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April Showers

49 degrees and a 100% chance of rain, let's play some baseball!


Didn't the British say Spring in Boston is just anothah type of wintah?


Wondah if Rays fans feel miffed? I mean they win the Division last season and our rewarded by getting to open on the road in Boston.


Well you know how it is. A few Ray Hawk haircuts here and few Ray Hawk waxes there does not a baseball city make.


That could change if they go head-to-head with the Red Sox and Yankee leviathan this year.


Yeah, well, something tells me that come Octobah the Rays are going to be like Madonna adopting a Malawi kid — DENIED!



We made it!

ps why can't we get stud pitchers like that Derek Lowe fellow.


Unleash the swollen Gourd!!

And so it begins.

And yes, LC, it'd be nice to have a pitcher like Lowe. Or Saturn Balls. Or (dare I say it?) Petey.

But where do you find these guys?

Play ball!

talk about playballus interruptous. game rescheduled for Tuesday at 4. and yes, I'll be happy to take those tickets off your hands.

The Red Sox are able to jettison guys like Lowe, and their commensurate high F.A. salaries, because of their excellence in developing young pitchers from within the organization.

And it seems be working out pretty well.

But you know that.

You know you are desparate for baseball when you watch the Braves. But D-Lowe looked sharp (and trim). Does he have a new squeeze in Atlanta yet? Why do I think the MFYs are already 10 games ahead? Why doesn't Madonna just buy Malawi?

Some of us know that guys like Lowe are still hot commodity. Some of us even picked him up in a middle round in our fantasy draft. Some of us are now planning to go wire-to-wire.

But hey, let's wait another day. I can do that. Damn Pilgrims and their April showers bringing the Mayflower...or something like that.

has it really been cancelled already? I don't see anything on the Sox website about it, and it doesn't seem like the team at all to forego a few hours of concession sales at the expense of the fans' comfort

ooops, sorry lou. should've known better than to doubt the lc

another convert

One would reasonably expect the front office to let fans sit in the cold and wet for 4 or 5 hours, cancel the game, and issue rain checks for some meaningless Wednesday afternoon in August.

against the then 4th place Rays?


Wow, who saw that comin'?

... and Matt Clement laughs all the way to the bank.

That's okay, I'd rather not have any distractions tonight while I'm preparing for the Championship Game. Then tomorrow, I can sit and watch the Sox home opener with either a giddy sense of euphoria, or the good old-fashioned misery and despair that used to accompany every Red Sox game...

It's 60 degrees and sunny in London on baseball Opening Day, some game will appear on my ESPN America channel at 7:05 pm tonight (although bummer on the Sox rainout), Friday is a bank holiday, and Saturday is the start of the Caribbean vacation. I don't think life gets better, does it? Spring is here!
BTW, good luck to all the Tarheels fans out there (like my little brother).

I've won my pool no matter what happens tonight. So even though I picked NC to win I'll be rooting for the Big 10!

My bracket was totally "tale of two cities" this year. Two regional brackets were nearly 100% correct with only a few first round screwups. My other two regionals were completely fubared. I would have had UNC right in the finals (against UConn) if it weren't for my fandom for Duke putting them all the way through (and winning it all, of course). It was the best of brackets, it was the worst of brackets.

I'm a little surprised the Spanks didn't pick up Matt Clement.

Hey Kaz, exactly how high were you when you picked Duke to win it all? Not that I have any feelings either way...

On a lighter note, it sure would be great to give those people in Detroit one more reason to hate life.

wha? Opening Day??!! Wouldn't know it out here, aside from a few of us - the obsessed east coast expatriates that inter mingle. Even after 9 yrs the utter lameness of sports fans in this region amazes. Maybe if Joe Montana pitched for the Giants it'd be different.

speaking of comebacks...any news on El Guapo? or OCB?

@sonomasox - I lived around LALA land for a couple years and found the same problem. If the local team is not in it, they don't even cover the event. The Super Bowl was not even front page of the sports section in the LA Times once the Raiders were out of the playoffs. Truly the land of fruits and nuts. But the weather is awfully nice.

Watching Mets at Cincy live from London. A moment for how awesome it is to see live, real baseball- squee! The best sport ever invented by man... glad to have it back. And always excited to have this site to guide us through this season. Giddy? Yes, that's I... :)

HR, Clement is holding out for 2 years, $30 million. The mfy's won't pay it until CC loses a game...

Watching Yankees-Orioles, schadenfreude rules my brain.

$$ Sabathia 4.1 ip, 6 runs
Te$era: 0 for 4

Cashman is placing calls to Pedro, Clement, Schilling and Mussina...

1/2 game lead on the yanks - go lads! (stupid rain)

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