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Sick Day

Your omniscient author in absentia:
Woke up with a throat like sandpaper, a hacking cough, and low energy. Taking a sick day all around.

With the Sox on a 7-straight roll, I figure you can find something to yak about without a strip.



Buckner was Framed...any chance you have any Round 2 Bruins tix left?

Feel better hb.

Go Sox. Go B's. Go Celtics.

Get well hb. It was you who foretold that this streak started at one and broke ortiz's slump and gave us LTT's condoms on twitter.

Berocca hb,lots of Berocca :)

Actually, two Beroocca. If they can cure my hangovers, they can fix your cold, H.B.

Feel better, man. Being sick sucks A-Rods.

Been down for the count with a head/chest cold from Hell, just try and nip yours in the bud so it doesn't get worse. This week spent on the couch and not getting things done has sucked, except of course sitting on the couch for two yesterday, that was pretty good stuff.

I'm guessing Kaz could use some Berocca this morning.

Big congrats to the B's not only sweeping, but doing so without a moment's doubt. Just a full-n throttle.

So, a fandom question. Grew up a B's fan, but they lost me during the late 90's. Moved to DC, watched Kolzig and Bondra and rediscovered my love for hockey with the Caps. Still have a soft spot for the Bs. Just pissed as hell that the Caps can't figure out that April hockey isn't the same as January hockey.

So, is there room on the bandwagon for a lapse Bs fan?

Hmm, where is Kaz?

Soulie: Although the NHL tells the refs to call a much tighter game in general, they still let a lot of stuff go in the playoffs.

Therefore, when your team relies on skill guys getting open ice (Ovie, Semin and Fedorov) they're going to be at a disadvantage in the playoffs.

Lundqvist standing on his head doesn't help.

Besides MLB, the NHL (playoffs) is the most satisfying spectator sport.

Workin' on his playoff beard ;D

You rang?

I feel like crap, but it's not the same thing that h.b. has evidently (or the rest of the symptoms are still on the way). I feel so achy though...like no matter what I can't stretch far enough to work it all out.

The B's sweep. Awesome. The Sox rolling. Awesome. The Celtics had better take note. There's too much sports magic in this town to be going down to the Chicago Bulls in the first round.

Google's quote of the day:

"Feed a fever, starve a cold. Lightly sup with rickets."
- Takayuki Ikkaku, Arisa Hosaka and Toshihiro Kawabata

Y'know Jason, I had really thought the goons in Philly had taught them that lesson last year. My one consolation here is that my Rangers friend really hates the individuals on the team, by and large. He takes no joy in their winning.

So, once the Caps lose, and I start following the B's, do I have to shave the playoff beard? Do I shave it, but start a new one?

//...like no matter what I can't stretch far enough to work it all out.//

No comment, Kaz. But a suggestion: AstroGlide.

I know exactly where you're coming from Soulie. I'm from MD but now in Boston. I started watching hockey about the time when Al Iafrate joined the Caps in the early 90's and I played NHL '94 on the SNES (fooling the goalie was the easiest thing ever from the faceoff circles). I kept watching with Kolzig until a few years after I moved to Boston and dropped my loyalty to the O's when Cal retired. I couldn't root for the Sox, Celtics, Pats, Revs...and Caps (only because of Kolzig). It just made no sense. There's always room for one more on this crazy train.

Yeah, yeah, Bob. Mess with the guy who clearly doesn't have his brain on straight today.

so this is a bad time to admit being a Rangers fan?

I hope this weekend exposes the Yanks for the shockingly mediocre team that they are, getting fat against bad teams. 6.04 ERA from their starters so far, and that's not all Wang.

feel better, HB. My wife has had the same thing for about 3 weeks.

So, you can't get your "head" "straight" Kaz?

No comment. But a suggestion: buy two bathtubs and put them in a meadow.

(Sorry, man, but you guys tear me a new one when I'm messed up. Plus, friends can rip on friends, but nobody else can; it's a universal rule.)

Come on HB. Get up and moving around. The good Lord helps them that helps themselves. I figure at least one person around here should take the tough love approach.

Ha! I said "brain" not "head"! I win!

(Don't worry, man, it's all in good fun.)

But Kaz, as every woman I've ever known has told me, "All men think with their c---."

Your win has been downgraded to a shootout win.

Or upgraded, if your in the porn biz.

BTW, did anyone notice that the Sox swept a double-header (jeez, everything is double entendre-y today? In impressive fashion? Seven in a row?

They've started to hit, which was/is my concern for this season.

Hey Kaz, definitely want to support your beardoff... What is the best way to do that? :)

Feel better, hb!

anyone else think last nights uniforms made the home team look like the mexican national team?

The best way to support my playoff beard in the Beardathon is to go to my pledge page at their website where you can choose to pay by credit card or PayPal. That's all you have to do!

You can follow my daily pic updates at my full profile here! It'll let you thumb through all of the other pics I've uploaded too.

not sure we want to see today's pix, Kaz...might resemble Kasper w/ a beard. I imagine you're a nice shade of super white today.

Get better HB - salt water gargle w/ a bourbon chaser.

@W8r - That was not my exact thought, but now that you mention it... I'm going with Mexico, and laughing all the way.

Here's Kaz in his TV commercial:


Except for the Rangers part of course. He only threw that in as a reverse gooch.

I didn't know thw Amish fielded a team.

Actually, they're very proficient at both hockey and making fake fireplace hearths.

I have 2 to home game 4 (ie, game 7) up for grabs if you're interested. Loge section 4. Coonhound24@comcast.net

Mixed emotions too, btw. Glad to see the sweep, but sooo wanted to be there for game 5. As it was I had to get updates between Clarence's solos, so a pretty good night all around

How was the show? Bruce is coming to CVille on the 5th of May. I am psych'd!!!

vasoxfan - is he playing at Scott Stadium? My first year dorm was across the street - always thought that would be a great place for a show.

and how's this for 6 degrees: a good friend's sister is married to Clarence...so close but yet so far.

show was awesome, although I don't have anything to compare it to. I was a Bruce virgin. Went on at 8:05, played straight thru til 10:45. Dropkick Murphys joined in the encores, too. Started the night with the "B Street Band" at the Harp (Joe Maddon's HS buddy), who were pretty decent, too. Turns out the have a gig opening at the end of the summer- they were booked for the wedding of the Craigslist dude ;-) Clarence can still blow, but he's looking old.

Thanks buckner and sonomasox. Not Scott Stadium the new John Paul Johns Arena (U2 is playing Scott Stadium). JPJ is a nice place for a concert. Saw Elton John there- talking about getting old... but he can still jam!! Are the Dropkick Murphys touring with him or is that just a local thing? That would be so cool to see them even if only for an encore.

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