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You can always count on Lisa

Lisa the Temp:
Are you kidding me, peeps? It's the day after St. Patrick's Day.


Lisa the Temp:
The only ones who managed to drag their raggedy asses in are all tallow-faced and queasy.


Lisa the Temp:
But if you're feeling fine, and you know Lisa is so fine, then get to work, my peeps.


Lisa the Temp:
It's *all* about productivity in today's economy.



I went to a nice Mexican bar last night. Quiet, able to get work done. No vomit on the floor.

But then, this morning, while walking to work, I had to step over about ten piles of up-chuck.

Truly Single A night in terms of drinking.

I drank one beer last night while watching AI with the family. It was a Troeg's Nugget Nectar, possibly the finest ale brewed in the US. When you have my last name you don't need to prove your Irish-ness one night a year :)

Great link. I now totally want to start a band called Debatable Underpants.

Did anyone see Youk's blast last night? He creamed-and-buttered that pitch.

Then, led off the 9th with a Greek God of Walks throwback.

Love DU's new album "Be candid, be candid beautifully."

Coincidentally - my generated band was the "Republic of Ireland Women's National Football Team." After our St. Patrick's parade on Saturday, I felt like my head had been kicked around by them.

Truth in Berocca?

That pic reminds me of Spree Day on the WPI campus in the 70's. Good times...

The DU was a very popular frat that got de-chartered (or whatever you call it) my sophomore year for various debaucheries. Debatable Underpants, indeed!

St. Pat's, New Year's Eve, May 5, Halloween, Thanksgiving at the inlaws - they are all the same. You just can't go join a sporting event like these and expect to do well without proper training. Any succesful campaign whether it be baseball or drinking needs a good training regimen with proper ramping up of strength. Of course mishaps and setbacks will occur such as pulled abdominals or passing out in the pile of trash, but its all part of the necessary pre-season to hanging with the professionals on the championship nights.

in re band names: some good ones at SXSW again this year - good music too - jealous.

Haven't you attended in the past HB?

The Brits have your nuts or are you able to get away this year?

Let us not forget 4-20 (just around the corner)

Seeing one A-Rod is pretty special, but seeing two A-Rods kissing is a gift from God.

and don't forget


Yar, Bob, I leapt out of my chair when Youk hit that homer, it was so VERY gone.

A fantastic game, the US victory is owed to Youk as much as anyone (some excellent defense, too).

No SXSW for me. Or anything else. I've turned into quite the penny pincher ever since the economy tanked and my job situation became iffy.

Let us not forget 4-20 (just around the corner)

Hitler's Birthday??

last night, i went to the Dropkick Murphy's show at The House of Blues, drank enough Guinness to sink an armada, and only traded punches with one guy...

all in all, today was a day of prideful remembrance. damn, it feels good to be irish.

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