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Ready and waiting

Well, so the old girl's got anothah 40 to 50 years in her.


Fenway's like the Demi Moore of ballparks — she gets bettah with age.


I dunno I know some of the more surly (yet lovable) among us aren't going to be jumping for joy with this news.


But you've gotta appreciate the agile development cycle they're using. Every season of the past 8 they've opened with another iteration of improvements.


So this is it guys, the last weekend sans baseball until next Novembah.


Francona says, "I think we're about as ready to go as you can be."


Bring it on like Donkey Kong.



Did Fenway get a new foul ball screen? Boston.com thought it worthy of 4 pictures.

I wonder what ticket prices will be like in 50 years...and will we still have Fenway franks??

Yes, there will still be Fenway Franks. But in a nod to brilliant gastonomy, mustard and ketchup will be replaced by Sriracha.

Can't wait for Monday. And Wednesday, when I'll be attending with my buddy Robert and a Real Doll named Surly Temple.

Not to be confused with Surly Tipple.

Speaking of Fenway Franks and changes at Fenway, FFs have changed this year back to a local maker, Kayem in Chelsea. They're boasting a new flavor, 100% beef, and a "cold fusion process" that locks in the fat, er, flavor. You can check it out at NECN.

Cold fusion, eh? Now that's what I call putting technology to good use. Physicists have been working for years to finally seal in the frank fat.

I'll bet the "cold fusion" franks go better with "frost brewed" beer!

When are they signing another bat? Not enough pop in this lineup. Hopefully that will be addressed at the trading deadline. If not it aint gonna happen even with the improved pitching.

Over at that liberal rag the NY Times, they have a panoramic view of the new Toilet Bowl.

Wow, it is fantastically uninspiring... It has no character, looks like it's trying to be a football stadium, and is perfect match for that organization!

Here's an argument in favor of a mercy rule in baseball. 49-1 wholloping; 22 runs in the first inning alone... Suppose the coach took all the players out for Fenway Franks afterward to make them feel better?


They already had the Surly Tipples before they played.

Whistle sounding at Mr. Slate's quarry.

Beer cart...yabba, dabba, IPA!


Have a great weekend all. Unless it rains all day, I'm pretty sure we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

all I get out of this is that I'll be dead before there is a new ballpahk.

Thnx, Luscious.

Bring on the rAAAys, baby!

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