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Need another day on the DL

Your omniscient author in absentia:
Bad timing — A streak of 11 and I'm too out of it to give voice to the Soxaholix to discuss it.

But I'm on some heavy duty meds, including that sweetest of elixirs known as codeine cough syrup, which are putting me in la-la land (Oh, hi, Manny!) and allowing me to sleep, sleep, and sleep.

So I hope to be back soon.



Just get well, hb

h.b., while you're there tripping with Manny, see if he'll kick down some of what he's on. Might cuase you to stage a major problem at your workplace, but you'll feel real good while you do it!

get well - tough time in Sox land to not be feeling as good as the rest of us.


Sleep, my pretty, sleep.

Gosh, hb, this is sounding bad. Hope you're up and at 'em soon.

Funny though, how the Sox keep winning while you linger in virus-induced ennui. Hmm. If the correlation holds, we may need to move you to a hospital in Raccoon City. Just to assure a successful baseball season, you see.

Sorry you're so sick, h.b. Get well soon, hope the Sox wins are helping your pain and taking your medication-induced fantasies to new heights.

Ah, codine based cough syrup. Reminds me of college. Fighting off some dorm-fueled bug, I decided that if one dose of the syrup was good, two would be better.

The only thing I remember is lying on my back on the floor feeling my arms both feel like lead and yet levetating. I have no recollection of anything else until mid-afternoon the next day. Friends say I did make it to class. Ah, college.

With all this DL time maybe HB needs to change his initials to JD.

"With all this DL time maybe HB needs to change his initials to JD."


Manny who? Jason Bay seems determined to move into a new tax bracket, eh?

Manny who?

Get back H.B. I don't even know how to feel without you my friend.

God bless Kerry Wood.

get well hb - the streak will be waiting for you when you return.

You beat me to it, FoT!!!

Not really missing Manny right now. And Papi appears to be settling into driving balls off the Monstah!

This JayBay guy is pretty good, huh?

Maybe the cough syrup turns you into Lil Wayne and you start rapping the Soxaholix

As long as you go easy on the ink(or start tending bar in a biker joint)

No Boas allowed.

The Skankees are lowering their ticket prices.

Just get well. We'll be fine ('cept Bob maybe). We are all greatful that you started this with your prediction that http://www.soxaholix.com/tp/2009/04/a-streak-starts-at-1.html "> a streak starts at 1

OK - who put the Lugo in the punchbowl?

Ugly. Just ugly.

Lopez and Lugo...some definitely streak-killing juice right there.

Why Theo why?!?

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