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Breathing it in

I love how the off days give one time to reflect and enjoy the moment …


You know stop and smell the roses.


I prefer to think of it as stop and smell the sausage cahts.


Seriously. Here we are mid-June, the Sox in first place.


Sausage in the bun, guy, sausage in the bun.


First place while having serious defensive flaws, flaws that you know and I know Theo is going to address and make the club even stronger.


Sausage. Bun. Peppahs.


And that's first place while playing against the toughest schedule in MLB.


Sausage. Bun. Peppahs. Onions.


And, oh, right, there's this little pitching "abundance" we've got.


Sausage. Bun. Peppahs. Onions. Sriracha.



I knew the Sriracha was comin' :)

Bob can't be far behind ;D

I tend to drool in the morning anyway, but this strip is driving me crazy.

Funny thing is, there's an igloo cooler with my ice packs and all my condiments in it (including Sriracha) that I can't find after the move to the haunted house.

I think Babe Ruth took it.

Yeah, we have to find that......

On a different note: I wrote in to Live With Regis and Kelly (Molly Shannon was guest host) and my comment was read! I'm slightly more famous!!! AND TOPPERS, my face is much better....

He DID love his hot dogs.

I don't understand all this consternation regarding what to do with the rotation when Smoltz arrives. It seems simple to me: we have 8 major league caliber starting pitchers (including Bucholtz and Masterson) and no major league caliber shortstops. I had hoped they would leave Philly with Rollins in tow.

Is it because of the other day's strip that I read this one initially as really dirty, or am I just a sick monkey? Wait... don't answer that. :)

Regis and Kelly.


More people see you here than they do on that show.

And Kelly wasn't even there, so your fame doesn't count.

(Regis): We have an email here from an Abby in Boston...BOSTON! I HATE the Red Sox! But anyway, she says, Molly Shannon is a horsey biatch. A BIATCH! Molly! That is an insult. To BIATCHES!


BTW, I predict a shortstop trade-a-rama within the week. One of those four team deals where Washinton ends up with big cash and we get Hanley back.

Wouldn't solve defensive problems, but that guy can hit.

This strip seems pretty innocuous. No mention of vixens or dragons.

Here's the deal:

We trade a bag of air, a sock full of coal and lots of money to Washington for Christian Guzman. Then, we package him and (name your pitching prospect, Julio Lugo and lots of money) to Florida for Hanley, promising to pick up Lugi's contract of course.

Oh, and then Florida trades Lugo back to us, because Theo sucks at shortstop trades.

// Oh, and then Florida trades Lugo back to us, because Theo sucks at shortstop trades //

That made my morning.

I return to Fenway for the first time in over a month on Thursday (Bob, you have tickets tomorrow, right?). Man, it's been way too long. I need a Sausage Guy fix, like junkie bad. You're not helping, hb.

Bob, Theo is fine at SS trades (e.g., Nomar for O-Cab and Mankeiwicz), it's SS free agent signings (e.g., Renteria and Lugo) he sucks at.

Also, I can't complain about Beckett and Lowell for Sanchez and Ramirez either - worked out well for both teams.

throwing some mushrooms on my sausage bomb...and breathing deeply trying not to act like a school girl getting a pony or a new teal dress - Theo's best move just became a client at my small firm...he who stole the base will be coming in at some point this summer.

and Nat, I was w/ you until the sriracha.

His star does seem to be rising ,Sonoma.

at least until the return of Remy.


Try to convince him that NESN is not his highest and best use.


David Littlefield/
He's known as The Sausage Guy/
I call him The Pope.

(But I actually prefer the cart outside Gate B.)

Natalie: Are you going to be crossing the large vat of water and coming to Boston this summer???? You and Bobby have to go to a game together!

Abby- will be in Boston for a brief window the last week of July (gotta fit in jaunts to NYC, NJ and Nantucket around a work training). Not sure if Fenway will make it on the agenda, but I would love to grab a drink at Pete's with you guys, if you are up for it!. :) How are you feeling?

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the vendor outside gate B has changed, or at least it was a different pair last week. I don't know if it was a temporary move or if they rotate locations occasionally, but bring your own sriracha

Abby, nice to see you up and about

How long until Soxaholix day Larry???

Speaking of Soxaholix Day, hb, hear anything new about the MLB exceptions to your trademarking?

No, nothing new on that, Kaz. But my wise and super-helpful counsel will alert me when there is change.

BTW - also have started the aforementioned new t-shirt ideas. Jeremy, who did the background etc is helping out.

