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Never does

Poor Sayid on Lost …


Whenevah he stahts to get his cootchie groove on his bitch gets shot or he shoots the bitch or bitch gets disappeared or bitch arrests him.


Seriously. I haven't seen that much trouble staying in the zone since, er, help me out here …


Ah, since the 21st Century New York Yankees?


Heh-heh. That nevah gets old does it?


No, why should it. Yankees = fail.


But you know this could be the year they turn it around. Pinto's projection numbahs for '09 show a seven game gain by the Yankees over the Red Sox just on offense.


Oh, I'm all a quivah.



In re: Lost

Sayid, if that's really his name, was killing Harry Potter-looking Ben, but probably not, since they are all Farraday can't mess with the time line over there on Lost.

One of the great things about Lost this year is that they are stunting characters with actors who have established memorable characters on other TV shows. Three weeks ago, they introduced Patrick Fischler, who plays the cuckolded lounge singer on Mad Men and broke up a fight between him and the guy who plays Herk on Friday Night Lights. Last Night, Oldham, who I'm guessing is central to the next 1.2 seasons was portrayed by William Sanderson, who memorably played "Larry" one of the three dimwit brothers on The Bob Newhart Show.

And can we have a moment for how utterly awesome FNL has been this season? Not a miss in the bunch. But whatever will I do next season, if he does indeed go off to college, without Tim Riggins to drool over?

The Soxaholix are correct. It never gets old to point out how piss poor the Yanks have been of late, and hopefully will be this season, despite acquisitions. In fact, that was pretty much the gist of the vmail I left for a good friend (Yanks fan, obviously) on his birthday this morning. I am such a charmer... :)

Nice observation, L.C.

Wouldn't suprise me if all of the Lost characters woke up together in Susanne Plechette's bed in the finale.

"I just had the strangest dream..."

Then cue porn music.

Sayid as fluffer???!!!

So, so true re FNL, Nat.

Meanwhile, almost didn't post today as I was tied up all morning getting my shit together on the ongoing, aforementioned quest.

I confess it's not going as well as I'd hoped.

For those of you who are Clash fans, this about sums it up:

Bus driver!
Ambulance man!
Ticket inspector!
I don't understand!

The ones that never knock h.b.

mmmm Sayid. Barbara Hershey is one lucky bitch.

could have lived without the Jason-Street-Goes-to-NY-and-Improbably=gets-a-Job episode, but at least it got him off the show. Been a great FNL season and supposedly DirectTV is negotiating to do two more seasons like they did this year, with them showing them in the Fall and NBC showing them after the new year.

7 games? Really? With Nady-Damon-Gardiner as the outfield? Really?

Good point. The NYC epi was terrible. But yeah, prob had to be done for closure.

I can live with this DirecTV/NBC arrangement just fine.

While I agree the NYC episode wasn't as good as I hoped (remember the road trip from Mexico with Street, Lila and Riggins, which was like a PG-13 Y Tu Mama Tambien, and how good that was? I thought for sure another road trip would rock)...I did love the final scene of that NYC episode, where Riggins sees Street get what he wants and heaves this big sigh. Man, did I get teary at that moment. Pretty awesome acting from the hot guy.

I can live with any arrangement which keeps this show coming. And next season promises to be a real humdinger- lots happen in the season finale. :)

Rocco Baldelli and now Rocky Cherry - looks like we are atleast getting away from the every-other-player's-name-starts-with-a-J syndrome. But why are we signing a guy with a 10+ ERA? In Theo we Trust I guess (except when it comes to shortstops). He can't do much worse than Manny D did versus the skanks.

agreed, LC - the young Ben lives - the island heals. So I'm expecting Andy Kaufman to appear to help Kate and Juliet in the garage.

And how can you go wrong w/ a guy named Rocky Cherry?

Check your e-mails. If you were registered for the ticket lotteries this year, they're sending out second-chance announcements to some people who didn't get a ticket purchase opportunity yet. Turns out they found some fraudulent activity that freed up some of the previous lotteries' tickets. I've got 2 friends who were given the chance to purchase tomorrow at noon. Hopefully one of them will find some Green Monster seats, because that's about the only place in the park I haven't been able to sit in yet.

Pretty soon Sayid will be renamed Ricardo Montalban, and Tatto will run out to the beach yelling "the plane, the plane". We should've seen this Fantacy Island theme long ago.

Yes, William Sanderson...J.F. Sebastian in Blade Runner.

"Now..tell me where I can find this J.F. Sebastian..."

Sometimes I call up Daryl Hannah all spray-painted and lithe from Blade Runner from the masturbatory database.

But to be honest, the Blade Runner version of Daryl has been superceded in the database by Elle Driver from Kill Bill. Ruthless killer with an eye patch and a '77 Pontiac Firebird? Yes, please.

Jason - California Mountain Snake was the total f-ing BOMB in Kill Bill II, although remind me not to eat fish heads with her.

Pris? Eh, not so much, honestly.

"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the darkness at Tan Hauser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time like tears in rain. Time to die."

SDU, just saw the new Australian-rules Football promo. Pretty cool. But isn't that song kinda, uh, Bostonish?


he's in love with Janie Jones, whoah!
he don't like his boring job, NO

Just caught up with the AFL ad - shipping up to Boston, indeed.

Love to see Brady literally kick a pass to Moss though. That would be pretty cool.

Sort of a cross between Flutie's drop-kick (I saw that at Gillette and laughed so hard beer shot out of my nose), and the Globetrotters.

Go Magpies :)

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