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Nature Abhors a Vacuum

If you guys think I was being tough on the WBC, you should read Ryan's piece.


I love the "padded with no hopahs" line.


I don't know. It's not like Ryan went all Jason Mesnick with the WBC as Melissa Rycroft


I mean Ryan likes the idea of the WBC and international competition in general, it's just the WBC rostahs not including the very best playahs that he takes issue with.


True. And he takes a nice jab at Americans for being "insular" as well.


Ah, right, of course. Because not having interest in international sporting events logically dictates that one is a small-minded bigot.


Well, the othah problem with Ryan's argument there is that the most recent Beijing Olympics was wildy populah with TV viewahs in the US and was one of the most watched sporting events evah.


Yeah, well, columnists aren't paid to make sense only to have an opinion.


Meanwhile, you've got to love the symmetry of this. On the same day that talented, yet poisonous malcontent Manny Ramirez gets signed with the Dodgers, talented, yet poisonous malcontent Terrell Owens gets released by the Cowboys.


I don't think T.O. saw it coming.


Maybe the formah Cowboy T.O. and formah Cowboys cheerleadah Melissa should staht a reality show together.



with any luck, no one will read this because hb has closed the comments for the day so we don't have to listen to anything about those little bitches Manny and Nomar.

On the other hand, for those of you that think that the MLB network is worth more than two soupcons of vomit, kindly check out the high production values and professionalism on display


Manny got more than he deserved.

Way to stay classy,Matt.

I think a Manny and T.O. reality show would be fun to watch. Call it "The Pills," run it on MTV, and have Spencer Pratt host.

(Oh good Lord, look what Abby's done to me.)

Reminds me of an urban legend.

The story was that Johnny Most use to do the Bruins games until he cursed on air. The broadcast supposedly went something like this - 'puck fed to Sanderson, breakaway, an open net, shoots, .. he missed the fucking net'. Sounds a lot better with a Most impersonation.

I think it's urban legend. I was alive then (look it up) and never heard Most do hockey. Fred Cusick and later Bob Wilson did it for about 40 straight years.

I don't know much, but i know my hack radio announcers.


Manny's condo is on the market for 8.5 Mil...and he'll throw in the grill for free ;D

Nah,I'm kidding-I don't think Manny gives anything away for free.

Johnny Damon would throw the grill off the balcony for free.

And what's all the bitching about Nomar? Isn't he in the final year of that 4 year, 60M, extension?

A-Fraud's out until May. Hip.

tough shit, roidy

Anyone see how A-roid is further cementing the state of his freinship with his teammates at the top of the order?

MLB Network - agreed it has a way to go to get polished and have more quality content, but remember the early days of ESPN? I like the fact that when I'm surfing channels to find anything to watch, I can have MLB network on as background sound and picture - it beats the other standard TV musak.

We are 2-5 right now! Pittsburgh is 6-1!! This season is already over. Damnit.

in other news, Varitek promised to follow Magadan's advice on his stance!!!

Thank God. But now what do I show all the little leaguers when I need a video showing everything you can possibly do wrong in one single at bat?

When we have a kid who stands at the plate doing a Varitek, he bats 11th.

still feels like real news is far away...the MLB Network is our topic du jour...guess it's better than goat fucking.

I like the sophmoric style of MLBN...it is good background noise and I still like HR. Sean Casey can be good too.

Sonoma, you need to get yourself an Embraceable Ewe before you judge.

like this one?

Nice, buckner. I knew it would be something like that and was not disappointed. Oh, and I already tried the veal.

They're okay, Buck. But there's no wool to hang on to.

Does anyone know what happened to the yearly baseball record book that used to be published by the sporting news? I can't seem to find it other than in soft copy. And I think I liked Buck's ewes better than Bob's notwithstanding my terrible reputation when it comes to goats.

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