Natalie - can the last week of July extend into, or become, the first week of August?? I just booked my flights for NACDL (pennant race) conference. Arriving 1 or 2 August.

No Sriracha at the cart outside B???

What the f-ing duece?

From Boston.com:

John Smoltz's first start in a Red Sox uniform will come against the Nationals next Thursday, June 25.

SDU- yes, I think I will be in Boston that weekend, likely leaving for Nantucket that Sunday. :)


Did you once know a man in Nantucket? Whose ...


Not sure if I arrive by game time but, subject to othat, maybe we could watch the Baltimore game at Petes or similar? Bob? Anyone?

hb- if I did, you think I'd be single right now? Wouldn't have let that one get away.... :)

sdu- works for me!

kinda wish Smoltz' first start would be vs. the Braves

That's sweet! I'm heading to DC to see that game- I'll report in on the state of sriracha in the nation's capital

sdu, count me in too. Will hb be tending bar again?

That's first place while playing against the toughest schedule in MLB.
Meanwhile, the Skanks play a three game series against the Nationals - the freakin' NATIONALS?!?!? Why not just have them play my local Little League team too? I blame this on Selig - or Lugo.

I think we should all write-in Tim Wakefield at AL Shortstop for the All-Star Game.



Sox game?

Uh, yes, I'll be there with a vegemite sandwich.

How would a vegemite sandwich taste with Sriracha?


I can guaantee you it'd taste better with just the Sriracha.

Strip delayed. Coming around noon.

@hb Will Circle and Tara be on the "Tek Thighs Lowell Eyes" T-Shirt if that one makes the cut? It couldn't be Lisa cause she doesn't pay attention to anything but LOL cats.

@scott12xu - check out the Sox schedule for next week :-)

UPDATE!!!!! Why does it take so long for you to update!!!!

you can't rush greatness

Wow, I am waiting for the epic can of whoopass hb is going to bestow upon the clearly illiterate Please Update (didja read 3 posts up?) in 5, 4, 3....

// UPDATE!!!!! Why does it take so long for you to update!!!! //

Oh, you know, just taking my wife to the hospital for her major tests/checkups pursuant to last year's full month of hospitalization and 19 hour open heart surgery where SHE NEARLY FUCKING DIED!.

You know. Trivial shit like that.


Yo, Please Update! Either write your own software, start your own blog and create your own topical comic strip each day FOR FREE or perhaps you could just shut the fuck up.

You really should lay off the meth this early in the day.

hb - i hope the results of your wife's trivial shit are in fact trivial. best wishes to her for continued trivial medical results b/ the opposite of trivial is usually not so good.

I think there is a bit of over-reaction here. I read the comment of 'Please Update' as a form of tribute. He acknowledges that he is an addict, obviously has withdrawal symptoms (24 hours since his last fix), and is waiting for the methadone clinic to open. He will be ill/nervous/jittery until the clinic opens. I would file the comment under 'flattery' rather than 'harassment'. Just my thoughts.

yb- Maybe so, but in that case, you would think that PU (ha!) would have said, "Please update, I am jonesing hard," NOT why does it take you so long to update? which seems a tad intrusive, like hb is sitting back in his smoking jacket with a cigar and some port, loitering over his posting schedule (which is invariably and impressively the same day after day).

hb- hoping all is okay, and that the follow-up shows that she is back (or soon to be) in fine form. Thinking of you. And thanks for always taking the time for this site, even when the non-trivial takes over (as it should).

I to wish the best to you and your wife. I hope everything turns out better than ok.

I certainly meant no disrespect to you and yours. I meant that I love to read your blog and it makes me laugh first thing in the morning at work. It's a good way to start the day. I especially like it after a big win and a Papi home run so I was just getting anxious is all.

Once again I wish you all the best and God Bless you and your wife and family.


Please Update

The first to is supposed to read too. Sorry.

To follow up it was certainly meant as a tribute. I am excited to read the new post.

If a douchenozzle gets cut down on Soxaholix, does it make a noise?



Hope your wife's fine. H.B.

ok ok ok. don't go all Letterman on this. Please Update, nevermind my tirade of a few minutes ago - i couldn't find my last rock. found it - better now. i'll be nice now.

New post is up.

Sorry for the delay and smacking down on the "tribute."

It's all good.

Wife is doing great and has been. These are just all the echos and ultrasounds and other internal seeing bits to make sure the new valve and other cyborg parts are humming along nicely.

H.B. - Hope you and the lovely Mrs. H.B. are able to light up a big fat Verdadero Organic ala Red Auerbach when you get the news from the docs.

Our prayers have been and remain with you both.

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