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She blinded him with nuance

So how about that. As and added bonus Obama says that Supreme Court Nominee Sotomajor "Saved Baseball." What's not to luck about this Nominee?


Well, that's great and but on the downside she did grow up in the shadow of The Toilet and is an "avid" Yankees fan.


I hate to interrupt your liberal Sotomayormania spoogefest, but it's clear you both continue to believe whatevah fairy tale The Anointed One is dishing to the Propaganda Corps.


Because the truth is a March 28, 1995, story in USA Today, titled "U.S. District judge not a baseball fan," states that Sotomayor "grew up a few miles from Yankee Stadium but says she knows little about the sport."


C'mon now, Doug, don't let your anti-Obamaism blind you to the nuance that being a fan of the Yankees and knowing nothing about baseball are not mutually exclusive conditions.


Well, speaking of know-nothings, I expect the trolls will be out on the Red Sox blogs today with the Yankees a game up in first place and breaking the Red Sox record for consecutive error free games.


I mean if they're not to busy waxing their back hair and all.


Anyone else hoping Theo's pretty busy these days too?



Cue BB

Come on. The fact that we are one game out even though we're playing on only 8 of 9 cylinders (only 6 or 7 at times too) should point out that this team is not in a "trade the farm for a condo...QUICK!" mode. That's Yankees talk and we're better than that.

I think we are at the point where a team player would go to the manager and say "take me out, I'm not helping the team." Invent a muscle strain, put Ortiz on the DL and send him to Pawtucket for a rehab assignment to get his swing straightened out.


So you're not worried at all? Seems to me 2006 taught us just how "riding on fumes" can and will eventually catch up to you.

There are a couple pieces missing on this team right now, as is expected, i.e., you use the first 1/4 of season to see what's missing and you use the second quarter to address those needs.

Even though things are going well, all things considered, there is simply no way I think Theo is content with the status quo.

Great Thomas Dolby reference, hb. Being married to a former clinical researcher, I used to drop those lyrics on her all the time at social occasions when she and her colleagues started talking shop. Hillarity always ensued...

(Well, I thought it was funny, anyway. Guess I'm just easily amused.)

As to the Sox today? Been listening to too much sports-talk radio. I'm spent. I got nothing.

As a sufferer of copious back hair, I, sir, am offended. I ask that you censor panel #7 as it makes me feel that I am being compared to a Stankees fan.

I'm a pretty hairy bastard myself.

Now we know what h.b. really stands for.

COD - couldn't agree with you more. Give him a shot to fix it in the minors and hope for the best.
as for trading, having a stockpile of major-league ready starting pitching puts Theo in good shape, and hopefully any deal he makes will be a favorable one.

Nice one NolaSox! I had to stifle a too loud spontaneous chuckle "heard 'round the office" on that one.

We'll regret the day we end up trading Buchholz, Masterson, Bard, Bowden, etc. Protect the youth. We won't have Smoltz, Penney, and perhaps Wakefield next year so we will need the arms. (I would like to add Dice-K to the list too but I am afraid he is going to be around a few more years).

i suspect a lot of NYers who weren't interested in baseball became 'avid' yankee fans in the era just after 3/28/95. but i'm a white male - what do i know...

I thought Nuancé was Beyoncé's mother

These guys are prideful professionals. Team player or no, as Mike Green of the Capitals once said, "If I'm not dead, I'm playing." A player, especially one who has been in the league as long as Ortiz, will never, ever, ever volunteer to be "hurt" and go to the minors. It doesn't make him a bad person or a bad teammate. It just isn't in these guys baseball DNA, as it were. The same gene that had Pedro declare he was just dandy back on that fateful night in 2003.

h.b., I'm really not so worried. I don't think we're riding on fumes as much as we're misfiring a few cylinders. We need a tune-up, no doubt. No team is ever perfect and we've got some serious holes to address in our lineup and some starting pitchers that need to figure out what the hell they're doing in the later innings. But we're STILL winning. It's actually been impressive to me that we win games BECAUSE of how off we seem on offense and pitching AND defense at times...but we are winning games. We've got guys like Youk flirting with 0.400 and Bay and Varitek stepping up the power output. Our reclamations in the bullpen match well with our young talent and Papelbon remains a solid anchor to any game, in general.

So, no, I'm not worried but it's pretty obvious where our problems lie (SS, DH, and bench, I'm looking at you). But I think we can give up a Penny instead of a Buchholz. Then again, I'm not a GM, I just play one on the web (and I'm leading in nearly every category this year).

I got a text last night from a Yankee fan I have not heard from all season. It simply said "Who's in first?".

Nothing all year, now this crap!

