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Sweepy weepy

Oh, Mahty, you're home?!


Of course, Callaghan, unlike those of you in the proletariat class, I don't punch a time clock.


Well, Mahts, it's just that I thought maybe your home was, you know, *stolen* … Bwahahaha.


That might hurt a bit more, Bill, if your guy Ellsbury didn't look so bad swinging at the ball.


Oh, c'mon, Mahty, you really want to talk about looking bad? I tell you what looked bad — 9 Yankees on the field and not one of them was on guard for a potential straight steal of home?


Wow, you guys sure get a lot of value for dollahs, don't you. Heh.


Oh, and how'd you like are two rooks last night, Masterson followed by Jones and Bowden? Pretty impressive, eh?


Hey, you got a pen handy, Mahty, because I've got something important for you to write down — "minah league system."


Did you get that? Mahty? Hello?


Marty: :



In all my yeas of watching baseball I had never seen a straight steak of home before. That was awesome.

Heh. No comeback from the Mart, eh?

Much like the gang of Skank fans at the game Saturday. There are always tons of them on Saturday afternoon games, but they were particularly obnoxious this time.

Especially when up 6-0. Heh. Heh-heh-heh-heh.


A very good time serenading them out of the park as they walked down the concourses.

Aw man, too bad there is no clip art for Marty at home. I picture him in a Hefner-esque satin smoking jacket, black socks and sandals. Why, I know not.
What an awesome, awesome weekend. I watched the game live (for once) with a big group of Sox fans in Piccadilly Circus (and got to remember how nice it is when the Sox get a bunch of screaming Yankees fans to SHUT. UP.) and have been enjoying the straight steal of home on youtube all morning. Let's make it 11 in a row, boys!

A straight steak, COD?

Actually, not a bad term. Because it was not only rare, but well done.

Any ideas what Pettitte mouthed to Posada right after the steal? I watched it several times but my lip-reading skills are paltry.

I fail at typing.

That steal was the capper on a disheartening series for the Yanks. I hope they're pissed off.
That last panel seemed out of character for Marty.

Parker, he said, "I want my mommy."

Either that, or "Jacoby's got a big salami."

I just watched the steal again on YouTube and I think Pettite was yelling "play ball." Maybe he wanted the ump to move the game along so he didn't have to endure the standing O at his expense?

Would someone please help me decide if I should email my mfy fan bro-in-law this am? Haven't chatted with him in a while, and I really feel like catching up ;-)

It's still April, MARATHON, NOT A SPRINT, see u in september, etc. etc,

even so. That was pretty cool.


Not only do the ESPN announcers ruin a game (just STFU) but the ESPN cameras didn't get the steal. One lone shot from up on high.

On a personal note, my sane but somewhat paranoid sister is convinced that the end of the world is right around the corner with the on-coming swine flu pandemic. Visions of 'On the Beach' are dancing in her head. Hard to believe we share genes.

Yeah, looks like Pettite said, "Let's play ball."

Speaking of failing at typing, are esteemed h.b. has a little typo today.. must be remnants of the flu. Or elation from the steak.

effing cool. But I have to say - as a typical sox fan - what's up with Beckett? Two pretty poor starts in a row.

Yaz, I thought they didn't catch it too, but a good while later they showed a couple different angles.

I didn't think it was a typo. Are fan base sounds just like that.

Meanwhile, looks like Del delivered the goods at NO:

"The other stand-out performance for me Saturday was by the Del McCoury Band, which has to be among the best bluegrass bands ever, including Bill Monroe's, in which McCoury played. McCoury, who looks like a country preacher with his swept back gray hair, is even beginning to catch on with the young jam band crowd and showed his willingness to get in the anything-goes Jazz Fest spirit by letting a sousaphone player get up on stage with him, a sight I dare say you would see nowhere else."

Waiting for NolaSox report.


I'm just not getting the big deal with the swine flu. Seems a very small sample size to be freaking out about. That said, glad we did not get off the boat in Cozumel...

As for Pettitte, he was exceedingly gracious in his media comments. Took all the blame, saying Posada had told him to check the runner but he didn't....

I have excellent lipreading skills. Pettite obviously said:

"Ducking spit"

I have no idea why.

I am also on the list of those who had not previously seen a straight steal of home. Check it off - DONE!

That was f'in awesome - and against the yanks - does it get better in April baseball? I say no, it does not.

I was initially annoyed at the ESPN cameras and too late realization by Miller that the steal was happening, but to be fair, Orsillo had to cut back from his reminiscing (sp?) of Bay's homer to catch Youk's 11th inning bomb, too.

Then the extra camera angles showed Ellsbury falling as he started his dive - hilarious. Then he takes a bow for the faithful in front of the Yankees - bwahahahah is right.

BTW I'm still sick. I'm on antibiotics and doc said I should feel better today, but don't. So headed back later today.

But at least things are going swell for the Sox just now.

I also await the Del recap from Nola. When I saw Del back in December he had John Paul Jones on stage with him - the Del-Led jam on stage was pretty fantastic. Jazzfest is a tailor made place for him to expand the sound.

Random notes:

Local Sox bar owner, Debbie, texted me "Ha. Jacoby!" I'm saving that one.

James Taylor was wearing his Sox hat on Saturday.

I said to my sister last night, "I can't wait to see the NY Post tomorrow."

