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Officially Spring

I know both Pedroia and Youks are adamant in their disavowals of the WBC playing any role in their injuries but …


Yeah, it *could* have happened "anywhere" but the truth is it *did* happen at the WBC.


It's time for Selig to end his little international fête.


It's time for Selig to move on in general. What is he appointed for life or something?


Seriously, its a mattah of national interest.


I think Obama should step in and remove Selig from powah, you know, send Bud to be Commish of the Special Olympics or something.


Speaking of the disabled, formah DL listah Brad Penny is all of a sudden hitting 95 on the gun.


Yeah, Theo called Penny's latest outing "impressive."


Looks like Theo's plan to sign guys coming off injury is falling into place.


Yeah, well, let's wait until Penny faces Majah League hittahs before we staht pissing our pants with expectation.



It's an interesting argument. Is it better (like the Skankees) to sign old players who are ABOUT to have injuries, or to sign players who are coming off of injuries?

BTW, Kaz, what the hell did you do to the Bruins in the third last night?

Isn't the Democrats-Obama fiscal stimulus approach the Special Olympics of economics?

The Sox this year remind me of the Far Side comic by Gary Larson where two morgue attendants are pushing toe-tagged body bags through a tall grass field towards each other. The caption is "When a body meets a body going through the rye". We've got superstars heading from the team to the DL passing guys fresh from the DL scrap heap heading for the team. Wierd.

As for the Bruins, Bob, don't blame me! It was like they thought there was only going to be 50 minutes of hockey last night!

They're just shaking out the stupids,Kaz :)

I could not agree more about Selig. Who does he think he is, Hugo Chavez?

Don't be too jealous that I am about to blow this popsicle stand to play golf on an impossibly gorgeous sunny warm London day!

I blame Theo. Off with his head. I will be very surprised if this team makes the playoffs this season.

We can hope that Eva Longoria pops a hammy now that's he's been added to Team USA. But that would be evil.

(In best Keith Morrison voice):

"Or woooould it?"

pedie got hurt taking extra bp, not playing in the wbc

Regarding Penny- Remember how well Colon did before he got hurt early never to return?

So who do we root for on Sunday night? Team USA or Dice-K?

I am rooting for Young Ben to sleep with the curlyhaired broad who birthed young Ethan. That's how much I care about the WBC

In other news, Francona is about 20 minutes from my house today, attending his son's graduation from Marine Corp Officer Candidate School. Who knew Francona's kid was such a a bad ass?

Amen HB, $elig must go. I attended the opening game of the WBC in Puerto Rico to see Papi. I waited for an hour in the hot sun to pick up tickets purchased a month earlier. We get to our seats only to find them covered in dried guano. All the seats in our section were covered in dried guano. I shook my fist at the sky and screamed "$elig!!" the same way Colbert curses Barry Manilow for stealing his Grammy... interestingly, a cleaning crew showed up in the 3rd inning with buckets and brushes and methodically scrubbed one row at a time. This experience summed up $elig's tenure as commish -- a half-assed effort. Go back to Milwaukee, Bud, and don't let the door hit your rich skinny arse on the way out...

lc, that's Tony Almeida's dead wife. If Ben goes sleeping with her, he'll go all Jack Bauer on his ass.

It looks like both Dustin and Kevin will be back in the line-up by opening day. We just have to hope that Matsuzaka San doesn't throw his shoulder out tonight.


Go Japan, indeed, SDU. As long as that doesn't mean 220 pitches from Dice-K.

Well, well, it seems it's time for beer cart. Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun (and non-injury-related) to yak about on Monday.

//Tony Almeida's dead wife//

That's where I recognized her from. Even on The Island I bet Jack would find a reason to scream "There isn't time!"

Wow, East Tennessee State (16) is giving Pitt (1) a run for its money.

I'm always late here. Damn Montana time/stay at home Dad lifestyle! Just wanted to say how I don't give a hoot what happens to Longoria as long as folks (thanks Bob) continue referring to him as Eva. I turn 11 years old each time I hear or say that.

I'll grant that Pedey may very well have injured himself just as easliy at Sox camp as the WBC, but Youk would not have been playing on a tender ankle if he was in Ft. Myers.

Larry, Eva has a much nicer butt than Evan

Must respectfully disagree with you about the WBC. I can understand that few in the States are interested in it, but here in Japan, it's all the rage. In Korea, too, not to mention other countries. Could the tournament be improved? Absolutely. But it IS doing a great job of spreading the popularity of baseball around the world and raising the level of the game in general.

Indeed, countries that are playing well are enjoying this tournament. But when the organizers can't even fill the stadiums (ticket prices are outrageous) when the United States is playing, there should be some introspection. I just don't think the WBC will make up for elimination of baseball as an Olympic sport. And that is also $elig's fault, just ask WADA.

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