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It can happen to anyone...

Look, I've got August burnout. Big time. Know what I mean?


But, c'mon, guy, there was a bench clearah!


Yeah, swell, and today I'll have lunch. Big friggin 5 and a half back whoop.





nevermore was kuplink, kuplank, kuplunk so appropriate than last night.

I see signs of life. As stated previously, they haven't quit. 5 game suspension for Youkkkk? Lineup problem solved.

go sox


SDU, did you have a nice, very long night at the boxing ring, I mean ballpark?

I don't think they'll give Youk a five game suspension. Three at most.

(Reverse gooch? Heh. Not saying.)

Wensink Award to Youk


Yes indeed Bob: a long excellent night. Thank heavens for the Who's On First bar cos the Mummy State stopped serving beer in the park when the rains came. But you can stay within the confines and drink double boubons - funny old world.

http://picasaweb.google.com/soxdownunder/BrawlAtFenway# "> pictures of the game and the brawl

And in the think you've seen everything dept was deer old Mike Lowell being announced as a pinch runner.

//deer old Mike Lowell//

Heh. Pinch runner. Deer. Mikey.

at least youk left the bat

i miss you jose offerman...


thanks for the link! Ahh, back when hockey was hockey

Lowell seemed to be enjoying that irony, too, sdu :-)

Oh, and in case you haven't heard, Viagra ice cream is coming out in London this September. Natalie has already offered to be a taste tester

Or rather, start my own ice cream stand in Notting Hill, only selling to the hot guys that walk by. ;)

My joke: will my sign have to say, "if brain freeze persists for more than 4 hours, contact your physician"?

My brain is freezing just thinking about it...

So I have to admit I'm a bit worried. I think people might not like Kevin Youkilis. You know, cause he was so popular to begin with! Which brings up an interesting point: why bother being a nice guy on the field? It doesn't make sense. I just can't wait for the day when the Wee Man charges the mound!

you know who doesn't like Youk? Fans of teams that don't have a Gold Glover who hit's .300 but plays every game like he's in danger of being sent down to AAA.
We gotta work on his jiu-jitsu, though. Missing that tackle was weak.

Got to side with Jose on this one. Isn't a 90 mph fastball a "weapon" too. He's just bringing his own to the fight. Yes I know it was a slider in that case but you get the point.

Great links today guys.

The Rangers and Rays lost. That makes me happy enough. Any way into October is a good one.

SDU - great digital play by play of last night. Really glad you stopped posting pix in the hallway though.

The peach fuzz ump that tossed Tito has a serious ego - check the puff of the chest and throw back of the shoulders after he gave the ole' heave ho.

Sonoma - you're right; I don't know what possessed me. I came over all 'redrum' and expected two little girls or a creepy kid on a tricycle to come 'round the corner. I may have been over-serviced by that stage.

This will sound like a "I don't have legal problems, I have police problems" argument, but do we ever get to hear what discipline the shitty umps get for their bad behaviour?

Tito can get thrown, but the 12 yr old ump can mouth off and cuss with no repercussions?

Remeber the Angel Hernandez / Lugo fracas?

How about that triple A ump fucker that was tossing everyone out of the A's game a few weeks ago?

Last night was fun to watch, but I'm wondering when MLB decided the umps needed to insert themselves into the game and become a 3rd team. Well except of course when they don't want to do their job and leave Youks to deal with the pitcher's actions.

Kevin Youkilis and Rick Porcello have been suspended five games and fined for their roll in the brawl between the Boston Red Sox and Detroit Tigers on Tuesday night. Tigers pitcher Edwin Jackson was also fined for his roll in the brawl.

so in reality Porcello misses one game and Youk still misses 5. I know that's the way they do it but it doesn't seem equitable re: everydays vs. pitchers...unless, of course, that was one of our pitchers

//roll in the brawl//

what role do you play in the hay?

You don't have to answer that - I just thought the homonym confusion was amusing in light of your deer comment to SDU

who you callin' a homonym?

Nolasox - you're ALL right!

Well, naturally that spelling was enirely intentional, NolaSox. It was a post-modern comment on, uh, something.


(Thank God I have a proofreader at work.)

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