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.333 ball?

So going into season 3 of the Daisuke era this is what I want to know …


Is Matsuzaka the Pete Carroll of MLB pitching? I mean just like how Pete Carroll is on another plane when it come to college coaching greatness, Dice-K is unequaled in the Japanese league and the watered-down WBC …


But put him in the Show and all of a sudden he is Emperor What the Fuck-san?


Yeah, well, I think we should let him get a few games undah his belt in '09 before we draw too many conclusions.


Oh, right, of course. "It's Early Yet™"


But it's early for the Rays, too, but they seem to deal.


Look the Orioles have the same record as the Rays, but do you really think that has a lot of meaning of 3 games?


Remembah: small sample size.


You're right. Size does mattah.



On to Anaheim. I don't envy anyone in that park tonight.

Random thought: I'd hate to be the wig wrangler on the set of Lost


I think Dice-K will be fine; 17-19 wins, annoyingly long games, the occasional clunker.

You know, like Letterman.

Yikes-little man in a boat overboard :)

Those annoying Rays.
Dice-K thrown like a rag doll.
Just wait until May.

On the up side, BU won against Vermont in the Frozen Four. They'll play again on Saturday against Miami(OH) for the final at 7 PM on ESPN.

I predict a 9-1 win for BU.

Emperor What the fuck-san was worth a big fat laugh from me. Great line.

Totally off point here.. From White Castle to the White House.. Kumar, who also left House last week with a bullet in his head, has signed up for a job in the white house in the public liaison office. Now they just have to find positions for Cheech and Chong and the 4:20 press conference will be SRO.

Come on, Kaz.

That's a gooch of icy proportions.

It'll be 8-1 at best.

On to Anaheim. I don't envy anyone in that park tonight

Sox show sympathy by having a Wake on the mound.

Punny, tasteless, and yet great, yazbread.

The Herald WILL rip that off you know.

fuckin yazbread gets three adjectives...

Great story for UVM, though, Kaz. Moving from the ECAC just a few years ago to the big boys in Hockey East and giving the "OMG, they are SOOOO great" BU a run for their money. That was a great game. In the end, too much Offense from BU.

Go Bruins.

Diceksan wil be fine. Okisan, though, seems to suck.

I'm just peeved that the BJ's are probably going to hold on to first place until next week.

BJs always seem better when someone's holding on, Mahty...

(Okay, yazbread I'm not.)

For the first time in my life, I'm not looking forward to going to a Red Sox game.

"A Wake on the mound"........I hope I have the good sense and self control to NOT say that out loud tonight. Maybe I shouldn't drink tonight.

Absolutely, vermonter, it was probably the best of the 3 games in the Frozen Four this year as I'm not expecting to see a slugfest between the two final teams. I would have loved to have seen Bemidji State vs BU however. "The Giant Slayer vs the final Giant"...would have been epic regardless of score.

Alright, Soxaholix, lovers of things Boston, I call upon you for an important task.

I'm growing a playoff beard for charity!

Visit the link, see my beard at the beard-a-thon, pledge money for my playoff beard, vote for my beard, leave creepy-surly-lovable comments for my beard, pass on word to your Bruins-loving friends to visit my beard! I will try to post a pic-a-day as it grows and I won't shave it until the Bruins are out of the playoffs (longer if the pledges keep coming in). All pledges go to a good cause and you can use Paypal or Credit Card to pledge.

Enjoy, and Go Bruins!

Heh...Bemidji State...

Jan 1, 2010 - Big Schill drives the Zamboni, Lucic hangs Ovechkin from Pesky Pole, and Mike Milbury introduces NBC's jock sniffer Bob Costas to his Tom McCanns.


Beer Cart beckons, with its siren song of hops and loopiness.

Here's to getting back to .500 ball, haunted buildings, and a Wake on the mound.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

I'm in Tokyo with mrs sdu, the 5 y/o sox fan - leave you people alone for 3 days and we go from 1000 ball to 250 ball - jesus wept, and no wonder by christ. And Kaz, work harder - that is fuzz, not a beard.

Blossoms spring 'ternal
Red stockings on west coast swing
Get yer finger out!

http://www.japanball.com/swallows.htm "> Swallows v Giants Thursday

Smart marketing strategy-start playoff beards with 2 regular season games to play.LOL

In Miami pre Caribbean cruise watching the Sox on real live TV. God, I love the U S of A.

It's time to fire Francona's sorry ass. Once again, today, we have Baldelli hitting ahead of Bay and Lowell. Baldelli had 80 AB last year. Bay hit 31 HR, with 111 Runs and 101 RBI. Bay lifetime has a .375 OBP and .516 Slugging Percentage. What a joke!They're both right-handed. The better hitter should be in position to knock in Pedroia and Youkilis. Ortiz is done. I can't stand the way he shuffles back to the dugout after an out. He can't play the field, he's hurt, he can't run, his attitude sucks. Why is he hitting third? Move him out of here. Lowell looks like an old man. Drew is already missing games. We have no bench. Lowrie is overmatched at the plate. Wakefield should be moved out of here also. Let's package Ellsbury, Lowrie, Wakefield, Ortiz and Buccholz to San Diego for Adrian Gonzalez and anybody else. Gonzalez would tear up Fenway Park. Bay needs to be hitting behind Youkilis. Can't wait to see how many rallies Baldelli kills today.

Great catch looking into the sun by Baldelli - he sure killed that rally.

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