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.500 Ball

Yestahday I heard someone say that "the best thing about Tuesday's game is that it replicated the game we all played in our head every day of the off-season …"


Well, last night's game was the kind we suppressed all off-season.


Christ, Kazmir vs Lestah? C'mon, I was like pre housing bubble collapse flippah with a no money down 110% to value A.R.M. waiting to collect on the "sure thing."


Seriously, when Lestah threw the waist high and right down the middle cuttah to Peña, I felt like the time my Uncle Murph went to the Baptist wedding — "Where's the juice?"


Well, this is why the bearded prophet gave unto us the rubbah game. Win it, take the series, and move on.



kazmir had a gnarly slider going on last nite - and the fact that the hpu was being extremely generous with the outside of the plate didn't help...i was hoping that the sox pitchers would catch on and try to get in on some of that, but it didn't materialize. strike 2 to lowry with the bases loaded was just plain outside. period.

Nice showing by the Yanx, though

Yeah, fun to see the Skanks pitching so far.

That pitch to Pena was such a meat

-ball (sorry), that people in the bleachers were coming up with different terms to describe it.

My buddy Robert's was my fav: an Alka Seltzer.

(eg. "That's a spicy meatball.")

Yes. Lester is actually lucky they didn't ring him up more often with some of his misses, I mean pitches.

April baseball. But hey, my dream of an all time record breaking number of wins is still in play.

Garza v Hiro
I will be there at the game
My Opening Day

Live Red Sox coverage tonight on ESPN America here in London. Woo hoo! Cannot wait to really feel as though the season has begun...

So what's a reasonable amount of time for Theo to wait before putting in a call to the Angels front office?

Completely and utterly off any sort of topix, but this is so f-ing cool.

As a few of you know, all the residents of my building on Hull Street are being forced out on June 1 ("massive re-construction"; read: condo conversion).

Anyway, Abby and I signed-on for a new place right around the corner yesterday.

Probably should have Googled the address before signing anything (BTW, at the end of this old Boston Globe article, note the date it was published):

What haunts the house on Sheafe Street?

Something sinister seems to haunt a local Boston house. Whatever it is has destroyed three families in the last 40 years.

The house at 20 Sheafe Street has been the site of fear, madness, death, and possibly murder since before the turn of the century.

In 1880, a family of French immigrants by the name of LeDeux rented the property and moved in. What horrors happened to those people that year will never be known save that a series of violent attacks of some kind left both parents dead and their three children crippled for life.

The house stood vacant for almost 20 years but in 1909, another family moved in. From the time they moved into the house, Mr. and Mrs. Jones fell prey to illness and sickness, almost as if the house itself were conspiring against them. Their children did not fare much better though all of them lived in the house for several years.

The terror reached a head when, in 1914, the oldest of the Jones children went mad and killed himself with a kitchen knife. The Jones family moved out after that, heartbroken at their loss.

A third family rented the house in 1917 but left after less than a month when all of them became ill at the same time.

Is the house haunted? Perhaps there is something wrong with the water or some disease still lingers there from when it was built.

In any case, anyone who dares live there now had better be brave and strong for they take their lives into their own hands.

(This article is found amid the archives of the Boston Globe. It is dated Monday, October 28, 1918.)


Of all the creepy things ever on this creepy site, that is the creepiest by far.

Well done.

Well, since the early morning hours of October 28, 2004, whatever walks in Sheafe Street walks alone.

I've got tickets to the game tomorrow night. Been excited and looking forward to it for weeks. Now I have this weird feeling about the game. It's almost like when you get together with a friend that had a family member die.

Let us know if you need an Exorcist,Bob

This totally sucks for me.... now there's some strange proof of innocence for Bob when I end up dead... in a "mysterious" fashion of course....

Get back in the basement, Abby!

All work and no play makes Bob a dull boy
All work and no play makes Bob a dull boy
All work and no play makes Bob a dull boy

I didn't do it

@yazbread: too soon?

Heeeeere's Bobby...

LC - too soon for what? Tasteless commnets. The sun is over the yardarm.

You know, even though last night's game seems like a blowout, remember: Lowrie was up in the 8th with the bases loaded and the Sox down by four. That's when Bob gooched him by singing "Come listen to a story 'bout a man named Jed." When he came home last night, he admitted as such.

Since we haven't moved yet, Bob can't kill me for calling him out..... goocher...

Bob- no chance Babe Ruth lived there at any point, right? From personal experience, I can say that is a particularly bad omen. :)

Abby, I promise I for one won't rest until justice is done if you wind up dead under mysterious circumstances. They do great things with forensics, and I hear sirracha leaves a trace. :)

No Sox on TV. Sky lied to me! It's the (ugh) NHL. MLB Game Day for me. Sigh.

Natalie, thank you! However... Much to my chagrin, and I say MUCH... all we really watch are true crime shows, so he knows exactly what to do... but, then again, so do I.

Remember what offense was like? It's been so long...

Is the Landlord a bald black man who sound suspiciously like Hong Kong Phooey?

Nat - the way this one is going, you may want to find some old Jefferson re-runs on youtube instead.

Abby- a likeminded woman! I am addicted to true crime and always joke with my friends that I'd know exactly how to kill someone if I wanted to. Luckily, I'm a lover, not a fighter. :)

sonomasox- I am about to boot up the third episode in season two of Dexter. Gameday just doesn't do it. I'll catch the score after I see what my favorite serial killer is up to. But from your message (and what I have already seen) I won't rush...

Time to change the headline?

Yeah, .333 ball.

Still Tek hits another one out. Seems like he already has more homers than last year.

that kinda sucked, however exciting at the end.


Bob, not sure why I was curious about your new building - perhaps I watch too much Ghosthunters - but after looking at the google street view there may be an Italy loving, dog with suicidal tendencies in residence, as well.


If anything should happen to you, can I have your 10-game plan? :-)

First sriracha of the season yesterday. Absolutely great day at the yard, with the exception of the final score (and the fact that it took nearly 4 hours to get there). Garza really took the crowd out of it, too
Still, sure as hell beats working

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