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Talkin' Nick Green

You know as much as love the towering over the Monstah shot and the gargantuan straight away to centah shots, there is something so cool and uniquely Fenway about the Pesky Pole sneak arounds.


Especially when the Pesky's are walkoffs in the rain.


And especially when they are by a previously labeled ne'er-do-well utility man who was discahded by the Yankees, was languishing in Triple-A, and who when first slotted into short by the injured Sox proceeded to led the league in errors.


And especially, especially, when the walkoff is only the second of the guy's career and his first came when he was with Atlanta in a game against... wait for it... The Boston Red Sox.


Baseball — What a friggin game.



Yup, it's a cool game. We are lucky to be RS fans.


A pretty great call by D.O. by the way. "The wind's pushing it...and it's GONE!"

Nice win. But if that tater was hit against us, I'd be pissed.

but it wasn't so you're not

Add a side order of free-falling Yankees and you have the perfect meal.

OK, so I didn't get to watch most of yesterday's game - I was trying to keep up with it over the internet, so I knew it was close.

When I finally got to a TV and could tune in, it was right as the pitcher was winding up for the first pitch in the bottom of the 9th...

...A more timely arrival there will never be.

Who knew Eck coined the term "walkoff"?

...with a side order of cheese,please.

The look on the pitcher's face when he saw it land in the crowd was awesome. It was the look of "dude, that SO should not be a homerun".

I love that look on opposing pitchers.

I imagine the thought stream for the pitcher goes something like this.

1. Ah, easy fly ball to right - one out.

2. Oh fuck, I'm at Fenway. Go foul, go foul, please go foul.

3. Son of a MFing bitch. I can't believe I just lost the fucking game on on damn pop foul to right. I fucking hate this place.

Strange game. When Papelbon took off his cap that was like Red Auerbach lighting up- no question someone would come up with the win after that nasty K.

Papelbon still scares the crap out of me when he comes out of the bullpen. At least I get to see "Smoltzy" is his debut Thurs night down here in DC even though the temps will be in the low 90s with high humidity. Glad the Nats had their win streak broken yesterday by the Jays before we arrive in town!

Phil Mickelson is on FIAH!

the wrap around is always nice when it works for us...I remember a Jose Offerman Pesky-granny about 10-12 yrs ago - that would have to hurt almost as much as a walk off.

Speaking of cheese - Beckett was plain ridiculous on Sat...and it was nice to see the senor crotch grabber again.

Nice baseball weekend. Yesterday I had the pleasure of some offshore fishing on a good freind's boat who just happens to be a Braves fan. Giving him shit about Beckett's CGSO while hauling in Kingfish was so fine.

But then getting home after the game was over just to have my lovely wife pull me inside and say I have something to show you... and she turns on the TV and hits play on the DVR... all cued up is Nick Green's shot. Nice.

wow. don't know where my head was at. It is now back in the gutter where it normally resides...

"all cued up is Nick Green's MONEY shot"

I don't know if this is a good or bad thing but,Jerry Trupiano has been putting up a series of podcasts . Let's give Jerry some love.

COD - substitute 'The New Yankee Stadium; for 'Fenway' and it still works!

"...and multiple umps ring up A-Rod."

I'm going to have to watch more Blue Jays baseball so I can see these umps in action. These dudes have a great idea. Don't know how they are going to score home plate tix at Fenway though, well not for reasonable coin.

1. Acquire umpire uniforms and home plate tix.

2. Mimic ump during the game.

3. Profit!!!!

In retrospect, it seems so obvious.

It was 2002 when mrs sdu made our first visit baseball pilgrimage. Having been to the Stupid Dome in Minnesota we headed to Boston and NY. We saw 8 games, of which the Sox managed to lose 6, 2/3 against the Angels and 4/6 against the Yankss. But the one that we won was a walk off, 10th inning, just got around Pesky's Pole by a (now) traitor called Johnny Damon. I can say - as Stephen Jay Goold said of Bobby Thompson's home run agains Brooklyn - that it 'was the greatest moment of pure joy in my life.'

But it was close.

mrs sdu reminds me that we actually lost 4/5 against the Yankees - shut out twice at Fenway (!). The one we won in Yankee Stadium we didn't see the end of due to a several hour rain delay! Yeah its a cool game all right; designed to break your hear.

Anybody think that the Yankees planted the idea into Theo's head that Dice was some stud ace? I see Dice as the revenge of Hideki I-hear-a-boo. $102 million for barely a 4th?

SDU - Anything pre-2004 does seem an awfully long way off, doesn't it?

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