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Heckuva job, Terry (for reals)

OK, tell me which of our most esteemed Knights of of the Keyboard wrote this openah:


"Vacant streets, vacant buildings, and vacant looks in the eyes of hard-working people who have had their livelihoods erased or threatened …"


Ah, frig, that's too easy. Nobody lays on the unctuous quite like the CHB.


Seriously, aftah reading that I need to take showah to wash all the false sentiment off me.


Out out damned spot. Who would have thought the old hack to have had so much smug in him?


To be fair, though, this might be one of the few times when Shaughnessy is being sincere. I mean the Globe's pissing away of $85 million a year in losses and the decline of the newspaper business has a lot in common with the auto industry.


True, and Shaughnessy's columns are as much of a "must read" these days as the Pontiac Aztek is a "must drive."


Meanwhile, hats off to Terry Francona for win numbah 500 with the Red Sox.


Absolutely. I'll be the first to confess I was "Meh" with a capital M when he was first named managah, but boy was I wrong.


500 wins, 2 World Series? Terry's da Man.


Seriously, they should name a notch in New Hampshire aftah him.



Terry's Notch?? j/k

Tito Notch - I like it. Many a great hike and trek to ski the ravine. It would have been even cooler if I were at Tito notch.

quick note re: BB's brown splatter on yesterday's post. His type of crap is the reason I enjot this site sooooo much more than the standard blog site full of crap heads like him. The basic unintelligent rant of yousuckwe'rethebest... thanks to all here for adding intelligence to your wierdo creepy ramblings.

I’d bet that CHB was one of the life-time employees that was reportedly a big issue in negotiations. Even though Carl Everett had a kick ass three months and some killer funny quotes, his best contribution to RSN is Curly Haired Boy.

Tito's Cleavage?

I can see a nice bed and breakfast there. Maybe a golf course.


According to Boston Sports Media Watch


[too lazy to link it]

shdb is not on the list, in part because he may be management (assistant sports editor or some such)

The old "Detroit is a Dting Town" piece is so hack I coughed up bile from my pancreas when I read it.

it was yummy, btw.

and Ortiz is still done. look it up. see e.g. HOFer Jim Ed Rice in his last year. We all love the guy, but it was painful then, as it is now.

Cue the rented sunsets, bitches.


I was cleaning out my inbox and came across this link I'd emailed to co-workers back in late 2003.

This blogger eviscerating the ESPN columnist looks even smarter in retrospect.

OK, I still haven't forgotten about more t-shirts. And this has to be one of them:

"Cue the rented sunsets, bitches."

lc - i'll be renting a sunset later this evening. I think they go on sale around 8 or so around my house. I was in a foul mood watchig the game last night and between DicK's butchery of the art of pitching and Ortiz taking over the role Tek had last year of consistently putting up inning ending DPs and crucial strikeouts for the opposing pitcher, I've had enuf. If he isn't gone by July, I'll, I'll, ... I'll sit here and type my fuckin' complaints for all to ignore.

had the same thought yesterday re T's. If it keeps going there could be a top ten list of surly lc admonitions. LC!! Keepin it real, bitches!

WTF? Awful smug, aren't we? you guys have jumped the shark.

Which guys are the awfully smug?

Characters? Author? Soxa Community? Red Sox Fans? Autoworkers? Cubicle Workers? Renters of sunsets? Lovers of Terry Franconia Notch? Drivers of Azteks? All of the above?

BTW I've not only jumped the shark, I humped it. (Smelled like fish.)

Pretty funny coming from a Braves fan ;D

go ahead, kid, try that one out on felgie

[propretor of LC's Sunsets For Hire, 1866-BOO-HOOO, www.whatdoyouwantfrommethistime.com

"BTW I've not only jumped the shark, I humped it. (Smelled like fish.)"

That's one of the funniest damn things I've read anywhere lately

I will rent you the Tuscan sunset I am about to enjoy, and all will be as right in your world as mine. Kudos to Francona, indeed. After Jimy and Kerrigan the rest of the motley crew of managers over the last decade+ I am feeling pretty damn good. But I'm with surly and lovable on the papi thing...

Still haven't seen the shoes Nat :)))

Quite a list of potential managers to replace Grady after 03. Glenn Hoffman?!

In a perfect world, Francona would look into the camera once and say:

I shot him six times!!!


Being a born and bread NH guy, I love the Franconia Notch reference.

Tom in GA, I jumped your mom.

She smelled like peaches.

Harwich, I promise to post photos of the red (not teal) dress and the sinful laboutins in all due haste! :)

once the T shirt idea gears start turning in my head, there's T shirts at every quip.

hb - "BTW I've not only jumped the shark, I humped it. (Smelled like fish.)" is hilarious, but when I got to "She smelled like peaches", the gatorade went up AND down the wrong pipes - laughter, wet desk, and goddamnit all at the same time.

she smelt like vidalia onions to me

your mileage may vary, as did hers.


//Awful smug, aren't we? //

Hey douchebag check the motto: Our Resplendence is Never Quiet.

It ain't smug if we're right. Go suck on some pork rinds.

oh and btw, way to notch #500, Tito.

and looking forward to the new tees.

Smug assholes abound
It takes one to know one,kid.
Game within the game.

Being a "less is more" advocate, how 'bout just "Smelled like fish." on a white T with the Soxaholix logo on the pocket?

The ultimate insider chuckle.

saying 'jumped the shark' has jumped the shark.


I would offer a Helsinki sunset but they do not exist (wife on business trip and I excel at role of trailing spouse/sponge). Well aquainted with Notch - learned to ski on Cannon Mountain at age 5. Dad raised in Groveton - early intro to meaning of 's-hole of a town' (Notch was viewed as 'southern NH'). Old Man is gone, suggest carving image of Terry on original site.

I remember watching the Fonz jump the shark, tall black socks in the ski bindings, leather jacket and shorts, popped collar - fucking awesome. If we gotta turn it up a notch on the resplendance and get smug about it, cool - but I want to actually Jump a damn shark because it looks like a damned lot of fun.

Don't try to jump this shark!

Yes, it's a REAL movie.

Ah, Canon Mountain is my fave ski area.

No fuss, no pretense, just skiing for the sake of skiing.

I actually had a transcendent moment the first time I skied Canon as a kid that rivals my first glimpse of Fenway grass through the tunnel.

Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus. wow. and Lorenzo Lamas to boot. wow. sadly, i'll end up watching it because the kids will think its way cool. It appears you would need a space shuttle to jump either of these dudes. Oh well, leather jacket, tall black socks with shorts, and a space shuttle it is.

with a big fat smug ass look on my face howling "Jump this, bitches! Now where's that sunset I rented to land on?"

I will SO totally lay out hard earned cash for both sunsets and fish.

Didn't feel compelled to comment until you mentioned Canon. Can't describe my love for that place. It embodies all that is wonderful about NH. It baffles (and pleases) me that Loon draws all the business leaving the best ski area in NH for us Canonistas. My 8 year old had his transcendent moment there this year marveling at the vistas goin up the Peabody chair.

h.b., Do I know you???


You mentioned Peabody chair and my whole body went goose.

Everything about Canon seems to take one to another level. The end of the day runs in early mid-March when the sun seems to hang around casting long and warm just for you? Ambrosia.

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