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Spring rites, Winter bites

Nothing beats a majah snow storm in March to drain the piss right out of ya.


Seriously. It's Wintah's equivalent of the jilted ex-lovah keying your cah.


"Oh, dreaming of warm April days in Fenway now are you? Well, you're not going to forget me that easy now you friggin bastard. And tell your little bitch whore, Spring, to watch her back, too"


So are you ready for "The Classic"?


Yeah, nothing like a few consequential games in March to make things interesting.


And by "consequential" I, of course, mean having absolutely no consequence whatsoevah.


And if it's good enough for El Papi, it's good enough for me.


Well, I'm very happy for you, but I remain a proud and unapologetic WBC agnostic.



I want to find a connection between the WBC and a fluffer, but I'm drawing a blank... Maybe because they both keep you marginally aroused for the real thing?

And it's not just the snow. The bloody wind and cold are the real kickers here. It's so cold with the wind chill here in CT this morning that I saw a dog stuck to a fire hydrant.

Thank you, thank you... You're too kind.

(And I'm with Dougy. Like today's weather, the WBC leaves me cold. Meh.)

We've got 8 inches of snow on the ground here 50 miles south of DC. I'm planning on blowing off the afternoon and taking the kid and the sleds to the park.

would that be Nationals Park? That was a pretty good snow job, wasn't it?

So I trudge through the snow to work, trying to be a good boy. Only to find that we're allowed to work from home today.

Great email, that one. Sent at 8:30. Which is when work starts.

so every monday for the last three there has been a storm and no work or school and then i had to go someplace last week for work where it never snows and it snowed of course so my life pretty much sucks, but keep in mind that if is snowing in sterling va, it will be sunny and warm tomorrow, so there's that and im glad you brought up the wbc because it is stupid even though italy gets to have a team and it stretches out spring training something wicked, since if you remember there were actual real games in march last year, being the tokyo series, but now we have to wait so late that opening day is in boston which never happens, which reminds me walt got kinda big didn't he not to mention megan fox


Pass the Allens.

I have to admit I think the WBC is a fine idea. Having lived in a few places where the World Cup was popular (and, in one case, even took place) I love the idea of doing something similar for baseball. I just hope it catches on . . .

The WBC is awesome.

rainy and 60...what a bitch. my son asked for a sunny day - it kinda pissed me off since he doesn't know winter. want to send to his grandparents but they're in Fla. like most of the older N.E crowd.

re: Allen's: Bet a fellow Mainer in October that Obama would win. His duty is to send a handle of the brown stuff west...still waiting

Okay, lou, let's lay off the Five Hour Energy Shots with Red Bull chasers, hmm?. Wow, talk about your stream of consciousness writing...

Ladies and gentlemen (and I use the term loosely), let's give give a warm round of applause to lou clinton, the Hermann Hesse of The Soxaholix site.

>>Ladies and gentlemen (and I >>use the term loosely), let's >>give give a warm round of >>applause to lou clinton, the >>Hermann Hesse of The >>Soxaholix site.

I though he was more e.e.cummings


sonoma: as a Mainer in exile, here is a quick substitute for Allen's: brew a pot of coffee, throw in a shaker of sugar and top with everclear.

That'll work :)

vasoxfan - Not to go all "h.b." on everyone, but the reference was more to Hesse's Steppenwolfe, which I remember as being pretty famous for some of the stream of consciousness writing in the story. So much for the value of the "English" side of my double major in college. Shoulda been drinking down in the college pub instead of reading in the stacks. Let that be a lesson to all you kids out there.

l.c.'s name? Very much in tune with the old Double-e.

I kind of like the WBC, even though it has issues and implications for those who play. Good and bad...

Good - Made Matsuzaka a star.
Bad - Made him really fucking pricey.

Good - Players get "real" spring training.
Bad - this is not good for pitchers.

Good - Unlike the Olympics, this is an unapologetic professional baseball tournament.
Bad - Like the Brits and soccer, er footbal, er whatever, sometimes you find out that the sport your mother country invented is played better elsewhere.

Good - Like College Football and the Little League world series, I like to see games played where the players really want to win and are not just mailing it in - may not play as well as a MLB team, but they really are playing to win.
Bad - Sometimes I end up rooting against my own favorite players - if its USA v. DR, I want Papi to play just a little more '08 ball!

So I kind of like the WBC every couple years.

//I thought he was more e.e.cummings//
More Molly Bloom without the Octo-mom and affirmative attitude ('and yes I said yes')

And, uh, http://www.weather.com.au/nsw/mudgee "> sorry!

I just never could get into James Joyce, SDU. Nice call on the soliloquy, though. Talk about your stream of thought in print... You are one lovably erudite bastard, you are!

Oh, and you can take your lovely summer weather and stick it, er, down under. LOL!

Matt of CT - thanks for the recipe...haven't got that desperate for Allen's but two boys under 2 1/2 is getting me pretty close.

I take it you've tried this before?

sdu, what's so great at about a high of 28? Oh wait. Nevermind...

WBC? Wake me when its over.

Ain't a man alive can shuck and jive better than Papi can.

Sonoma: One does strange, strange things in college...

my vacation in Puerto Rico just happens to coincide with the WBC. Go figure? I gotta get some looks at El Papi this weekend. It sure beats the spring break hell that is Fort Myers. Sabroso! And cheaper too... as for Asterisk Rod, I'll be ready for him too.

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