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For realz

Two guys walking, no words exchanged:


Two guys walking, no words exchanged:


Two guys walking, no words exchanged:


Two guys walking, no words exchanged:


Two guys walking, no words exchanged:


Two guys walking, no words exchanged:


Two guys walking, no words exchanged:


Two guys walking, no words exchanged:


Two guys walking, short guy speaks:
Ah, fuck.


Two guys walking, tall guy speaks:



Captures the moment perfectly.

Wow, this weekend sucked. 6.5 games? Sweep? The silver lining- at least I didn't watch a single game. So, is it football season yet?

go sox.


I had to put up with my husband's hooting and hollering all weekend. It's a wonder I didn't make him sleep in the shed.

And Natalie, there was football on last night - the Hall of Fame Game. Not exactly a barn-burner, but football nonetheless.

This should be a fun place today... Seriously, though. How about Beckett and Lester?

when's truck day?

Pitching was damn fantastic. Based on that alone, there should have been a split.
It's times like these where I wish I had a bottle of scotch in my desk.

That fucker BigBri showed up again...and you have to love his steroid quip as if his Yankees, oh precious Yankees, were squeaky clean.

I had a bunch of family over for dinner on Saturday. They are all from NY. Enough said.

I couldn't watch last night. I'm on Red Sox burn out at the moment.

The point is, I don't think the team has quit, yet. That's when they lose me. I think it is embarassing to have to run out AA pitchers and Smoltz who are designated for assignment after they do terribly in the bigs. As bad as this team has been playing, and the questionable choices that have been made on the bench and the front office, this is a good team, at least when it's going right. Mind you, i don't have any expectations, and think that some good things have to happen for there to be October baseball, but I'm not giving up. I'm just scarring over a bit too much for my own well-being.


The SoSH post linked from "Yep" in the strip pretty much sums up my feelings:

"The underlying [Front Office] theme is to continue to build and get younger from within while blending the young players with veterans to provide a continuously competitive team. Some years they might win 90, some years 95, but they'll always be competitive. At times the veteran players will be a bit too old, or the young players a bit too young."

The mix isn't always going to lead to championships and you're going to have some seasons like 2006 and possibly this one we are in now where things fall apart.

But, unlike past years (cf. 1987-1998) there's always the sense that good things are still happening beneath the surface and year in and year the Sox are going to be in the mix.

So getting swept by the Yankees and Rays and falling 6.5 back totally suck, but it's not all that big of a deal in the meta sense.

Women and children first. The only salvation left in this season is the hope that the MFYs somehow manage to lose in the playoffs.

I'll leave my rose colored glasses in the dumpster, but there are 52 games left in the season, that's 32 percent.

Ok, I'll go hug a puppy, now

If I'm right, and I hope I am, my theory is that this will light a fire under Boston's ass. We beat up NY for eight games before this debacle and by God we can win again. I wouldn't worry too much about them in the playoffs...we just have to get our act together and/or hope that the Yanks play the Angels. LA is like kryptonite to the Yanks.

Our offense blows.

4 games. MFY pitching: 1.17 WHIP, 1.71 ERA.

Phil Coke got 2 wins. For realz.

That should be firing squad time.

Lou...I still want to know what you meant.

colin, it wasn't directed at you, but rather was a play on words trying to get at BB. I apologize if you took it otherwise. It wasn't my intention. looks like hb cleaned up the mess, anyways.

Oh ok...thanks. Sorry about the confusion.

It's kind of strange to dump Smoltz after he got beat up by the Yankees. Yes, he had a track record of getting beat up this season, but then why not get rid of him before facing the best team in baseball?

I'm just relieved that h.b.'s inspired reverse gooch attempts from Friday and Saturday were ineffectual.


Yes they were unsuccessful, but then again this could spark a rally the likes of which MLB has not seen. I could be VERY and perhaps TOO optimistic with that approach though.


http://picasaweb.google.com/soxdownunder/MoMAWasGoodBut# "> MoMA was good but

SDU - how about a few (non-partisan) words about the new stadium. Foods, line of sight, any keg girls?

The Washington Nationals have won 8 straight. There's got to be hope somewhere!

I confess I liked the new stadiujm. The real expensive seats, which I had on the first night were just about worth the money, the service and facilities (right down to the tv's imbedded in the mirrors in the toilets) were extraordinary. The bleachers were scary but exciting and the atmosphere electric in the bottom of the eighth. There were no big queues for beers and wees. So all in all I have to say, I liked it. And yes, Bob, I spat on it for you.

