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Well rain delays suck, but day-night double-headahs more than make up for it.


Meanwhile, Lowrie is out, Green is in at short.


How appropriate, you know with it being Earth Day and all.


Oh is it? Hmmm you'd think there would be more PR hype and misleading mahketing campaigns to accompany it. Heh.


Yeah, so today, but just today, I made it a point to turn off the watah when brushing my teeth.


I'm sure Gaia is very proud of you.


Yeah, it's the little things that count, and by count I mean aren't worth a rat's ass in the big scheme of things.




If you lived in the high desert out West you would understand about water conservation...

Go Sox!

Weather.com says we'll get in the afternoon game, but probably not the evening game.

OK, Lisa the Temp is on Twitter.


I hope to add Bill, Mike, Circle, and Al soon to join Doug and Lisa. (Also I'll be putting links to all in the sidebar permanently.)

Again, not sure this Twitter stuff will really work as addendum to the strips, but I'm going to give it a shot.

Tampa Bay in last place is a sight for sore eyes.

hb, the only reason I signed up for twitter was for a quick chuckle in the middle of the day. I could eliminate all the other fuckers from my feed and get my LOLs from Soxaholix characters only. And haiku.

A good idea, da kine. I have MCHammer on my feed for some God forsaken reason. Oh, and Billy Mays.

My favorite bit of greenwashing... about 3/4 of the people in my company have a little tree icon at the footer of their email that says "please do not print this email unless you have to." If that doesn't sum up the preachy condescension and holier-than-thou nature of the green movement, I don't know what does. Every time I get an email with that footer I have to fight the urge to make 25 copies of it just for spite.

Is the Green Monster eco-friendly?

Who doesn't have a stash of panties somewhere in their house? Let he without a panty stash cast the first stone...

Let's hope the Sox can continue milking the cow of daytime mojo. And that Papi's swing is FIXED. He just needed to FIX IT!

HB - Love the twitter feeds.

Everyone else, check out Paul Lukas' (of espn.com) trip to NYY Steak. Comedy. Gold.

Funny, Matt.

//Oddly, the buttons on the elevator don't list floor numbers like 1, 2, and so on. Instead, the buttons have seemingly random numbers like "125," which is the button pushed by our elevator operator. I ask him what "125" stands for. He says, "You know, I have no idea."//

Actually, it's Wang's ERA.

Why the "Twitter"?? Why? The women on the "View" are "tweeting" and if I have to use any more "".... eh....

dueces wild

Oh God, it's Abby. Run fast and far my friends.

wat! no two-run homah.

Thanks Bob, love that you're in my corner! NOTE: Rarely post, only when I deem it. "Twitter" - 'nough said. Elisabeth Hasselbeck anyone? Wrong sport, same annoyance....

As we ignore Abby for the pure pleasure of it, let's ponder w8r's complaint.

Should we complain when the Sox don't have a two run homer each and every inning?

Why yes. Yes we should.

who's abbie

Who cares? The bases are loaded.

Oh. She's some hot chick.

It's "Abby," Lou. no need to feed Bob's ego.......

whatever, say hi to your dad for me

Bob's, lou. Bob's.

The game within the game.

Ouch Lou! That was a brilliant evil! Kudos!

yikes! Lou, good one!

Gasser of squirrels/
Her father gave her some pearls/
"Knew her as Nancy."

Bob.... just remember who you're dealing with. Our family's "hits" are different. Oh, my father wants to know if you would like to come over for dinner on Sunday.

Braised hedgehog I assume?

Off to meetings for the rest of the day. At least they're conference calls so I can follow GameDay.

Hey Abby, dinner in August? (I s'pose Bob can come too).

Just up and it says the 'Sox won in final 7th? Does this mean we can't play two?

Second game not likely, sdu. Another nooner tomorrow?

Thanks Kaz - how's the beard going. Still itchy? I haven't forgotten my donation but v busy since I got back. Can you email me an account number of something for direct debit from my bank.

The beard still grows! And donations to the Bruins Foundation are still happily accepted!

I'll send you an e-mail, sdu, and we'll figure something out.

That fine playoff beard must have scared the Habs into submission Kaz. :)

Yeah, too bad it's not working on the chicks in the same way, HRich. :)

Twitter is Hai Ku
Rain stops not the Boston Sox
Lisa the temp: hot!

And Kaz, that is what we call 'bum fluff' down here!

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