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Opening Day, Take Two

So let's try this again, shall we?


Deja vu all ovah again.


I don't know about you but I'm liking the nascent CC-Tex era for the Yankees.


"Putrid first impressions." Heh.



memo to CC: pinstripes aren't slimming


Especially loved how Tex came up huge with the Skanks rallying, men on base, and the game still on the line.




I love schadenfreude.
Off topic, but wanted to let fellow fans know- they have renewed Friday Night Lights for two more seasons. Albeit without Riggins apparently, but I will suffer through. :)

How can they do FNL Lights when all the cast is now feature on Lost? Actually, only 2, Herk and the broad who plays QB7's mother.

Oh wait they are actors and can do other things. My bad.

Anyone check out the MLB Network last night to see the revolutionary MLB Tonight? God awful boring.

Who knew schadenfreude would kick in on day one? Regarding FNL, I'm surprised they haven't tried to develop more underlassmen. With Riggins, Tyra, Landry, Leila, and Matt all graduating, that leaves only Julie and the insipid, cowering JD McCoy. The dynamic of the show to me is the Taylors as ur-parents to a bunch of high schoolers who in turn are parenting their dysfunctional biological parents. Where will it go from here?

I had a weird thought today. The Boston Globe is dying. That means CHB will be out of a job soon. Does he get a job at, say, the Herald? Or does he eat a ton of crow and self-publish on a blog? 38curlies.com?

I saw Sunday's NY Post, and surprisingly, 4 of the 7 writers picked the Red Sox over the Yankees for the division title. Reverse gooch attempt, or do they see the potential for shortcomings in the Spankee offense and middle relief? Or maybe the potential, and I stress potential, awesomeness of the Red Sox pitching.

Watched the yanks yesterday. Joe Morgan is fast out of the gate and already in mid-season form.

To paraphrase.

Jon Miller: The Yankees only hit .262 with RISP last year. Although this man, Jeter, hit .340 and Damon hit .360, with RISP.

Morgan: Well it depends upon the number of runners on base.

Thanks Joe, you really nailed it.


Priceless, Kaz.

Landry is still a junior. But I totally agree, PSP. I guess we will have to fall in love with a whole new set of characters. I hope they don't make Madison the next Lila. For some reason that actress bugs me. Maybe its that she comes across as about 30 years old!

Oh, and Reverse Gooch attempt, Y.

Trouble is, NYC writers are so stupid, they don't realize that by attempting a reverse gooch, they're actually reversing the reverse.

Yes - I saw the MLB tonight mess. A ship without a rudder, captain, or even any wind.

I had wondered if the MLB network would spell the end of Baseball Tonight and Webgems. No it will not - we will still have to go somewhere besides MLB to get good MLB news.

Another unconscionable digression, but I am planning a trip to Portugal for July... any Soxaholix been and have recs for good places to stay in Lisbon and Porto?

Sorry. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming. 5 hours til gametime!

Just got a pretty cool e-mail from the Red Sox. It had a picture of yesterday's sunrise over the right field lights and the skyline of Boston from the left center upper deck. The caption says:

"Here, we celebrate New Year's in April."

You can download a copy from the wallpapers section of the Sox website (as well as a picture of "Otriz"...doh).

Under the picture in the e-mail it said:

170 days since October 19th.
55.2 inches of snow in Boston.
34 games in Florida.
1 Opening Day postponement.
It's about time.


Your Friends at the Boston Red Sox

Good stuff. Good stuff. Play ball!

More like a ship without a Dutch Rudder Jeff .

HR - ok - I must admit I had to make a quick stop at the Urban Dictionary re: Dutch Rudder. LOLOLOL - although the problem may have been a bit too much Dutch Rudder amongst those fellas last night.

Let's face it...We've been spoiled by Don and Jerry. Given, it doesn't seem that it should be that difficult for a national network such as ESPN to put together a competent broadcast team...And then I remember FOX. There must be more to it than I can imagine.

Quote of the day: referring to Lugo, manager Terry Francona said. “The one thing we really want him to be able to do is to be able to play before he starts playing in games, not just DH."

Lugo as DH?

This from McSweeney's yesterday:

I got a good laugh...

Snarfed my Coca-Cola, Larry There. Thanks for sharing.

I had to look that one up too. Awesome. Always glad to add to my slang repertoire.

BTW working on something quietly on the side the next day or so having to do with breaking out of the Clampdown, and it's going to chew up some of my time. So I may have to throw a placeholder strip out tomorrow or next day. If this pans out, well, HB will be happy as Dutch Rudder in a squall.

Is it 4:05 yet??

Man, this day is just DRAGGING...

The ARod bit at McSweeny's is just fraking hilarious.




By the way, Soxaholix and Surviving Grady had a simul-title today. Weird.

How about the little one?

I'm channeling Lee Dorsey.

(Ride the Pony)


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