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Vacation Placeholder (02)

Your omniscient author in absentia:
Placeholder for Soxaholix readers to have something good to yak about while I'm on vacation.*


*[I'll be taking a break from the daily strips to enjoy some vacation time until next Weds., July 1st or thereabouts - H.B] …


Bad start, great end.

John Smoltz, the polar opposite of Michael Jackson.

Shame Smoltzy had the jitters early on, but he looked strong the rest of the game. Zimmermann looked too good out there, too good for the Nationals at least.

I said yesterday to my wife that MJ dying prevents him further tarnishing his legacy.

I just hope that Smoltz's resume isn't tarnished by his continuing to be among the living.

(Actually, I'm still pretty pumped for his next start.)

Hey, did you guys know Michael Jackson died yesterday?

Bubbles is on suicide watch.

I thought Bubbles got put down after he was caught masturbating in front of a bus of school boys (true story).

Smoltz looked good after 1st. Not great, but good - i'm optimistic. Optimistic that his little remake of the Ramon Martinez show was a one night only performance.

MJ - sheesh. The King of Pop died years ago. Yesterday a debt ridden, wasting away, child molester passed on. And who the hell lent him $400 million to be so far in debt? "Mr. Jackson, Mr. Jackson, my daddy has a lot of money. I'll get you some if you'll just take me to bed in the 'completely natural' way you did the other boys"

I thought the most impressive part of the game last night was Smoltz's professionalism. Things were not going smooth but he kept his cool, did not look to the dugout, did not have a look on his face that said how dare you hit me (a la Beckett when things go wrong), and knew he was out there for 80 pitches or so.

heres more about Bubbles--The New York Daily News reports Michael Jackson’s former brother-in-law James DeBarge alleges that back when he was living with the Jackson family, he caught the King of Pop up to some inappropriate monkey business with his chimp, Bubbles. “He was changing Bubbles’ diapers and just got carried away,” DeBarge said in a 1993 interview, which the Daily News obtained. DeBarge added that during the alleged incident, Bubbles, who was “just a baby,” “had a smile on his face.”

tippy tom died

rip tippy tom

I guess NAMBLA is now searching for a new Executive Director.

(too soon?)

I was at the game last night and unfortunately that first inning sucked the life out of not only the fans, but the team. I thought for sure Smoltz would have rec'd a standing O when he took the mound, but nothing. Bard could find himself back in Pawtucket if he can't find his control and Clay could be brought up??

Too soon? Too late in my book.

Too soon? absolutely not too soon.

re: Bard... agreed. If they don't watch out, they are going to Hanson the dude and ruin him. He has great promise, but little control at this point. He's jsut not really ready for MLB pitching yet. Give the kid more reps in the minors for awwhile.

Shit. It's not A-Rod, after all. I thought that they said the King of Pop-ups had died.

Counting the minutes until I can head to the TED. Go Sox.

I gotta admit Im a little bummed hb takes a vacation during the only stretch of games I get to go to.

Who does he think he is?

Who does he think he is?

A hot waitress at a local Boston sports bar, from what I hear...


Almost that time again, folks. In fact, there's already a Stella on my desk. Unopened, but not for long.

Have a great weekend all.

Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Here's hoping Bob Watson goes w/ Fehr...Magadan suspended for one game for "inappropriate actions" -- guess the only surprise is we're not playing BW's favorite team.

Tossing up b/w three hotels for my first two nights in Boston. Staggering distances from Petes Pub essential requirement. Options seem to be Boston Harbor at Rowes Wharf; Fairmont Battery Wharf and Marriot Long Wharf. Any comments or inside information???

soxdownunder ... I like the Marriot.

Last night's game...the angry red neck was dominant again. That deuce (when on) is unhittable when you are sitting on his heat. The rotation is so much better when Beckett is on.

Papi is back...all the doubters are quiet now. Someone has got to mention it. He is definitely seeing the ball now. His balance is right on and he is transitioning through the ball perfectly.

MJ: the only skeleton you'll ever see with a nose still in place.



Beat me to it Devine!

If Maddon doesn't pick Wakefield for the All-Star Game, then he shall die the death of a thousand deaths next time he enters Fenway.

RIP Billy Mays-Long live ypur laundry(and your weed aug)

Has anyone seen Vince??

HR - now they're saying he got hit on the head durng a hard landing at Tampa last night when stuff fell out of the overheads. Looks like the Natasha Richardson case.

Billy Mays is not my lover
He's just a guy who said that I should buy one.

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