 years of post- secondary education, I still had to look up "solopsism".

You are not only surly & loveable, but tres witty.

solopsism, sort of

Yesiree, he is a 5-tool player. He keeps fielding these comments with a "different shaped glove"

Ahb bdeh bdeh ably dbeah...


"> heavy...long...sigh

stupid link


Chin up, SDU. We're still the majority odds holder for the WC at this point....nearly a lock based on PECOTA.

"teeny weeny too into the whole thing" I say, bullshit to that. Mrs. Jeff and I are way too into the whole thing. I play on this comment section entirely too much. The wife spent last night yelling at the TV.. "God Damnit that worthless piece of shit just popped up again. OH! WAIT! That dumbfuck Cano just dropped it! HAHAHAHAHA!"

I at least pretend that I am trying to remain aloof to the madness. Mrs. Jeff is embracing it full on.

I love baseball.

and lc, the Archie Bunker of Soxaholix, nice work. nice work indeed.

"He leaves it all on the strip. He wears his heart on his posts."

(I just jumped the shark, I think.)

Wagner. Fuck you. I'm absolutely GLAD your arrogance is bigger than the Red Sox wanting you as a setup guy.

You were going to be another Gagne anyways. You saved Theo's face. He thanks you too; he just doesn't know it yet.

If there was a Hall of Fame for managers whose special skill is being incredibly unaware that their starter doesn't have it that day so that they give up 7 or more runs, despite having at least 6 quality arm to go to, Francona would be the top inductee.

I've been looking forward to beating the White Sox ever since Obama threw out the first pitch of the All-Star game.

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