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Fresh fruit

Red Sox win. Kennedy dies.


I guess Teddy was hanging on until Jacoby Ellsbury broke the Red Sox single season steal record.


That was his way, you know, a true man of the people.


Especially the Native American peoples.


And the immigrant peoples.


And the IRA peoples.


Now he's with his God.


Somebody ring up St. Petah and tell 'em they're going to need some more Jameson's.



A guess God needed another drunk driving murderer.

Contrary to well-founded belief among the followers of this creepy strip, although I am an O'Bama-loving aging son of the 60's (look it up), I never had any use for TK. Talk about a gravy-trainer.

But enough uplifting talk...

Where to start?

Ok, here. At dinner last evening, Ms. lc asked me who my favorite RS player is. Without hesitation, I answered VMart. Really?, she retorted [She retorts a lot] Yes, I humbly replied. And, 2 hours later, who comes off the bench, in a remarkable display of a semi--double switch (Greene for Vtek, VMart for AGon), he ties the game, and later adds insurance.

The guy texted Tito the night before asking to be allowed to play, praise Allah. How do you not like this guy?

And in layer upon layer of intrigue, the simple fact that BWags will be in the bullpen causes Pap to steamroll the ChiSox in the 9th.

I kind of like the way this is shaping up.

yur pal,


RIP Teddy- he sure wasn't a saint, but in the last 20 years he always did the Bay State proud

ok, so Jbay hit the goahead hr. I still like Vmart

So did Teddy redeem himself in the MA voters eyes? Thats the only opinion that matters to a politician. Also, you gotta admit he had tragedy in his life, enough for 3 lives. And yes screw ups enough for 3 lives too. Anyways Peace Teddy.

For every season, turn, turn, turn.

(Much like his car on that bridge.)

Still, as much as I disagreed with him on certain issues, I'll miss him.

He was like that pimple on your ass; annoying, but fun to try and pop.

Oh, and nice game last night. I'd hope Ted saw it until the end.

Ohh I forgot this is a baseball strip. Way to go els for the record. Way to go JBay for the late inning game winner ( and many more please) and way to go vmart (are people falling in love with guy in Boston yet?) for the tying run and the insurance.

This new, always optimistic louclinton attitude is a bit creepy even for this creepy strip, but it's starting to grow on me just the same.

No matter how you look at it this country has definitely turned a page.

A-Gon, V-Mart...I think Apoo from the Simpson's should open a store at Fenway soon.

So all those years of public service isn't enough payback for you? You would have preferred him hung I guess. Give it a rest. Come up with a new argument. You sound like my upper middle class right wing ex college classmates.

How bout those Rockies!

"I was not the lion, but it fell to me to give the Lion's roar." W.C.

J 8:7

I just learned that Tiny Tim died in 1996. RIP, sir

Jeez, Scott, I thought I was an asshole. You've taken it up a notch.

And BTW, if you were referring to my comment, I'm the son of a union carpenter who never made more than $30,000 a year.

(I'm in a bad mood today; too many meetings, too much work, not enough time. Sorry.)

you deserve a raise, Bob. You should get more than 30k a year, with your V/O skills alone

sorry, it's just one of those days.

My DAD never made more than 30K. I make that in a week.

(Heh. Bridge in Brooklyn anyone?)

God bless him and kudos to a man who passionately spends his life trying to make things better for those with less. But I agree with Bob about all of his years and years leading the tax and spend ways...

I think it would be fitting if the afterlife actually began with Charon ferrying old Ted across the Styx (or a tidal pond). Ted would probably think 'someone has a sense of humor around this place'.

Oh yea, great win last night. Any Tito haters out there want to complain about his moves?

Music for the memorial service: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHnZS8mAKGM

Kennedy was like all of us in that he had both successes and failures in life.

However, his successes benefited us all.

I just read that Ortiz has the most game winning rbi for the Sox, with Bay 2nd. Color me surprised. If you're Charisma Carpenter, grab some finger paints and just color me.

I make 300 a week, am I still allowed to read the strip?

No, Jay, you're off.

No room for overachievers here.

@ Bob Thanks for the compliment. And I was not referring to your comment.

Tito does deserve some credit. Maybe he has woken up for the home stretch.

Beckett still has to get his act together if this team has any chance.

Beckett will be fine. After all, it's just "mechaical." (Just what you want to hear at 30,000 feet in a Boeing 737, right?).

Tacky. RIP to the Lion of the Senate. You can bang your political drums tomorrow. Have some respect.

People are people when it comes to curiosity.

Today's Google trends.

Ironic that truth isn't a big fan.

there's a new kfc sandwich??!! Hot damn!!! what a great day!

Great win last night. VMart may just catch Ortiz and Bay w/ game winners.

RIP Ted...now we have another part of RSN in that place w/ a lot of virgins or floating clouds and harps or whatever

Respect? Where was the respect for Mary Jo Kopechne? There's a good lesson for all the kids out there!

Now HER family can finally rest in peace.

Let's focus on the big news of the day: the return of our all-star knuckler.

So what's the over/under on passed balls and wild pitches tonight?

Steve, I'd put over-under at 2.5.

I'll take the over but an RBI for every passed ball

I'm with you there, Jim. I'm properly itchy for a Wake start.

A Wake tonight?

Heh. Gallows humor for the Tedster.

BTW, shouldn't the Herald's headline have been "The lion sleeps tonight" instead of the lame-ass "The lion is gone"?

Two words Bob: Copyright infringement.

A Wake, nice.

Too many conflicting feelings re:TK to offer my two cents' worth, so I'm taking a pass(ed ball) here.

Odd that no one has offered a reaction to the 10-9 thrillah in the Toilet last night. Hard to decide how to feel - a Yankee "L" always warms my cockles, but I think I'm leaning toward wishing Texas had fallen. Have I given up on the Division Title too soon?

The Chap's acquitted.

My students gave me a blank look when I suggested that Ted's grave marker might read 'We'll cross that bridge when we come to it, Mary Jo'. I suspect that all those Google hits are generated by sheer lack of knowledge on the topic rather than morbid curiousity. Most people under 40 probably have not hear of Chappaquiddick.

The 'Freddo' of the family is finally gone. Thank God. Satan's bar better be WELL stocked.

NOW Mary Jo can RIP.

P.S. I guess I'll say one thing about TK: He was supposedly a VERY good swimmer...

I'll give the devil his due: Ted was the most able legislator in the Senate, and while I completely disagree with most of the legislation he got passed, I can't deny that he got things passed that no one else could. He probably did more to centralize government in America than anyone since Lincoln.

I don't know much about dead senators but I know what I like:


The feds just got smacked down today by an appeals court that says their capture of the steroids list from 2004 is illegal.

CNN story

Not one comment on the title....as long as Jello Biafra lives...

Heh. Dead Kennedys.

Evil, but nice.

Did I ever tell you I was tear-gassed at a Dead Kennedys' show at the Longshoreman's Hall in Long Beach, California?

Tear gas sucks.

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