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And another sweep is in the books

Once again, Timmah delivahs!


Do you realize that is win 171? He's just 21 shy of all-time team W list shared by Cy Young and Roger "Bitch Tits" Clemens.


Amazing. They oughta name a town in on the MBTA’s Haverill/Reading commuter line in Middlesex County after him.


And this '09 club just keeps grinding it out and finding ways to win.


I'm stahting to get a bit nervous about Paps, though.


Seriously. If he keeps leaving the lights on in the 9th like that, Al Gore is going to come down and open a can of green whoop ass on him.


The really inconvenient truth about Papelbon is the possibility that he's hurt.


I mean the tweaked mechanics, the lowering arm slot, the reduced command and control are all hahbingahs of injury.


And even if there is no injury, the increased pitch counts have to make you wonder what kind of wear and tear he's enduring and how will this effect things in the 2nd half?


Ah, well, I guess this just means I'll continue to need to get shit-faced before the 9th.




Sorry to hear about Abby. Send her my best from Denver.

Nice job by Wake yet again.

Bet Papelbon regrets not taking the long term contract this past winter when offered. I doubt the Sox will offer him another one unless he really turns things around. The art of the 1-2-3 inning is lost. (I am hoping I jinxed him enought where tomorrow night he will throw 9 pitches, allstrikes, and the game is ovah!)

Thanks all, for the nice thoughts to Abby. She teared up reading them. She's feeling better, although still swollen up really bad. And with the added benefit of giant shiners under both eyes.

If you're on right now, I love you Goose.

Regarding Paps, he's reminding me more and more of Healthcliff Slocum with actual talent. Only slightly less frightening though.

Steve sighting!

The guy throws red hot bullets out there, but works up to a 3-2 count...and then can't get the final strike over the plate? That's the stuff that I don't get and drives me up the wall. It's one thing if someone occasionally catches up to his fastball and gets a hit or slams a real meatball out over the fence. It's another thing completely if he's walking guys and unable to close the deal with a few Ks.

I'd still rather have him out there than just about every other closer in the league right now though.

not to forget that tw has never been named to the allstah team wtfiuwt. lets get behind it. or something. paps is taking a page from the dicek won't pitch good until it gets shitscary out there school of hurlership. the guy speaking on the speakerphone in the cubicle next to me is making my eyes bleed he is so stoopid. where was i. oh randy johnson has a son who saw that coming and meanwhile i lost track of where this was going, so hang in there abby and im afraid well all be pretty sick of ian kinsler by monday morning.

yur pal,


The nice thing about a possible Papelbon injury is that we have Saito in the pen to pick up the slack. And when did MDC become a good pitcher? There is always one guy out in the pen that drives me to drink. I just never thought it would be Papelbon this year(previous holders of that title are MDC, Hansen, Chad Fox, etc. etc.)

Let's not forget that Papelbon leads the league in saves for the season (14, tied with Fuentes). It's only a matter of time before he is locked in lights out. [triple reverse lutz gooch]

lc are you still drunk this morning? I have this vision of blood shot typing maniacally over a keyboard.

I'm thinking this is where Bard's early season arrival may come into play. Bob, glad to hear about Abby- continued good stuff her way

It's alright, Bob. You don't have to explain about her eyes...we understand. I mean, you already told her twice.

How incredible it would be for Wakefield to replace Clemmens and Cy as the all-time franchise wins leader!

Here's hoping that it happens next year. At home. Against the Stankees.

...with Remy calling the game.

Thoughts to Abby, Bob.

I still miss Remy, too.

we've got a notch and a couple of Mass' finest cities...that's as good a draft plan as I've seen. Papi should change his last name to Leominster.

Glad to hear Abby's on the mend. Keep up the maid duties, Bob.

And if anyone finds themselves in Oxford, MS this weekend - give a shout out to my Wahoos! Nothing like the ting of the bat to get you all goosed up.

i know this has nothing to do with the two dudes' performance (or do I?), but both Paps and Papi were lights out, THEN they got FAMOUS and THEN they started spending a lot of time BEING FAMOUS and doing commercials and talking shit to the press and THEN they were no longer lights out. Paps reminds me of a golfer making sure he gets his greensfees worth.

or maybe its the Pap i s name thing - along with Leominster, how about one changes to Noth Bullricuh!

@jfm. no. never bettah

papi is going to have his eyes checked. not a good sign. here's a history lesson for ya. i remember when yogi berra's career fell off the table. his getting his eyes checked was the last straw.

or, as he famously said, "when nothing works during a slump, try something new".

no, I didn't make that up

sunsets 2 for a dollah...

hugs and kisses,


Love the rarely seen clipart in this one. And sparing use of the term 'bitch tits'. And Al Gore opening a can of green whoop ass on Paps is most gratifying. Altogether most satisfactory but I gotta get some sleep


Off to the late shift-see everyone Monday(don't worry Bob,I won't steal your tag line ;D) Keep your eyes peeled for elderly drivers.

I'm taking an early beer cart. With the week Abby and I have had, I think it's deserved. Especially since we haven't had more than 5 hours sleep total all week.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Because this past week sucked.

better days are comin', Bob. In November, wasn't it?

Next week's matchups: Burnett-Beckett, Wang-Wakefield, Sabathia-Lester(?)
Looks to me like advantage Sox, probably taking 2 of 3.

I'm just watching the 18th inning from Petco Park. I have a soft spot for the Padres cos of the fish tacos but, damn, those are the ugliest uniforms I have ever laid my eyes on.

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