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Look out Nationals, the Red Sox are coming for you

I know the Sox can't win 'em all, but damned if I don't go into every game expecting a win and I'm irrationally disappointed when they don't.


Sounds like you have a case of Soxpectation. It's pandemic in these pahts since Octobah 2004.


Seriously. And my Soxpectation is going to become even more acute as they go to DC for two.


Remembah early on back in April when the Sox were 2 and 6 and we compared them to the Nats?


Ah, you know, nothing like a little panic to get the spring sap flowing.


In hindsight it feels pretty silly to evah doubt this team in the era of having a single, ovahahching philosophy and sticking to it like beach sand on a bathing suit.


Absolutely, I mean take a look at the numbahs — Sox #1 in the AL in OPB and in pitched K's.


It's pretty simple — battahs get on base, pitchahs throw strikes.


So simple yet it took 80 plus years to figure it the frig out?


Seriously. It took less time to decode the human genome fercrissakes.



Put Wake in the All star game-rent the sunset,bitches :)

..and that goes double for the rain soaked Nationals.

Ladies and Gents, the Yankees now account for 1/9 of the National's win total for the season.

But first the Braves, huh? Let's not be looking too fah fowahd to the Nats, which are a perplexing team. I paid my first visit to Nationals Pahk a couple of weeks ago to see the titanic matchup between the Nats and Redzzz.

To be honest (for a change), the Nats pahk is the first of the new pahks I've seen that I didn't take a shine to.

It has a lot of amenities. In fact, all it has is amenities, most of which were closed after the 2 hour rain delay and the club sent most of the workers home. So, that was odd. Of course it was a rain-delayed Tuesday night game between the two NL powerhouses, but still there couldn't have been more than 7,000 in the pahk when the "game" began.

The nats have some good (or formerly good) position playahs, so their woeful record is attributable to pitching and Dfens, I guess.

The most distasteful thing about the experience was the monstrous, ginormous, big fucking scoahboahd in center field. Holy Mother of Ahmadinejad, that bitch is big. And, it overpowers everthing. I was sitting there, 6 rows from the field, watching the game on the screen. It was reflexive, and makes no sense, but I kept doing it and catching myself. Check it out on NESN next week.

I was really looking forward to seeing the pahk, since I lived in DC during the Ford administration (look it up), and never saw a pro ball game, except having to go to Municipal Stadium in Baltimore. I didn see an oldtimers game in RFK where some 70 year old guy hit a home run, but I can't remember his name now that I am a 70 year old guy myself, or close to it.[[ Ok, I looked it up on the interwebs, it was Luke Appling. He was 75]]

Also, after two hours of rain, the brand new field didn't drain very well.

But, they had Pilsner Urquel on tap, so that was good.


Someone on the Nationals has to come forward and say to the media 'we which we could play the Yankees all season long'.

Last night sucked.

That is all.

Oops. Braves next. Note to self: go easy on the wake and bake.

Agreed on the jumbotron, Lou. Other than that, I like the Nats park. I just think it, like the franchise, needs to age a bit. I mean, here's a team with really no history, no tradition, and a tenuous grasp on its fan base. Plus, the park is in an area of massive redevelopment. Give it a few years. The place is just a little too clean and shiny. But the chili dogs are da bomb. Hooray Ben's Chili Bowl!

Expos. Bring on those Expos.
Sons of Jarry Park, Rusty Staub, and the immortal Boots Day!

Is it just my crappy PC, or is the site all funkafied today? All I get is type. And yes, I've refreshed. Even showered.

Anyway, that was a weird game last night. Lester was pestered, but to his credit hung in there.

Okay, the boys are back.

And so's the strip.


I liked the conccept of the park, and really like its location, since you cajn take the Metro there. During the rain delay I was able to look accross the river. Anacostia was not a neat place to be in the '70's. Don't get me wrong, if i l,ived there, I'd go all the time. it just seems like they are trying a bit too hard.

see e.g. when the announced the starting lineups, they have this whole bit on the jumbotron where manny acta fidddles around with computer graphics and stretches things out like they do on the CNN maps.

yur mileage may vary

The Sox are playing the Nats for three games next week, not two. (I'll be there for all 3, sitting in right field, looking into the bullpen.)

I've been to one Nats game. The fans are so passionless there - it's hard to get into it. I wouldn't be surprised if the crowd is 70% RSN next week. It'll be like a game at Camden against the Orioles, except that the O's fans at least have a little bit of passion. I get the impression at a Nats game that just about everybody is there on tickets somebody game them.

// Okay, the boys are back. //

Yeah, I set the boolean fuckWithBob from true to back to false.