Del McCoury and his band were great. Thanks, lc.

HB, you haven't spent any time in Mexico lately, right? Regardless I hear that eating more bacon builds up a resistance to swine flu.

I read/heard somewhere that Pettite was asking the ump if it would have been a balk if he had thrown over.

What a great weekend of baseball for April! Do the Sox still win that game if DiceK is pitching...?

Get well soon h.b.

It does look as though the last word he says is balk.

Could someone please remind me never to open my 401K statements? I now want to go jump into traffic on Oxford Street.

I lost 47% last year, Natalie. You couldn't have possibly done worse than that.

I hope.

"Speaking of failing at typing, are esteemed h.b. has a little typo today.. must be remnants of the flu. Or elation from the steak."

Are esteemed h.b., Marty? Let's not call the kettle black.

"Speaking of failing at typing, are esteemed h.b. has a little typo today.. must be remnants of the flu. Or elation from the steak."

Are esteemed h.b., Marty? Let's not call the kettle black.

Eek, Bob. Nope, 26%. Thank god I am young; my mother is retiring this year and its scary how much her portfolio has declined.

In other tragic news, I just read the band Creed is putting out a new album. If the Sox weren't doing so well, now would DEFINITELY be the time to play with my Mach3 in the bathtub.

Smak beatdown!

Richard Wagner wrote an opera about Saturday's marathon: Yankeedaemmerung (Twilight of the Yankees).

What a weekend!

Richard Wagner wrote an opera about Saturday's marathon: Yankeedaemmerung (Twilight of the Yankees).

What a weekend!

All I can say is I am freakin' lovin' every minute of this.

Not your flu,hb-sorry

I had to watch Friday's game on YES with a bunch of Yankees fans. Late-ish in the game (bottom of the 7th, top of the 8th), YES named the Yankee bullpen their player of the game.

Good times all around.

best part of the steal is Posada holding the ball longer than normal apparently trying to figure out what just happened and then the cut to Pettite looking like someone just explained quantum physics - freakin awesome

best way to start and finish a weekend.

according to the NY Daily News Posada told Pettitte to watch the runners two pitches before Ellsbury stole home.

Guess it didn't sink in.

best thing from Friday night's game was a Yankee fan behind home plate who kept jumping up and cheering on every strike Rivera threw and every out her got. On Bay's blast he jumped up with his arms up and then got the most delicious look of disbelief on his face . . .

I know, only April, but it's still sweet.

The only thing that made yesterday better was this:
New Daily News sports I-Team book takes you into Roger Clemens' steamy world of sex and drugs

re: Del

I made the mistake of letting the two year old out of her stroller to play with her brother so my attention was pulled in three different directions, and I am a Del newbie. But I got the impression that I was seeing the cream of the Bluegrass crop. The mandolin playing son was impressive. If I hadn't spent most of his set insuring that both my offspring survive into adulthood, I might have been able to give a better recap.

Pete Seeger made me cry - he is my musical comfort food as my parents took me to see him whenever he played UMASS. And he has passed the proverbial torch into the worthy hands of his grandson, who during the interview session did a good job of sensitively keeping his soon to be 90 year old grandfather on track.

I was in the Rogers Center when Hall stole home off Petite and *I* didn't see it coming last night. And that time Petite was pitching from the stretch!

I have to say, watching it in person it was like time stopped, your eyes are watching what's happening, but you can't realy understand it until you see the pitcher and catcher react and then it's over and you're not realy sure if you even saw it but you're cheering and everyone's cheering so you must have.

Fri night...leave home in top o' ninth to pick up kid who is at game. I'm late, and flying. Nearly took out a pike toll booth when Bay jacks his. Wait out tenth in car on Comm Ave. Going into 11th. WTF, could go all night, right?...I'll walk down to the yard. Kind soul who lets me in. Find kid. Turn head around. Youk. Whoa!

Huge hug from kid who is there with sullen Yank-fan friend.


Just for a yuck, I went to the New York Post website and read the reader comments to the George King article about the Sox sweep. If anyone thinks that Sox fans start to panic when things go bad, read these comments. Not only are they panicking, they think both the team is poorly contructed and the front office and Girardi are a joke. Whatever that German word is for revelling in others' misfortunes, wow. It certainly applies now.


HB Why not the title, "To sweep, perchance to dream"?

Get well, h.b., we need ya!


Random, haiku-related post from nearby town:


Get well, HB...or stay sick until the Sox lose.

Missed the whole game due to stupid work but got the news from fellow traveller at lunchtime (top of the ninth) that Jacoby had stolen home.

Watched it ovah and ovah later. Wish I was there. I love reading the report of you guys lucky enough to be at the game, eg Bob's post above re comeback game (watched it with v. excited 5 year old sox fan and mrs sdu) and granular's fabulous description which is the last post to http://www.soxaholix.com/tp/2009/04/sick-day-2.html "> Sick, Day 2

I was at last night's game! Total bedlam after the steal, I lost my voice within 30 seconds.

Funny story: On Pettitte's first pickoff a couple innings prior, a Yankee fan sitting behind me says "yeah you don't steal on Pettitte". Cut to after the steal and Drew's double ... just as everyone quiets down, same fan says "correction: you don't steal SECOND on Pettitte"

So, Tessie - isn't this the longest streak since your grandson was born?

Eh, Colin, you didn't get the obvious joke.

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