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Vacation Placeholder (04)

Your omniscient author in absentia:
Placeholder for Soxaholix readers to have something good to yak about while I'm on vacation.*


*[I'll be taking a break from the daily strips to enjoy some vacation time until next Weds., July 1st or thereabouts - H.B] …


the little plant, all growed up.

That asparagus stalk looks kind of woody.

It grew into a 2 drawer filing cabinet?? You guys are getting a little too abstract for me.

Great game (Michael Jackson) by Lester last (Michael Jackson) night. The Sox continue to (Michael Jackson) impress me this year and I (Michael Jackson) have to confess I was skeptical about (Michael Jackson) our offense and whether it could keep (Michael Jackson) up.

Sorry for the endless (Michael Jackson)s- the media has demonstrated that I am allowed to think of very little else these days. Fuck, it's annoying.

Booked my flight to Boston today- will be at Pete's on Sunday August 2nd with bells on (okay, not literally, but perhaps my Tek jersey! ;)

wait, did something happen to Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson, the beer hunter, died in 2007. Now that was a true loss.

Ab-so-fuckin'-lutely Yaz. True loss doesn't even begin to touch it. :(

I have an autographed copy of his classic, "Great Beer Guide."

Funny, the page he autographed has beer glass stains on it.

How about Nancy last night, huh? He deserved a few fine beers after that performance.

I have him to thank for my love of Belgians :)

Michael, not Drew

Suddenly, I'm in the mood for steak. Anyone know where this is going to be located?

Kaz - if you have a steak, be sure to have a good single malt after it, and thank Michael for sharing his knowledge of that fine beverage too. (See: "Complete Guide to Single Malt Scotch")

I'm doing Sirloin tips on the grille tonight :))

I'll raise one(or more) to him.

Leaving in the am for a wonderful 12 day trip out west to visit Mesa Verde and teh Grand Canyon.

Here's hoping we continue to have lots to cheer and "yak" about upon my return. Have a happy everyone.

I'll raise one (or more) to HB when he gets back...I miss him (sniff).

You guys are great and all but it's like what we've already said - there's a big difference b/t silicone and the realz dealz.

Oh, glad to JDD hitting...but why is JE hitting so low?

Have a great time Rob - at the very least you should dry out.

Sonoma-I feel like one of the kids in the classroom when the teacher steps out for a minute(after the paper airplanes die down)

HR - Are you the one huffin glue or the one sipping vodka out of a milk box?

I think we know which one Bob was.

Once when our teacher stepped out of the class, a kid ran outside and sprawled on the ground as if he had jumped from our second floor window.

And another time, the entire class hid quietly in the very large closets we had.

Ah good times, I'm surprised Mrs. Hilliker survived our fifth grade class.

One of the letter writers to the Sydney Morning Herald opened their letter with 'I was reading the Sydney Morning Jackson this morning...' I laughed but, verily, I am ready to move on.

AS are we all Peter.

Okajima san!
What in God's name just happened?
Stupid fucken game.

My thought on tonight's game

Let's see...July 1st,check...h.b. back from vacation,check...something fun to yak about,meh-not so much

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