//The Sox are playing the Nats for three games next week, not two.//

This is the best chronic evah! Felger is going to knock on the door any second.

I'm hungry.

...as long as Tanguay's not with him ;D

watch out, kid

apparently hb could also stand for "happy bonghits" or "hungry blazer"

hip bahstid??

half baked? :)

I've had same "issues" with Turner Field - huge TV, 360 degree spinning graphics, instructional graphics for the fans (when we say "cheer", move your hand and upper arm like a hatchet, like this.. see?). All in all a nice field but they must believe the fans to be either so stupid as to not know what they are there for, or so MTV generation that they can't survive without information bobardment. A friend gave me almost the same account of that place the Twins play. Apparently same for the Nats.

As I explained the difference to a Braves fan between his home park and Fenway with our 1978 era state fo the art graphics and information displays, he asked what the heck do people look at between innings, to which I replied "they talk about baseball, drink beer, eat hot dogs and ponder the length of the piss lines". "Well, how do people know who is at bat and who made the catch?" he asks. Good lord, I'm thinking.. are tha fans here that stupid or is it the big idiot box in the outfield that has gommed up their brains. And yes, it is very hard not to watch the TV its so f'in big. Like trying to ignore the 400 pounder in the bathing suit at the beach - you have the whole ocean to look at but where do the eyes keep going back to?

I'll be there watching Smoltz pitch. I can't wait. If all goes to plan. I too like the fact you can get to it via the metro. Although with 4 people on the metro it's almost cheaper to park.(4x 1.60) Can you say that in Boston? :)

Humboldt Bud

Hash Baker

Can we begin ranting about ballpark music? You need the big graphics because the music is so loud you can't think.

Harold "Hack" Bongwater

As in the National Cathedral pipe organs or the Volume 11 clapclapclapclapclap that'll knock your drink off your lip?

heh...Jeff said "organ"

Sir Huffalot Blazenstein

H.B. Puffenstuff.

How about the 5 tool player? who exactly does that work?

who.. how.. i guess the question works either way

Nats take two of three
Best paid MLB bats go silent
Giradi gone soon

"H.B.Puffenstuff"-So who's playin' Jimmy's flue? Witchiepoo??-lol

This is Madness!

Madness?...This IS SPARK-UP!!

You folks every play with Wordle? It makes "word clouds" out of anything you write, or any URL.

I popped into today's strip, and here's what came out:




Well, just add Hart Brachen at the end of the URL.

Kaz,as the resident genius,can you rig up a bong out of a tuba?

Cool man! Polka notes have color...

Pass the Frito-chili.

Another one, Rich?

By the way, does anyone else feel like they just got Paps Smeared?

Kintees did the infamous Che Papi treatment - I wonder what they can do with Che Guevara's granddaughter naked, covered only by an ammo belt of carrots?

Regardless of your opinion of consuming meat, you have to appreciate the PETA chicks willingness to get naked for the cause.

@Jeff and Lou

The modern sports spectacle is just hopeless, regardless of the location. It's sort of sad that even Fenway isn't immune to it. Although, if the Nats were the product I had to watch, I'd want racing Presidents and hot dog cannons, too. I mean, Jesus, give people a moment to talk with the fans around you about the game between innings/periods/tv timeouts.

regarding Paps smeared. Yes what he said is true but could he be anymore dickish about it?

The ted's not a bad ballpark IMHO. Its not fenway, but nothing is. The jumbotron is fucking huge, but when you are in the cheap seats and the players look like ants, you kind of appreciate it. At least you can still get in for 10 bucks.

That said Im just another jealous sox fan who is stuck in the south.

Beer cart awaits me
So does the lovely Abby
Hmm, beer or Abby?

Have a great weekend all.

Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

To be fair, I had a good time at the Ted. Eating ribs in the outfield and watching BP was nice. But the multi-media experience made me feel like the Maxell dude. I also go wherever I can to see the Sox when they are in my part of the world - but 7 hrs to Atl or 7 hours to Fenway South (Camden Yahd), I go to Fenway South.

But for minor league style fun, you just can't top Dinger the Homerun Dog at the Myrtle Beach Pelicans games - he runs the bases after every home run. Or the fact that George the Animal Steele will be there tomorrow night. Take your multi-media orgy side of the Hancock Building size TVs and top that shit for attention getting.

yep, it's three down here in dc... and the nats are actually assembling a pitching staff, so it might not be the cakewalk it looked like it would be a month ago... either way, it should be good, all three sold out, or close to, for a nice park usually much closer to empty, and three-fourths or more pro-sox...

go fish

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