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Too funny to wait 'til Monday

Rider on Green Line:
I guess she didn't like his nuts.


Rider on Green Line:
And how is the ShamWow at, say, absorbing blood?



am I the only male on the planet that doesn't use hookers?

no, lou- there's at least 2 of us?
Is her hooker name Shlamazzo?

And then you wake up with a stripper from the Glass Slipper and blood in your hair.

Posted by: Bob | 2009.03.27 at 09:35 AM

wow, Bob- any thoughts about the Stanley Cup this year? Or, hell, tomorrow's lottery #?

I'm amping up my sriracha ingestion ;D

I came on a Saturday figuring if their was anything that would cause a weekend strip, it would be ShamWow guy and a hooker. I was correct.

amazing, 44? - a bit of hair gel, a wireless mic attached to your face and a guzzled four pack of Red Bull - takes 20 years off.

I'm thinking the small size shamwow balled up and stuffed in his mouth like cotton packing to stop the bleeding - keep one on your boat, in your car, in your hooker hotel handbag - use it for everything!

The arrest papers say that the 'codef' (one presumes the hooker) only had $930 in her purse even thought the agreement was $1000 for something called 'straight sex'. So either the Sham Wow guy (of whom I was blissfully unaware until this Sunday - AEST - morning) ripped her off or the coppers are as crooked as a dog's hind leg. And cheap.

Looks like he shamwow'd all of the dye right out of his hair too, but at least there's no mildew!

Are you following me,Camera Guy??

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