Yankees in first place is one thing, but to have the Yankees break the Red Sox consecutive errorless game streak is another. As much as I am a Yankee-hater, I'll tip my cap to them for 18+ errorless game streak. We will not come close to that as long as we have the defensive hole at shortstop.

so now we know who's hairy, that LC has a Beyonce crush and that we have obvious holes to fill

So - who do we give up? If no young guns (which I agree w/ unless it's a great deal), then who...
There's a couple sluggers in Portland

In today's screed on ESPN.com, the Prince of Jackassery Bill Simmons joins WFAN's Mike Fatcesa (yesterday) in proclaiming that David Ortiz is done.

Don't you people see? I am so high on Ortiz that if I could I would both be long the shares and buying calls like crazy.

yeah, J.O we've heard it...nice double reverse gooch

sonoma, is it possible for you (or any Red Sox fan) to question your own assumptions?

Countless fortunes have been made when brave souls say: "Fuck conventional wisdom"

Henry Ford, Orson Welles, louclinton, et al.

// Countless fortunes have been made when brave souls say: "Fuck conventional wisdom //

Oh, I get it. You mean like thinking "no team has ever come back being down 0-3 in MLB playoffs?" Then, yes, fuck that conventional wisdom.

Let get fuckin Mike Green to hit in the 6 hole, and play shortstop then. Dumb hockey players.

Jason O - I seldom retort to your posts b/c they usually give me a good laugh.. good natured ribbing kind of stuff.

But WTF? "is it possible for... any Red Sox fan to question your own assumptions?" Would that be like a Yankee fan committing the 8th deadly sin of questioning their assumption that the Yankees are the greatest phenomenon in the universe and that any right thinking person loves them because so many other people love them? BTW, I could substitute Brit Brit for Yankees in this diatribe and the analysis of the fan is the same.

Any sox fan truly following the team knows damn well Ortiz is a fuckin' mess. But any real sox fan just ain't ready to throw a family hero under the bus becuase a yankee fan says we should. Now if Theo, who art in heaven hallowed by thy name, says Papi's gone - well then he's out in the wilderness with the rest of the can't keep ups.

In re: papi

see e.g. Pedro, Nomah, JohnNY, Millah, Muellah, Bellhorn, Renteria.

Done is done.

If you want sentiment, rent a goddamn sunset.


surly, oh so surly. any idea what a sunset costs to rent?

when Papi pulls bullshit moves like Nomah and his attitude, JohnNY and his fucktardery, or Manny and his big gaping asshole bullshit, my sentimentality for Papi will be done. finito. kaput. but sure as hell not becuase yankee fans and media hacks tell me I should.

see e.g. Pedro, Nomah, JohnNY, Millah, Muellah, Bellhorn, Renteria.

Fixed that for you.

I thought Jason O was saying he still believes in Papi and it's we Sox fans who have given up on him?

That is, the "conventional wisdom" is that Ortiz is done.

I think for myselves.

is there really anyone left (besides JO) that thinks Ortiz will work it out in due time?

H.B.- how did the show go on Saturday? I forgot to check the link, should we have a listen?

I was on HB's line of thinking re: J.O - but that it was stealth way of jabbing us.

Sorry, J.O can't tell from facial expression or tone voice here - so have to assume you're fuckin w/ us.

If the CW is that he's done...I'm not renting the sunset yet. He's still on my fantasy team, too...maybe if I trade/drop him...

I was on HB's line of thinking re: J.O - but that it was stealth way of jabbing us.

Sorry, J.O can't tell from facial expression or tone voice here - so have to assume you're fuckin w/ us.

If the CW is that he's done...I'm not renting the sunset yet. He's still on my fantasy team, too...maybe if I trade/drop him...

my bad. nevermind me. just tilting at windmils. wouldn't be the first time I thought someone was winking at me just to find out their contact lens just folded up on them.


Paint drying on dying grass

Oh, H.B. You flatter me, fat boy. Stalking my posts on Surviving Grady? Are you mad at me cuz I don't drop by as often anymore? Do you need more hits on this sad little site?

O.K. I'll throw you a bone - Your SAWX are going DOWN, H.B.! Get ready for the JUNE SWOOOOON as they Yankees take off. Manny was your main steroid supplier and, without him, Big Pop-Up and the rest of your sorry-ass squad is going to fall apart. Get ready for suckitude H.B. ...

If anyone wonders why I'm not so secure when Papelbon comes in so far this year, all I'm ever going to say from now on is "June 2nd".

3 squibs and then 3 k's got me on the edge of my seat. the nice thing about papi is 1/4 raises his average

I'm not sure what BB is talking about, but it prompted me to mention this --

I never leave comments on any other site under the "h.b." name. When I do comment on other blogs I do so under my real name.

that bb dude is really as dumb as they come

I'm in the new place.

I see dead people. BigBri, mainly. He haunts the basement, booing and asking for Pop-tarts.

And yes, he is completely steroid-free, judging by his girth. And his ghost mother's constant nagging to, "eat your Snickers bar, boy!"

I'm not sure what Bob is talking about but it prompted me to mention this - Bob's an asshole...

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