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Vacation Placeholder (03)

Your omniscient author in absentia:
Placeholder for Soxaholix readers to have something good to yak about while I'm on vacation.*


*[I'll be taking a break from the daily strips to enjoy some vacation time until next Weds., July 1st or thereabouts - H.B] …


Tight games over the past few days, huh?

That Braves kid pitcher frightens and intimidates me. He's f-ing good.

And he had the flu, pitching in 100 degree temps.

Soccer team chokes big time.

All of the goals were scored at the same end of the stadium. I blame the engineers who designed and construction crews that built the stadium for making an uneven pitch.

No kidding, yazbread.

It was a little weird watching in the North End yesterday. Everytime Brazil scored, there was a huge roar and commotion.

I asked lifelong North Ender friend what was up with that, and he said, "ahh, we're just un-American."


Anyway, Billy Mays here for embalming fluid.

We took this mummified Egyptian pharoah, and pumped 8 pints of new "Preservation Movement" into his (or her) corpse.

Look at the remarkable results! He (or she) looks like she's ready to jump on a chariot and really take it to that Moses guy!

New Preservation Movement preserves, protects and defends your right to have skin and some soft tissue well into the future.

Order now and receive and free satin pillow!

Yes, Yaz, but we shouldn't have even been in that game, so I'm going to only remember the first half and always know that we pants'd Brazil in the Confed Cup.

ok. i'm sure this subject has received attention before, but since the plant is still stunted and not budding i need to provide some grower's advice again.

The plant needs a bigger pot - root ball is being choked and plant will never bud properly in that junior size growing environment. high pressure bulbs with intense light also required (mercury often works and easy to find) - preferably 18+ hrs a day until you want to force the light cycle change to induce the buds. The long light cycle will of course cause co-workers to wonder WTF is hb doing? - just put up a reflective blanket around the plant to keep light inside. of course you'll need an ionizing air purifier for the inevitable smell - a few hundered will buy a quiet one. noone will notice the power consumption spike as long as this is still inside a large enough office building. and don't worry - No One Will Notice Any Of This once you promise them a little produce from the garden.

Oh... Timmuh! Maddon better give him a spot or old Joe is going to not like his next trip to beantown so much.

Pump some of that fluid into Joe Jackson - but demand cash upfront, don't extend any credit.

I am thankful that IL play is finally over. Boston 11-7 in IL play. Tampa 13-5. If/when the Rays win the division by 1 game you can thank Bud and his schedule makers. And the AAA Florida Marline.

Glad to see that sleazy weasel Roccoco... I mean Madoff, got 150 years.

Jeff - are you talking about bamboo shoots, Bucholz, or the chronic? Good advice, no matter the topic...

Friggin'-A right about Timmah the Terrible, too!

Bob, "football" fans = kind of weird in general. Two Irish guys (and Man Utd fans) recently explained to me that because Manchester United fans tend to shit on England's national team, (??) Man Utd have quite a few fans from Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Poor Billy Mays, not even the Mighty Putty could put him back together again.

Good thing he had a "hard head"

Matt, you like The Soup?

I haven't watched an episode of that in about 8 years. Am I stealing content?

No they had a spoof of the fake golf club you can pee in.

It was for a astro-turf putting green you rolled out on the course and shite into. I think it was also called the Mighty Putty.

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