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Vacation (Have to get away)

Your omniscient author in absentia:
OK. I had every intention of creating a strip today, but, as it goes, I'm on vacation and I overslept.

Speaking of vacation, I plan to publish tomorrow but Thurs - Mon will be hit or miss (mostly miss) as I'll be nestled in a cottage at the beach.

However, I can provide simple placeholder spots each day I'm away for you Soxaholix to do your usual thing. Let me know if this is something you'd like.

And for those of you thoroughly disgusted by my being on vacation and the lack of publishing, please email me a refund will be issued ASAP (and by "refund" I mean, of course, a rented sunset, bitches).

Go Red Sox!



Oh, snap! Vacation can't stop the acerbic wit.

exactly. don't get the sand in yur ass crack, hb.

new sunsets available soon, bitches.

Long time first time, isn't the speedo ass floss to remove any errant grains of sand?

Look now, if I wanted to live in Seattle, I would tell the Sox to trade away all of their talent, employ half the city with Microsoft, employ the other half at Starbucks, and sit around all day talking about how cool I am for not living in California. Stop with the fucking misty, wishy-washy, London Fog, zero sun, partly shitty with a chance of rain bullshit!

May the vacation be all you ever wanted.

Enjoy the beach h.b. I am jealous. That's the only downside to living in Colorado. No ocean.

Question of the day. Why the fuck do the Sox play the fucking Braves 6-times this season? How bout another NL team? Bud Selig has got to go.

R.I.P. Ed McMahon. Heeeeere's the afterlife!

You know, H.B., Abby's parents have a beach house in Chatham. (I know, I know, marry the doctor's daughter, blah, blah blah).

She tells me she'll give you a friend's discount for the week; just $3000.

Anyway, have a great time. And don't worry about posting if you don't feel like it. (Or if the sand ticks burrow under your skin and create a horrible rash that requires many, many drinks.)

kill yr idols,

Given his name, I'm assuming Ed was some version of Christian.

"Heeeere's Jesus!"

(Cue angelic orchestra led by Doc.)

Of course, if he was Jewish:

"Heeeere's Yhwh!"

(Cue Sammy Davis Jr. and his klezmer band.)

Now, who else can I offend?

What london fog? 80 and sunny, biatches. UK spring/summer so far is kicking your asses. (Sorry need to gloat now because it WILL turn on me). Enjoy the vacay, hb. Hope the non rented sunsets involved lots of fun cocktails and much relaxation...

/I can provide simple placeholder spots each day I'm away for you Soxaholix/ - The "aholix" part of the site name correctly portray's our addiction, so please provide the place holder, hb. But make it as simple and easy on yourself as you can - and enjoy your vacation.

On another note, for those coming down for the Sox - Nats games, if you are planing to use MARC or DC Metro, check Maryland and DC transit authority sites well beforehand. There was terrible crash yesterday and it is having profound affects on both MARC and Metro.

Dear Natalie,

I keep on hearing the police have caught me but they wont fix me just yet. I have laughed when they look so clever and talk about being on the right track. That joke about Leather Apron gave me real fits.

@ Scott: I believe that the Sox play the Braves so often because of the "natural rivals" portion of interleague play. So, while the Mets play the Yankees and the Dodgers play the Angels, etc the Red Sox play a former cross town rival that moved to Milwaukee in 1953 before settling in Atlanta. Can you feel the heat?


Yes it's the "rivalry" from flippin 1950. That makes the point about how out of touch Selig and MLB are with today's fans.

Bob, perhaps these will help you offend further...

Of course, if he was Muslim:

"Heeeere's Your Brand New 72 Virgins!"

or if he was Buddhist:

"Heeeere's Nothing!"

or if he was Hindi:

"Heeeere's (fill in your preferred deity here)!!"

How in hell does someone "oversleep" when they're on vacation? I didn't think that was even possible. Isn't that kind of an oxymoron, like military intelligence, jumbo shrimp, MVP Julio Lugo, that sort of thing?

And if I had wanted "wet brain" I would have become an alcoholic...

Agreed, Scott. Agreed. I can see the appeal in NY, LA, or the Bay Area (though Giants v A's this year is a bit of a yawn, even for local fans) but some of the natural rivals they've come up with are a real stretch. I'd rather see the Sox play the Cubs.

what beach?

I guess that mortgage payment really was killing him.

Sunsets, Beaches

Bob, what in the living hell are you talking about????

I think Bob went nuts. I thought it was an inside joke between you two but now I know he's just jumped off the deep end. (Of course it could be some film reference I am not cool enough to know about.:))

I think bob's slipped into his Ripper persona. That's MY theory,Darwin. lol

Clearly a Jack reference. Your humor has yet to outpace me Bob.

Exactly, Rob...overslept ON vacation - impossible, absolutely impossible.

Enjoy the break HB, although I'm feeling like this could all sucks to your asthma! or that SNL skit w/ the TV anchors when the teleprompter breaks...

OK Louclinton...that is pretty darn funny. I love the Lugo nuclear sunset!

There is a Nationals blog trash talking RSN.

I'd say something snarky but I'm still in shock over the discovery of a Nationals fan that cares enough to blog.

This time with a damn link.

yazbread is right. Just a simple Jack the Ripper reference. From his famous "Dear Boss" letter.

London, Whitechapel and all.

And yes, I've been over the deep end for some time.

lc- do I get some kinda kickback for the Lugo sunset nuclear cloud idea? If so, I can forward my Barclays info. :)

Nat: Please send info to Hon. Salem Mbufe, Assistant Plenepotentiary Chancellour of The Exchequer, Bank of Nairobi.


[ps thanks for the idea]

lc- wait, I think that's the same guy who wanted to rent out a below-market flat to me in Mayfair last August. All I had to do was just send the check in advance and this fantastic doctor would rent me a 3 bedroom next door to Madonna for 500 pounds a month. I am not sure what happened to that money I wired; I am sure he just got too busy with saving lives to respond after I sent it... but that won't stop me now! [seriously, what I describe is another Nigerian scam... advertising fake London flats on the Craigslist equivalent] (PS-You're welcome for the idea... I am honored it made the cut on your truly hilarious site)

The Sox are playing the Nationals. Perfect time to take a break because nothing is going to happen.


That play by Nick Green was A-Gon-worthy.

Last night's game was a blast. The Washington Post does a pretty good job of describing the atmosphere. My section (139, no view of the jumbotron, thank goodness) was about 95% Red Sox fans.

Not much a showing by the Nats last night.

During my visit to Nationals stadium earlier this year, I didn't notice the glue factory out past the Right Field pavilion. But, it must be there, since the Nationals' bullpen is headed there next...Wells, Villone, Tavarez, Mike MacDougal!?. Yikes.


Even the Nats broadcasters seemed to be having a good time working a game full of fans that care. They kept giving Yankees score updates as though they were working for NESN. I guess they know who was watching on TV too.

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