That's how bad it's gotten. Even Hall & Oates are pissed.

Holy crap! RED!! Fancy meeting you here!

Wow, somehow my day just turned around. I was not expecting that in the comments at all. :)

'04 ALCS.

That's all I'm sayin'

I'm scarred...more for LC than the RS right now. The wkend was miserable but now LC seems calm, cool, far more lovable than surly...WTF! Are you ok, Lou? Do we need an intervention?

I was half expecting Oates to drop the package and stomp on it.

32% of the season left - things will work out, the bats will wake up, money will grow on trees,

Is it okay to blow sunshine up your no no holes yet? This shit happens every three years, it seems - '03, '06, and now '09. Be interesting to see if this team rebounds or folds. If the top 3 pitchers throw like they did this weekend things are going to be fine. The bats will come back.
Even here in the Jerz the euphoria is somewhat restrained, with a lot of games left. Are the MFY fans happy? yes. Do they think it's over? Onl the morons who call talk radio, it seems.
Relax. Not over yet. Make yourself some scrambled eggs with siracha with chewy bacon on the side for dinner. It's early august, not late September. the MFY are a 200+ million team that's pretty much 100% healthy and are playing like it. Will it last? We'll see.
And yes, I'm always this delusionally optimistic.

This was the one day I was thankful for an all-morning meeting.

Ug. Nothing fun to yak about this Monday.

That whole series turned Pete's into an abattoir. The only fun was looking for SDU in the stands.

Oh, and the pitching was adequate I guess. Losing-adequate, but adaquete.

1. I HATE the f*cking Yankees and their fans. I know I'm not breaking any new ground here, just sayin'.

2. Does Joe Morgan have to be such a know-it-all. Every f*cking breath is a comment supporting, as proof, the last thing he said.

3. I question the heart on this team. Where is the fight? After the back-to-backs, the next batter needs to get hit in the back. I don't care...that is what a team with heart does. You smack us and we smack you back. Bard looked like he was gonna f*cking cry. They aren't hungry and they didn't have any fight.

Remember what turned things around in '04? Huh...do ya'? That's right, Tek vs A-Broad. They need to remember that and get moving or just take their bally and go home.

In case you were not watching the game last night - 'The Lost Son of Havana' is on ESPN tonight at 10. Should be more entertaining than the team.

Go Brad Penny. He "went with" Alyssa Milano and Eliza Dushku, so he's got some game, right? let's see some.

As for the guy who said to me that the Sox have a lineup that couldn't score in whorehouse with a fistful of hundred dollar bills, well, that's just hurtful.

I'm going to the game tonight. I'll be on the RF Roof Deck (standing room).

I'm not sure how I'm supposed to feel about that these days.

Roof Deck or Roof Box, Kaz?

If it's the Right Field Roof Deck, standing room is just fine. Especially with that view and big bar to lean against.

Yes, Kaz, that RB Roof Deck is awesome. Bob and I enjoyed it hugely two years ago. One of the better Fenway experiences.... Have fun!

I dunno, I don't have much faith in Theo anymore, this looks like a Duquette built team. Nancy Drew in right the Wonder Midgett at second a lead off guy who can't get on base in centerfield to set the table, Creaky McHip at third and the revolving door at short. Too many holes, one too many old guys in the rotation. Where are the positional prospects? Why can't they develop anybody at all who can hit? It feels like 1988-2000 all over again. Stick a fork in these years Sox. Next year is their year.

Hey Kaz, just in. I'm going tonight too. If you are still around knock three times and I'll meet you somewhere for a beer. I'm in section 16/box 119- no idea what that means but I'll be there.

Aw, crap, sdu! I'm so sorry I didn't see this sooner!

Hell of a game, albeit a little slow.

Thanks for the advice, guys. I have been up on the RF Roof Deck before, I like it too. What I wasn't sure about is whether I should be excited to go see this team play any more. They definitely came to play tonight though. Would have been nice to see a little more 1-2-3 out of anyone not named Papelbon though (and what a refreshing change to see 1-2-3 out of Papelbon).

5.5 back. Don't call it a comeback. We've been here for years.

Nice work tonight.
Was sure as HELL nice to see a save for Paps. Been a while since he was in a position to get one, and even longer since he actually GOT one.
And all that stuff with Red Sox batters getting on base, and then moving around the bases and ending up back at home plate where they started?
What was that? I've seen that before, sometime, but I can't recall what it's called. I know we used to do it a lot. I think it starts with an 'o'.
Not sure, tho. olfance? ofolance? Something like that. I don't remember.

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