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Sick, Day 2

Your omniscient author in absentia:
I can't stop coughing long enough to even consider writing a strip. Bleh.



Hope you're back on your feet soon, hb. Rest and warm brandy are the order of the day. Get better so we can all have fun at Mahty's expense next week after the Sox sweep the Skanks.

(or, er, lose three straight... Reverse gootch, pls.)

...and such a good weekend coming up too :(

I think this is all a set up so HB can con Mrs HB into letting him lay on the couch and watch the games this weekend.

Nobody around here says "Wooo!!" except me.

-"The Nature Boy" Ric Flair

Hot Toddies are the answer. My mom used to make them for me when I was sick as an infant.

Wait. Oh. That explains many, many things.

Thanks Mom.

Forget the hot toddy. Two dropped eggs on toast cures just about any illness.

With a fizzy double-Berocca.

And a bowl of menudo.

Heh. If H.B. follows even half of these suggestions, he's going to be really messed up.

I wish I were "sick" today so I could go to the first day of Jazz Fest with my husband and daughter(she picked her little Sox hat to wear and no, it's not pink). Then again, I would probably run into my boss there.

LC, I highlighted Del McCoury for tomorrow on your suggestion. But after that I have to choose between James Taylor, Wilco, Erykah Badu, Wynton Marsalis, and Johnny Winter.

I loved the line from the 100 year old bat boy "but I can still enjoy watching a game because I recognize the shape of Big Papi." In my version it would be Tek's thighs.

When you are under the weather or over worked you do have access to temp workers....speaking of which, where is Lisa? Send her out here to entertain us.

My best friend's favorite drink is the hot toddy. I swear I can get a contact high from the bourbon fumes(shudder, gag). Speaking of which, did everyone hear about this bar in London where you breathe in a mist of gin... about 40 minutes is the equivalent of having a gin and tonic. Seems redundant to me; as the hilarious Michael K puts it at dlisted.com, the real genius would be in putting this application to use at the DMV or your company conference room or jury duty...http://www.dlisted.com/node/31732

PS- Kaz, you now have my ducats. Good luck with the beardathon!

Get well h.b.

that's just hb being hb.

Nola, I hope Del does the job for you, looking forward to hearing the report.

as for the yanx, the thrill is gone, esp. since every game is hyped up as a "special event"


Had a horrible cough/sore throat in college, no money and no motivation to even to go the store if I did. But did have some Kahlua in the cabinet. Straight out of the bottle - works wonders.

get better hb; on the couch for 3, and you'll be on the keyboard again in fine form

Nola - with Johnny Winter on the list, there is no other choice!

I had that cough last week, HB...wasn't helped by that extra inning freezathon in Oak. It's a good 5 day affair and then lingers for another week - embrace it not a damn thing works to remedy it: all the berocca, egg drop kalua toddy's in the world won't do it. Can only hope to contain it.

Wonder if joba throws at Youk again whether he'll get any penalty.

Fuck the Yankees.

@Nola - I saw Del at Xmas Jam - great set of music. I saw Johhny Winter also - something a bit ghoulish about watching him shamble on stage, sit, and then rip out some amazing stuff - in the "might be the last chance to see him" vein, check him out. Hard to go wrong with the others either. Damn Jazzfest - why don't they ask US how to schedule the stages?

I will be that way next week Wed night to enjoy all of 2nd wknd. A place/show to meet up at the fairgrounds? We are flying 2 flags - small pennant purple background, white circle, yellow lighting bolt, and also a replica of the old pedestrian sign that used to hang over the bridges to the infield - the green walking dude who looks like he's getting his boogie on - I always thought that meant we were suppposed to get funky and dance there in the walkways -= not everyone that got there beer knocked around by me thought that was as much fun as me though. flags are usually left rear of sound at Acura or right rear of sound on the little hill at Gentilly.

Not sure how you are managing to work with the fest going on.

oh... Redsox stuff - If the Hutt throws at Papi, I want to see a bat thrown at the Hutt. Bad stuff will fall out of that little event, but Oh, the Glory!!

