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I know this much is true

OK, everyone your prayers have been been answered — Spandau Ballet is back together and touring.


Ah, nothing quite like the New Romanticism movement in music. I've nevah really understood it, frankly.


Well, during the early 80s we were in a recession actually worse than the current one in many ways …


And a recession makes people crave seeing guys in peen revealing pants, girly blouses, and quiffs??


If so, the future is bleaker than I thought.


I think Al has already stahted on the peen revealing paht — I ran into him at Shaw's a few weekends ago and he was in a pair of sweats. Yowzah I'll probably nevah be able to eat sausage again.


Heh. Sometimes you've got to take the bull out of the corral and let him free range a bit.


And if you scah a few kids for life, no biggie, huh?


Speaking of kids with emotional scahs, you see that Buchholz has a 0.43 ERA this Spring but his confidence is still bottomed out?


No kidding. Fixing the head is always hahdah than fixing the mechanics.


Maybe what Clay needs is to go out and get a couple of teeny-tiny pistols tattooed on each side of his rib cage? You know to represent "strength and power."


How is that society always labels the jocks as dumb when the truly dumbest of the dumb asses are your singahs and pop stahs?


Imagine if Manny and and someone like Rihanna or Brit Brit hooked up and reproduced?


"Hello, Mr. Darwin? Yeah, we need a new filtah the gene pool."



For the life of me, I cannot understand what I refer to as the 'Tattooing of America'.

Spandau Ballet. That is so bizzare. I actually sent Wiley Wiggins my "True" album yesterday. (Trying to edit the vinyl collection a bit; Abby takes up all my space with clothes, ramen bowls and bottles of Jameson).

Never liked the Spandau, but I'll tell you this: on a absinthe jag, the cheesiness turns into brilliance.

And then you wake up with a stripper from the Glass Slipper and blood in your hair.

Never like them much either. But I do recall liking some of what the band, and fellow new romanticists, ABC did.

Kind of unexpected too how the glammers Duran Duran managed to create a sound which still works today -- whenever I hear "Rio" I think what a great little pop song that is.

To my mind, the tattooing of America was a visual harbinger of the personal blogosphere/Facebook/MySpace/Twitter era we find ourselves in, where everyone has the overwhelming need to make an ongoing statement to the world about "who I am" and "how I think about myself." It's just another way of airing out the ego.

And this is spoken by one with two tattoos and an active Facebook life herself. :)

As a friend used to say "Chuckie D. was right"

Off-topic a bit, but wanted to share. This blog post on Daring Fireball really sums up much of what I feel about doing The Soxaholix.

Obsession Times Voice

hb, your comments about a Spandau Ballet-esque emergence during this recession is startingly prescient... Are you watching American Idol? The front runner is a flamboyent young lad named Adam Lambert, who himself quite enjoys peen showing pants, glitter and making Johnny Cash songs new Romantic. (I'd throw in a link but my HTML skills have eroded to nonexistence since grad school, so just Google image him to see what I am talking about).


You are so right! Adam Lambert is prob going to win that thing and he is the 2009 version of a New Romantic. Wow.

Peen revealing pants, girly blouses, and quiffs??

Makes me long for the not too distant days of revealing blouses, hot pants and quim...

great link hb, we could use Dr. Thompson right now with greedheads swamping us, but I know you don't like prolitical stuff, so I'll let it rest.

Spandau Ballet was __after__ my time, thank goodness,right around the last Dep.. uh Major Recession, I took a break from music only to be reintroduced to it by my teenaged sons in the mid nineties. I don't think I missed a thing, to be honest.

As for the suject of your link, all I can say is that we are collectively pleased with your obsession and hope that the creepy ad links somehow translate into coin.

Finally, and most importantly, I'm not a big Shaw's guy. I'd say my favorite food store is Food Lion, which is owned by the same foreigners who own Hannafords, but somehow Food Lion is bettah.

Also, the baseball season will be starting soon, so we can all go into the shittah being entertained by the Corporate Red Sox in '09.

I've probably got more to say, but then I don't care about it, nor does any one else.

as the good Dr. would say,


He's a new romantic alright, H.B.:


Not that there's anything wrong with that.

@ Jeff in NC - the "cubes" are out for Jazz Fest www.nojazzfest.com so you can start mapping out your days. I never seem to follow my plan, though.

If you haven't seen the New Orleans Klezmer Allstars, they're a fun set to catch (at Fais Do-Do on May 2nd).

@Nola. Cool what a lineup. I'd see it for Del McCoury alone.

Opening Day is just ahead and I have to give a shout-out to HB for keeping this thing going in an off-season when the front office gave him absolutely nothing to work with. Reminds me one one of those pitchers from the 40s or 50s that stayed on the mound for nine full innings no matter how rough things got. You had no support from the players or management but you hung in there.

Yeah, Adam L is the first openly gay contestant in the Idol top 10.

Thanks, yaz, for the comparison. Sometimes I forget that it is OK to reach way out beyond baseball to get a strip started or finished.

I look forward to the strip everyday...And I'm never disappointed. But some days are nothing short of a shot to the Red Seat. This is one of those days. Thank you.

Nola - I did see the cubes. My map is going to involve a buttload of long treks back and forth between Acura and Gentilly, with the always fun romp through the Fais dodo and Congo Square on the way. The schedulers have got me all over the place. I have and will again see the Klezmer Allstars - you are right - good stuff. A lot of conflicts as usual for me - but skipping the Bonjovi won't be a hard decision.

As we get closer I'll trade info with you so we can stagger into each other.

News from an older romantic:
http://www.collingwoodfc.com.au/tabid/11438/Default.aspx?seasonid=71&roundid=705&fixtureid=5036&display=1&newsid=73767 "> Opening day for Collingwood today

Go Maggies!! (With thanks for yesterday's late encouragement, Harwich.

Opening day for Collingwood

Oh good God, I'm late for beer cart.

Time flies when you're writing about lactation.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

BTW, SDU, I sent a reply to your email today, but it's not getting through for some reason.

They probably know you the guy that sent the potatohead, Bob. Try amil8153@bigpond.net.au or soxdownunder@gmail.com?

Fucken Adelaide. http://www.collingwoodfc.com.au/newsfeatures/news/newsarticle/tabid/5586/newsid/73911/default.aspx "> There's always next year!

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