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Can't win 'em all

I'm a little late in getting to this, but Tex-shady doth protests too much methinks.


Seriously, "It's just silly. It really is," yet he goes on and on about it.


Evah notice how it's just as easy to get undah the skin of "official" Yankeedom as it is to needle their mouth breathing trolls? Why is that?


I think it's what they like to call "Mistake and Sour."


So what happened yestahday?


Meh, just one of those games. Happens. You move on.


Yeah, outta 162 some are just going to get away from you.


Just like how every hittah goes through a slump. Nobody knows why, it just happens.


This WSJ piece on Big Papi nails it: "Whenever a beloved ball player goes into a slump, his fans feel funky themselves, question their own sanity, also their own mortality, then feel stupid for letting this happen, pretend to cheer up, and fool nobody."



The Phillies are a pretty good team. Taking two out of three at their park is nothing to be ashamed of.

BTW, does anybody else think Texiera looks like a midwestern-mayonnaise-bred version of A-Fraud?

Separated at purse.

I think it's easy to get under the skin of all levels of yankeedom because of their self defined ritousness, their self ordained position atop the pyramid of all things they believe, truly believe, they are the god given best at. They believe they are the Holy Roman Emporers, the Charlemagnes of sports. When us peasants blaspheme against them it really pisses them off. No matter how "silly" or inconsequential we are or how much we "suck", I get a real charge out of the fact that the mere existence of the Redsox and RSN truly pisses them off. For a rivalry that the yankee trolls say doesn't really exist ("look at the historic record" they say), then why do they hate us 2nd placers so much?

BECAUSE WE REFUSE to thumb our foreheads for them

Bob - yes, I do see that in Texiera - a little too clean, a little too whitebread, a little too teacher's pet/coach's wet dream (eewww).

Did anyone else see Texiera's face during one of his at-bats against the sox where some pitch or soemthing had him kind of wowed - he opened his mouth wide, lower lips wider than upper in a kind of holy shit surprise face. He looked like a cartoon character. Later on some blog or another he was described as Donkey Mouth Texiera - perfect.

Sweep the Yankees and 2 out of 3 on the road against a decent team you rarely play is a pretty good week.

Took my 8-year old to the Sat game.

About 35% Nation in Philly.

All of us were happy to see the Sox but unhappy about having to see Dice that night. And he sucked.

But my boy got to eat a hot dog, sundae, pizza, cotton candy and hot dog during the 1.5 hr rain delay. Somehow we won Dice's game and the 11 runs were not squandered on Beckett.

It is kind of satisfying how easy it is to get under Yankee fan's skin. I was at my son's little league party Saturday and one of the other fathers, a MFY fan, after one of us says tough week, he keeps saying well we have 27; how many do you have? I just asked him how many parades has he taken his 8 year old to, mine's seen two!

2 out of 3 on the road against a first place team is a good weekend, a great one on the heels of a sweep of the skanks.

How many WS Parades have you taken your kids to see?


I wouldn't feel so badly about yesterday's game if Josh Beckett would just stop shitting on my fantasy team's aspiration of taking over #1 in the league.

it's 26 championships for the yankees, isn't it? anytime someone brings that up, makes me think 'great - you'll have plenty to reminisce about in october while i'm watching baseball...'

yeah that's right it is 26; so he was even wrong about that! I should have realized that because that's why Girardi wears #27, so he'll be constantly reminded of what he can't get.

i want the red sox to win today

If only they were playing today. Sorry.


@ ettubloge: how were the Philly fans? I think I kinda like them. They still boo Drew after god knows how long They booed Santa Claus once, according to the boys of WRKO. And Best of all at the MVP ceremony last year, they actually booed the car. I love that, they booed the car!

Phillies are a pretty good team? Aren't they the current World Series Champs? Very good I'd say, making the 2 of 3 in their house significant. The MFY fans crowing about 26 is all they have to cling on. It's their floating piece of Titanic lumber before submitting to ensuing October hypothermia.

Late to the party today...

/Did anyone else see Texiera's face during one of his at-bats against the sox where some pitch or soemthing had him kind of wowed - he opened his mouth wide, lower lips wider than upper in a kind of holy shit surprise face. He looked like a cartoon character.?

Jeff, he looked just like Wallace of "Wallace and Grommit" I thought.

3 from 1st place Detroit
3 from then 1st place mfy's
2 of 3 from 1st place/defening champs Philly.

Yeah, a pretty good week.

The Phillies fans were cheering for a rain-out call after they were down 5 in the first. My son was in total Red Sox regalia and was screaming "Go Sox" all game. One beared old-timer kept giving him perturbed looks but they were just good fans. The girls were very cute too. Tho most were wearing Bosox shirts.

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