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OK, for now...

There was a time, not so very long ago, when opening the season at 2 and 4 and sitting in last place would be cause for great alarm.


Yeah, those were the days. We'd be red in the face saying, "This is April '96 all ovah again!"


Now it's all, "So they left a staggering 26 men on base? No biggie."


Right. And averaging just 3.4 runs per game? Chill, baby.


Just got to kick back and be patient.


Seriously, if Madonna can wait 18 months to buy another African kid, we can wait a bit on the Sox to turn things around.


Because they will turn it around.





Yes, I know, I know, it's only six games into the season.

But with the occasional streaky exception, I have a feeling this will be a team that either lives by pitching, or dies by it.

Of course, this bad start could all be the result of fans preferring ketchup over Sriracha, and the truck driver who tried to spurn them:


Last year they started the same way. It turned out pretty good.


Painfully evident yesterday, it may take a long time to adjust to the departure of the famous hot dog. And I do not mean the switch from Ballpark Franks to Kayems....

The season is over before it begins - third place here we come.


What is the URL for that wiki you created? I want to add a permanent sidebar link to it.

It is evident that the Tampa Bay Devildogs are here to stay and are the team to beat in the AL East. From what I have seen of the Sox this past 6-games they are not built to compete with TB. They are built to compete with an aging Yankees team. Not a good sign for the season at all.

"The Sox will be fine. The Bruins will win the Stanley Cup. The Celtics are going back-to-back. BU won the National Championship and will have a parade on Tuesday at noon from Kenmore to Marsh Plaza."

What?? Are you all CRAZY?! It's the first plague of the apocalypse out there: bad baseball!! We're all gonna die! We're all gonna die!!

Get a grip, fellow enthusiasts of the small, white, cow-hide ball. How could we even expect them to win when the only red on their entire uniform was ironed on by their moms just before the game? They will pull through, but it's going to be a lot of close, ugly games. This is the new Red Sox: great pitching that can sometimes fall apart and gritty determined hitting that will miss between 7 to 8 times at the plate but score often enough as long as the pitching holds up.

BTW, h.b., the link is here:


The Sox have nowhere to go but up.

Am I the only one who caught Yazb's reverse gooch?

With these two upcoming late starts, I'm more concerned with my productivity than that of the Sox.

Look at it this way, the Sox just played two series against teams that will most likely win 90+ games, whereas the Skanks just played the O's and the Royals... Plus, the Y's and the Rayhawks will beat up on each other all year. So its not like we're the only ones who are going to have tough stretches.

The bats will come around, they always do. Hell, Ortiz might even get an extra base hit sometime this year.

The sky isn't falling but maybe these defeats are a blessing in disguise on how to cure ourselves of the LOBster menace. We also played two great teams, the non-fluke Rays and the always tricky Angels. The Yanks on the other hand beat up the Royals and played the decent Orioles.

We just have to solve pitching frustration (Papelbon e.g.) and how to connect with the ball. Everyone on that team is showing promise, but coordination is the name of the game.

SOSH (not a member, just a lurker) was pretty funny on Friday night with the 'Dead Pitcher Drinking Game'.

No time to get down...heading out the Al Davis' piss hole this afternoon w/ the rest of the sriracha and booze lovin' bay area sox fans.

Always interesting to see which guy is trying to out New England the next. The DeMoulas tee or The 99 tee.

...just hoping my Soxaholix tee shows up before tomorrow's early departure from work for game 2, you know, to prove my worth.

On a lighter note. I once again have access to (2) great seats for your Colorado Rockies this season. If anyone here on this creepy site is in the Mile High City this summer let me know and I will be more than happy to give them to you. Yes tickets are free here in Denver...

Pitching seems fine, not great, but winnable efforts. Hitting - good god. Either the boys are not listening to their hitting coach or he needs to be canned. Harsh maybe - but WTF?

And can someone please hit a line drive foul ball into Sciosia's grille?

Of course there's nothing to be alarmed about. There's still 156 games left. I don't like losing, I don't like being in last place, but the sox just have to heat up and everything will turn out fine.

BTW: This is the second time I've seen your site and I love the comic strip set-up, it's wicked pissah


I don't think this has been discussed yet but I think its clear it should be. And we know why the Shamwow guy won't be featured.

RIP Harry Kalas.

If God starts picking off National League announcers, why start with him?

if you catch my drift

Phil Spector was found quilty of murder.

He's crazier than Batshit Tavares you know.

and now Mark Fydrych is dead? This is a bad day, my friends

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