Anybody going tomorrow? If so, the usual deal: Copperfield's Down Under around 2:00.

I'll be wearing a frilly dress and a boa.

Oh, SDU, Kaz and Buckner: if the barmaid has a bad cough, we can compare notes.

Guinness, raw egg, stir lightly.


Repeat until feeling better.

Jeff, I'll try to find your flag. Re: scheduling - my other WTF dilemma is at 2 on Thursday. I will miss Anders Osborne and his ex Theresa Andersson, so I can go to the Snooks tribute in Bob's frilly dress and boa.

My email is lachambers(at)firstam.com so we don't have to annoy the other posters with JF stuff and attempts to find a time to meet up. (And great, now everyone can find the pic the scientologist photographer took for work.)

It could be worse, NolaSox.

You could be whoring your picture for charity to anyone who will click the link.

I have no shame. And thanks, Natalie!

Is it beer-thirty yet?

It's Beer:04, which is close enough for me. My brain has turned to a puddle of goo.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Feel better H.B.

Bob - mmmm the barmaid at the Baseball Tavern.

Kaz, STILL bum fluff. (And Pay Pal and my computer SUCK)

hb, berocca and a red sox sweep.

I hope HB doesn't have this - looks sort of scary.


Well that was an okay game!


I've got it!! You have that Swine Flu,hb

wow!!! what a game!!!

Watching the tail end of last night's game now, tonight's game is LIVE at my neighborhood pub starting at 9:10, it's 70 degrees and sunny in London... I don't think it gets better. Go Sox!

Natalie watches the game in London and I get a blackout in the US.

We got it live downunder as well; what a laugher, what a hoot! NY (AL) suck and so on. Why did he use Papelbon in a five run game? Is it cos he was already warmed up?

And Natalie, wtf happened to your Hotspurs? Did you lose focus at 2-0 up. Thanks for nothing. ;)


Two fairly evenly matched teams.. one has got the x-factor for sure. No matter what happens tomorrow, the Yanks have a lot to prove this season. This is looking like the last five years all over again for the Bombers.
Did anyone see the asshat Yanks fan cheering and waving his arms behind home plate during the 9th of Friday night's game? I'm guessing it was one of you guys instituting a serious reverse gooch. Well done.

came into the mens bar and paps on the mound up 8-6, fiqured it was over. at the end, i had 14 angel fans yelling "yankees suck", almost asked to leave the bar. cant wait till sunday.

Hope you get better soon. Last nights game must have been a real pick me up for you. It was for me.

Hoping that between now and 8 PM Joe Morgan gets hit with the swine flu.

Going to the game in a few hours, can't wait to watch the sweep live!

Yes, you really did just see that. I will remember this game forever!

How sweep it is! Too bad it's only April...

Awesome weekend...

And to top it off, this from the NYT:

“That’s the constant wear and tear your body takes, playing all these games,” said Damon, who has played more than 2,000 in his career.

Ha! Fuk u.

And whomever was at the Sunday game, please feel free to share all of the details about Ellsbury's steal - that must have been outstanding...

Girardi death watch is on.

I have renewed respect for Remy and Don. The mindless stream of drivel coming from the ESPN trio of dimwits was unbearable. My wife said that if these were the regular hosts then we wouldn't be watching anywhere near as many games. Glad I don't have to have that shitfight.

Can any one say 'SWEEP'? Pinstripes and billion dollars stadiums dont count fah nothin' if you can't hit.

i was at the game last nite with my dad. we're in section 16, which gave a perfect view of the steal. ells was leading off 3rd pretty far, petitte had his back to him and was just to his set. suddenly, ells took off and we were like 'where the fuck is he going?!?!?!? drew hung in there and then gave way - we all stood up and started jumping up and down, and when he slid in there, there it took a couple of seconds for people to figure out what had happened. when they did, fenway absolutely exploded, and i could see the smile on ells' face from under the coke sign! people were jumping up and down and screaming until he took a curtain call - it was absolutely electric. coolest thing i've seen since 4 consecutive hr's, also vs. the yanks. i was cold up until that moment - and was warm for the rest of the game. absolutely amazing!!!!!

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